Karol G s hot dance Pulls Goes Viral on Instagram

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Karol G s hot dance Pulls Goes Viral. Karol G, a social dancer and performer known for her dance performances in the US and Europe, has engaged in a photo-sharing campaign on Instagram to promote her new dance single “Hot Dance”.

Karol G s hot dance Pulls Goes Viral

The video was posted on the 7th of November and garnered over 10 million views from the first day of its posting. Karol G’s fan club also launched a campaign asking people to vote for the best photo of her in their Instagram feed as well as for another hashtag like #karolg #karolghotdancepulls #instagood.

Karol G’s wiki

Karol G (aka “KG”) has a dance that she performs and it’s called the “Hot Dance Pulls.” As a result of the video getting lots of views, she got quite a few requests to make a full dance set, so she decided to do so. It was created with the help of one of her dancers, who is currently studying at university, and whose name is Elisabeth. The set is made up of her favorite moves from different parts of her body and it’s not only what you see but also what you feel! Good luck to all the KG dancers!

Karol G’s early life and career

Karol G is an American model and dancer, who was named one of People Magazine’s “40 Most Beautiful People” in 2011. Karol was born in New York City to a Russian father and a Colombian mother. Her father is a former professional basketball player who played for the Washington Capitals of the NBA (he retired after the 1997-98 season), and her mother, Tania, is a former model and businesswoman who owned The Fields Apartments.

Karol first appeared in print media at age 16, when she posed for Playboy magazine. She went on to pose for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar before going on to appear in various commercials including, but not limited to: a Nike commercial where she shaved her head (Boots) and one where she removed her bra (Nike).

She debuted as a dancer when she was 17 years old in 1987 with a performance with the hip-hop group KRS-One. Karol has also performed at The Kennedy Center Honors and Carnegie Hall as part of the George W. Bush White House Correspondents Dinner. On February 12, 2015, she released her first single “The Things I Do For Love” on iTunes

It’s hard to miss the viral nature of this particular social meme. The song “Kisses From A Stranger” – which has been playing on the radio for a fair amount of time – and its accompanying dance video have been shared more than 11 million times. It’s familiar to all who have heard it:

A man goes up to a woman and offers her a kiss, but she turns her head away and tells him, “I want my boyfriend to do that.” The man, clearly angry at such rejection, begs for another chance, only to be turned down again. That’s how “Kisses From A Stranger” ends: the guy bends down and kisses the girl (in a very un-romantic way) but then pulls away with no second look.

This is how many would describe this video you are about to watch

The obvious question is whether this video is as funny as it seems: after all, it’s pretty much just standard daily fare on KBS2 drama shows like “Healer” – or maybe even a bit too close.

While I don’t dismiss the possibility that people are being fooled by this viral campaign (except for a small minority of Koreans themselves who might be blinded by the strength of these memes), I do think that this is a good example of an audience-based viral campaign in which both sides benefit from it – albeit indirectly since they don’t directly benefit like they can with direct advertising campaigns.

Karol G’s hot dance goes viral on Instagram

Karol G is famous as a dancer and she recently released her first album, and she has a lot of followers on Instagram.

Karol G’s dance with her top pulled down…

But the thing is, fans are not the only ones who have noticed it. After a few days after the picture was shared, Karol G’s fan page received 50,000 likes in one day. Sure enough, she has become popular for all the wrong reasons (or at least for some).

The fans have made some bad comments about her body. They have criticized her for having too much body hair and women who don’t shave their armpits should not be dancing. And looking at these comments online you can see that they do look very similar to other people’s comments on Karol G’s pictures:

But there is no doubt that people are eager to praise the dancer for dancing bare-chested in public. So why were there so many negative comments?

The culprit is social media: Instagram pictures are there to be shared; people love them; they want to comment on how beautiful Karol g looks in her pose; they want to show their support…and they can’t help themselves from making nasty remarks when they discover Karol G dancing.

So what did Karol G do? She responded to them on her page: “I’m a woman I’m proud of my body but I don’t need anybody’s approval! That kind of thing isn’t worth spending time thinking about if you’re happy with yourself!”

And that went viral around the world: it received thousands of likes and retweets…so much so that even though it does seem like a simple tweet, someone from YouTube decided to make an entire video talking about it. It was interesting because it was just praising her courage for not doing something “stupid”. So this video was watched more than 10 million times in 4 days, which is unbelievable when you consider how short this video was!

Karol G is a Canadian dancer who has been traveling around the world to perform her dance moves in clubs. She decided it was time to make an impact on the internet, so she put up a video of herself dancing at a large outdoor festival that she was attending. Her dance pulled in many people became viral and has been viewed over 10 million times.

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