How to Manage Your Business Google Account Like A Pro

Managing your business google account may seem daunting at first, but if you just follow the few steps below, you’ll be able to do it with ease! Google is one of the most widely used business tools in the world right now, so it’s important to make sure that your account represents you and your brand well! Following these steps will help you manage your account like a pro and keep everything up to date as you need. Happy managing!


Asking how to manage your business google account might be the key question. More and more of our lives are now moving online, and managing your business on Google is no exception.

Here’s how you can take control of all aspects of your online presence. Managing your business google account means handling everything from page layout to voice and tone – but it’s worth it if you want an even playing field.

Step One: Page Layout On your page design, don’t forget the details: make sure there are up-to-date contact numbers and social media links at the bottom of every page (or footer) so that people can easily get in touch with you.

Step Two: Voice and Tone When creating content for both external (external link) websites as well as for your company blog or other internal pages, make sure that what comes out of the company pen is consistent in voice and tone so readers know they’re still reading from one source.

The difference between personal and business accounts

A personal and business account are two different beasts, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. A business account is much more complicated than a personal one. It requires you to work through many more steps to get up and running, but also offers you far more control over the content that you’re putting out there. Here’s how to navigate the differences between personal and business accounts: -Before you start:

Choose whether to make your Google account personal or for business purposes. -Create an email address exclusively for your Google account. -Add relevant information about yourself and the company (address, phone number) in the ‘Company name field. You’ll need this info for verification purposes later on. -Choose how public or private you want your profile to be before proceeding any further.

Setting up a business account

You might be wondering how to set up a business account. Setting up a Google Account for your business is easy, and we’ll walk you through the process. Follow these simple steps: First, sign in with the personal account that you want to use for your business. After signing in, click on the Create a Google Account button at the top of any page. Fill out all of the fields that appear on the page and then click I Agree.

Next, select whether you want to create an individual or business account by clicking one of those two buttons. This will depend on how you plan to use this new account. You can choose either type of account depending on what fits best with what you’re planning for your business. Individuals are able to use Gmail, while businesses have more choices. Your next step is setting up the company name and address (or other contact information).

Choose wisely as it may take a few days before your company’s email address starts working. Click Done when finished adding information about your business or go back if there’s more work to do! You should now see a welcome screen with the option to sign in again as well as various settings icons along the left side of the screen. Click on settings at the bottom of that list and scroll down until you see Accounts & Privacy > General > Company Name.

Managing your business account

It’s not easy managing your business account, but it’s necessary. It all starts with your name, so make sure you’re the one who manages it. Once you’ve created an account, use that account as the primary email on your phone and create a password for it. Your work email is also important for business purposes, so make sure that the account is registered under your business name as well.

Make this email the primary one on your phone as well, and get in the habit of checking it every day. Finally, set up spam filters and virus protection for both of these emails to avoid any potential problems with security or viruses. A few other things to consider when managing your business google account are alerts for suspicious activity and remembering to change passwords often (at least once per year).

These are just a few tips from our experts at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, but we recommend doing some research of your own as well. Keep in mind that there are tons of places where you can find information about how to manage your business google account – read blogs, look at other websites’ tips, and talk with friends/family who might have experience managing their own accounts.

Best practices for managing your business google account

Here are some best practices for managing your business google account:
1) Create one profile for your company.

2) Use the same email address as you do for your business email account.

3) Connect your Google+ profile with your business page, so that you can monitor comments on both platforms.

4) Set up auto-responders to alerts when you’re away from the office, and respond as quickly as possible when you return.

5) Always review and consider comments before approving them.

6) Make sure that all employees have access to the account, but only grant them posting privileges if they have been through social media training and know what they’re doing.

7) Monitor your website analytics regularly, and keep track of any changes in engagement or traffic patterns.

8) When creating content, be aware of how it will be perceived by different age groups.

9) Be wary of spam messages asking you to verify your account – they are scams designed to gain access to personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers.

10) If you think someone has hacked into your account, call Google immediately at +1 (650)-253-0000 (Mountain View).

11) Never share personal information online including passwords or credit card numbers – people who want this information will use every means available including phishing scams like these.

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