American Fidelity Accident Insurance Cost Price

We are a new insurance company based in NYC. We want to provide affordable coverage to protect your family and loved ones from financial loss in case of an accident.

We understand how important it is for you to be able to provide for your family, so we offer low premiums and no waiting period! Our goal is to help keep your finances worry-free when it comes to protecting yourself against accidents. We have three different levels of coverage available: Silver ($1 million), Gold ($2 million), and Platinum ($3 million).

We are here to help. We are here for you when you need us most. We understand how difficult it is to deal with an accident and its consequences, which is why we offer services that can make this process easier for you and your family. At American Fidelity Accident Insurance, we want to provide peace of mind so that you can focus on getting better instead of worrying about how you will pay for your medical expenses or other losses related to your accident.

Our products include Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which covers the cost of medical bills up to a certain amount based on what kind of car accident you were in; no-fault coverage which pays out regardless of who caused the accident; MedPay which covers medical expenses up to a certain amount while also protecting your insurance premium from increasing; Loss of Income which provides compensation if you miss work because of an injury from an auto accident; Death Benefits which helps cover funeral costs and other expenses associated with losing someone close to you due to an automobile-related death; and much more!

American Fidelity is an insurance company based in the United States. We offer various types of policies that protect people against loss due to accidents.

Our prices depend on a variety of factors, such as the type and length of coverage you need and where you live. To find out how much your policy would cost, use our online calculator at [WEBSITE] or contact us at [NUMBER].

If your employees are trying to meet their deductibles, they may be looking for a way to do so without having to pay out of pocket. American Fidelity offers one of the most comprehensive and affordable plans in the industry. American Fidelity Accident Insurance Cost Price has been offering accident insurance since 2003, covering more than 2 million employees in over 180 countries. The Best 20% of Employees

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American Fidelity Accident Insurance Cost Price. is a well-known provider of accident insurance and travel protection. American Fidelity Accident Insurance is comprehensive insurance coverage for you and your employees to protect your business after an accident. Fidelity Accident InsuranceAmerican Fidelity Accident Insurance Cost Price deductibles.

Recoveries can range from $1,000 – $5,000 depending on the type of accident. Please call or fill out our form to get more information about American Fidelity Accident Insurance:

Company Benefits

A company’s insurance policy is an important factor that can influence the performance of your business. It is vital to make good coverage choices when selecting, renewing, and evaluating your dependable company benefits.

The Benefits of American Fidelity Accident Insurance Cost Price Company provides extensive accident coverage and related benefits to our customers. The different types of comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance policies can be found under the various categories as outlined below:

  • Comprehensive – Our comprehensive policies cover you for all losses and damage, whether caused by fire, lightning, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.
  • Collision – Our collision policies have a zero deductible if you are ever involved in an accident. This means that we will pay for any damages you cause but we’re not responsible for paying for any additional damages incurred by others.

Liability – Our liability policies have a 20-percent deductible which means that to get full coverage we need to have no more than $1,000 worth of damage or injuries on our books at any one time. If you cause bodily injury then we will pay that amount however if someone else causes bodily injury then they will also be covered up to the $1,000 limit on their income tax form. If another person causes bodily injury then they are covered up to the $500 limit on their income tax form and in some cases up to $3,000 on their federal income tax form

If you would like more information about these types of products please go to our website at www.

where you will find all the details you need regarding these types of products and how they can work best for your business: http://www.americanfidelitycasinolifeinsurancecom/

How to Use the System?

Surprisingly, there is no information available on accident insurance for the internet audience. It seems like there are a few resources, but they are all focused on the US market.

A lot of people may not know that American Fidelity offers an annual accident insurance plan for your employees to cover their out-of-pocket medical expenses when trying to meet their deductibles. Our insurance plans have a low deductible, so you can reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket costs without hurting your bottom line.

American Fidelity offers a variety of accident insurance options including:

  • 1) Comprehensive coverage with an unlimited amount of coverage at an affordable premium
  • 2) Comprehensive coverage with a limited amount of coverage at an affordable premium
  • 3) Comprehensive coverage with no limit of coverage at an affordable premium
  • 4) Defensive collision/third party liability/medical insurance (do not include personal injury protection in this policy.)
  • 5) Defective equipment/liability (no medical costs will be covered if your employees damage their equipment during employment.)

How can American Fidelity help you?

In most cases, it’s possible to cover the medical expenses of your employees for workers’ compensation claims under the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA) or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These benefits may be available to you through either a self-insured program or a provider such as American Fidelity. If a claim is not covered by the WCA or ADA, and you don’t have a self-insured program, coverage can be obtained through an independent health insurance agency that offers workers’ compensation and other benefits in your area.

You may also want to consider coverage for certain types of accidents. Your employees may have coverage through their auto insurance policies or through an umbrella policy provided by American Fidelity when their auto insurance does not cover their medical expenses for work-related injuries.

For example, if your employee suffers from fainting, they may take a short trip home to see the doctor and get checked out before driving back to work on the same day. They would need to pay out of pocket per hour while they are home and would have no coverage while they were at work following the event. In this case, they could be covered if they have an accident as long as they can show proof of having filed reports with their auto insurance providers within 10 days after the accident occurs.

Finally, you may wish to consider extended time limits on your workers’ compensation benefits so that employees are eligible for treatment outside of regular working hours during certain events like birthdays and holidays when their employer is closed down for those dates. This can reduce costs associated with scheduling emergency room visits when injuries occur at those times due to injuries suffered at work during those days.” American Fidelity website (

American fidelity accident plan brochure

American Fidelity is one of the largest fully-insured, multi-state agencies providing comprehensive coverage for all types of business and personal liability. American Fidelity is a leader in accident insurance with millions of policyholders.

American Fidelity has been dedicated to helping its customers meet their financial obligations since the company was founded in 1884. At American Fidelity, we understand that not all accidents are equal. For example, a car accident may be your baby’s first big-ticket ticket and you’ve got to pay out-of-pocket.

A motorcycle/moped accident may be a shocking blow to your wallet but it’s also an important life lesson. Or maybe you’re involved in a medical mishap and need blood work done right away. Whatever the case, we can help you meet your financial obligations without breaking the bank or messing up your credit score!

The best part about American Fidelity accident insurance is that it doesn’t matter if you’re injured at work or on the road. If you get hit with injuries related to work, our staff will provide top-notch care for free! We have multiple benefits for our customers and being self-insured means we are 100% accountable for paying claims coming from our employees as well as third-party claims. If you need insurance from a company that cares about its employees then look no further than American Fidelity!

American Fidelity Insurance Company (AFIC) is a highly reliable and reputable insurance company that can help protect your employees’ medical expenses. American Fidelity has been providing them with accident coverage since 1994.

American fidelity accident insurance payout amounts

American Fidelity is a leading provider of insurance products that can help your employees cover out-of-pocket medical costs when trying to meet their deductibles.

American Fidelity has a long history of offering accident insurance policies to its customers, and as such it offers a variety of different types of coverage. Our accident insurance policies can help your employees cover their out-of-pocket medical costs when trying to meet their deductibles and continue to be able to work, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of an American Fidelity policy without having to worry about the financial strain.

American fidelity accident insurance claim

American Fidelity Insurance, Inc. is a leading provider of Personal Accident and Health Insurance for individuals and families who drive motor vehicles in the United States. The company also provides automobile collision, comprehensive, health liability, and medical liability coverage.

American Fidelity offers auto accident insurance to its policyholders based on the following policies: Comprehensive Auto Liability (CAL), Comprehensive Medical Liability (CML), or Comprehensive Medical Emergency (CMEM).

American Fidelity’s comprehensive medical liability (CML) covers you for all medical expenses not covered by other insurance policies. American Fidelity’s comprehensive medical emergency (CMEM) covers you for all medical expenses that are not covered by other insurance policies.

The company offers a variety of optional coverage options, including:

Family coverages such as single parent coverage, child-only coverages, or double indemnity coverages;
Individual situations with no co-pays;
Spouse-only coverages; and
Medical Group coverage with no deductibles.

American fidelity accident insurance schedule of benefits

The last few years have witnessed the proliferation of accident insurance policies across the nation. There are many benefits to these policies, but one that is easily overlooked is the potential for an employee’s out-of-pocket medical expenses to be covered.

American Fidelity has been providing personal injury protection plans since 1957. Their plan covers all types of medical costs, regardless of how minor or catastrophic, the incident may be. They will even pay universal coverage on behalf of a family member if you suffer a serious road traffic accident in which you are totally or partially disabled by your injury. American Fidelity’s accident insurance is available nationwide through their website and their agents.

American fidelity reimbursement

Benefits of American Fidelity’s American Fidelity Accident Insurance for your employees. The following video was recorded on the 21st of June, 2016 in Washington D.C. at the United States Federal Reserve Bank building. It is a short but very informative video on how to become insured by American Fidelity Accident Insurance. It also covers other topics such as:

  • “How much is your insurance?”
  • “What are the different types of deductibles/coverage levels?”
  • “What are the cost-of-living adjustments?”

I hope you will enjoy this informative video and may it help you save money in case of an unexpected accident, fire, or flood. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected]

American fidelity accident insurance is covered

Accident insurance is the umbrella term for various insurance policies that cover the costs associated with an accident, including medical and psychological expenses. The cost of accident insurance varies based on the policies chosen.

The most common types of accident insurance include third-party liability coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), and medical payments coverage (MedPay). While it’s not likely that all American Fidelity employees are covered under third-party liability coverage, employee health benefits can be more than adequate to cover injured employees, particularly those who are in a position to pay for medical treatment out of their pocket.

All of American Fidelity’s insurance products include the following:

Third-Party Liability Coverage: This policy helps you protect your company against certain liabilities in a situation where you need to pay out-of-pocket for damages or injuries caused by an outside party. Examples may be in a car accident or if you are hit by someone while driving on your property.

Medical Payments Coverage: This is also known as MedPay and covers health expenses when an employee becomes ill or needs treatment because of work-related injuries or accidents. The coverage pays up to $1 million per claim, depending on how much the employee spends on health care during a hospital stay.

Non-Liability Loss & Damage Coverage: This policy will help you recover from any damages caused by an outside party that occurs at your business as long as you have protection from any other liabilities like workers’ compensation, other third-party liability policies, and legal fees. If you have this type of loss or damage coverage offered by another company, it should also be included with this policy so that you can easily compare the different policies offered by companies like American Fidelity.


Americans are getting hit with more and more accidents, and, as a result, insurance costs for the employee’s family have been rising, too. The average American family will spend an estimated $2,500 on accidents this year. This is up from $1,500 in 1998. In some states, this cost is as much as $3,000.

Americans have been slow to take advantage of the accident insurance options available to them because of the high cost and limited coverage available; however, accidents are still a major concern for companies around the world.

To help prevent accidents from happening in the first place, American Fidelity has developed a suite of accident insurance products that can help companies lower their insurance costs while also offering them better protection through solid coverage.

American Fidelity offers accident insurance to employees who work for the company. Coverages include bodily injury and property damage. American Fidelity also provides group medical insurance coverage to a group of employees as well as individual medical insurance.

In addition, there is a deduction benefit that can be used to pay for out-of-pocket medical costs if an employee has been injured in an on-the-job accident, regardless of whether they have comprehensive or standard coverage with American Fidelity.
Benefits offered by American Fidelity include:

  • 1) Deduction benefit up to $100,000 per employee (maximum) per accident if the employee has comprehensive health plan coverage
  • 2) Deduction benefit up to $500,000 per accident if the employee has standard health plan coverage
  • 3) Deduction benefit up to $500,000 per accident if the employee has both comprehensive and standard health plan coverage with American Fidelity
  • 4) Deduction benefit up to 100% of the deductible amount paid when paying direct claims from any source including auto, home, and boat purchase or rental (there is no deductibility for out-of-pocket expenses paid by your employer)
  • 5) Deductible for all auto accidents – including personal injury protection (PIP or colloquially referred “sting” coverages), but not at the same premium as other auto purchase or rental policies

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