10 Things You Need To Know About Veloinsurance

Esurance was founded in 2012, as an insurance company that protects all cyclists regardless of their ability to pay. Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price offers a simple, affordable way for all cyclists to protect themselves from theft and other accidents by providing bike insurance coverage.

The average cost of a bike Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price is up to $2,000 per person or $5,000 per bike. Velosurance is designed to provide a low-cost way for all riders to be insured for the potential loss of their bicycle or other valuables due to theft or other accidents.

The company was founded by Zach and Andrea Schmukler in June 2012 to provide affordable bike insurance for every motorized bicycle rider. Over time, the couple has grown and expanded their business from covering bicycles owned by individuals and small businesses to covering bikes shared with family and friends, as well as multi-level marketing company policies (MMLP).

However, their core focus remains on protecting cyclists against theft, which is why the brand name is spelled with a “eur” instead of a “eur” because “Velosurance” translates into “protective of people’s valuables.”

What Sets Velosurance Apart From Other Insurance Agencies?

  • Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price agency was founded by bike riders to protect all bicyclists.
  • They offer comprehensive insurance coverage and leading-edge technology to make your ride even more enjoyable.
  • They have a simple, one-page policy form that you can fill out online or print out and bring with you to the bike shop. There’s no need for complicated paperwork!
  • In addition, Esurance is the only company that offers coverage for theft and vandalism . . . so you don’t have to worry about ruining your wheels.

The History of Velosurance

Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price agency was founded by two bicycle enthusiasts in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide.

The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has offices throughout the United States. Velosurance is the largest provider of bicycle insurance in North America. The company’s focus is on Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price coverage for identified personal injury and property damage claims among riders of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Since its inception in 2006, Velosurance has covered more than 1 million individuals nationwide with over 800 claims processed through its national network of 1,000 agents nationwide. Since its founding, Velosurance has grown to cover over 3 million individuals through a network of 2,000 agents across North America.

The Leadership of Velosurance

Veloinsurance Calculator Cost Premium Price agency was founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. Velosurance represents thousands of cyclists and is the leader in bicycle insurance coverage in the United States.

Bicycle Insurance theft while biking can be costly to you and your family. This is why Velosurance offers some of the most comprehensive coverage available in the United States when it comes to bicycle insurance theft protection.

Bicycle Insurance theft while biking or riding a bike is becoming increasingly more prevalent around the world, which has made it a vital issue for all people who ride bikes. Esurance is dedicated to providing simple bike insurance reviews for everyone so that people know what they are getting into before signing up for this type of coverage.

The Services Offered by Velosurance

Velosurance is a unique bicycle insurance product that offers a full range of coverage for all types of bicycles. It includes theft, accidental damage, and maintenance.
Velosurance can provide the following coverage:

  • Theft-free coverage for the value of the bicycle when it is reported stolen.
  • Legal liability insurance for the value of the bicycle when it is used in an accident or becomes damaged by an uninsured motorist.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for all types of bicycles is listed in our list of bike insurance policies – including motorcycles, scooters, and trikes.
  • Breakdown protection if you have a breakdown on your bike, you can take advantage of our Breakdown Cover (whereas standard bicycle insurance does not cover this).

Maintenance cover

if you need to have maintenance work carried out on your bike by one of our service providers, we will cover those costs too (whereas standard bicycle insurance does not cover this).

Bike theft protection

if you are riding your bike and it is stolen or damaged by another person who isn’t covered by Velosurance, we will replace it without cost to you (whereas standard bicycle insurance does not cover this).

The Velosurance website includes information on areas such as home security and car insurance. Velosurance also sells lifetime membership which gives access to their annual planning tool that allows users to subscribe to multiple products at once at a discounted rate.

Why Choose Us and Not Another Insurance Agency?

Bike insurance companies are abundant out there, but they’re not all created equal. To be an effective consumer of bicycle insurance, you need to make sure that the company you choose has a few things in common:

1) They offer affordable policies. Insurance companies charge extra for things like theft or damage. You can’t fault Velosurance for its low premiums as they offer a good value at a competitive price point.

2) They have an “unmatched” customer service department. Velosurance is well-known for its excellent customer service, and its partners can help with anything you may need for your bike through the website:

3) They understand the fundamental purpose of bike insurance. Your bike is more than just a plaything; it’s your superlative way of life, and Velosurance understands that if something happens to it, you will have money to replace it with something more suitable than what was originally purchased.

4) They understand quality issues. In some cases, Velosurance might act as the beneficiary when something else goes wrong with your bike — but they still want to make sure that you get good coverage when something does go wrong.

5) They don’t skimp on coverage. Some insurance companies will automatically cover damage from theft or vandalism, which is great if you live in certain areas where bicycle accidents are common. But if you live outside these areas, your bike may not be worth as much as it was before the theft or vandalism occurred.

Velosurance takes this seriously and offers comprehensive coverage for both physical damage and theft (including loss due to stolen goods). And if you happen to live in one of these areas (and aren’t comfortable with liability coverage), they offer an attractive option called “No Liability Coverage” which only covers physical theft and vandalism — not liability claims related to legal actions involving bikes at all.

Simple bike insurance reviews

Bicycle insurance is not as common as car insurance. However, bike insurance can be just as important to your safety on the road. It is a simple way to protect yourself against theft and vandalism.

Esurance doesn’t only ensure bicycles for the police, but all cyclists. Velosurance aims to protect against theft and vandalism, regardless of whether you’re riding a bicycle or not.

The bottom line when buying bike insurance is that it should realistically cover you against theft, vandalism, and other crimes while still allowing you to enjoy your hobby safely. Your bike insurance can help keep you alive and well on the roads or trails.

Bicycle insurance theft

Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. The company provides comprehensive bicycle insurance for all recreational and competitive cyclists, including those who ride their bikes on trails, all-terrain vehicles, and boats.

Best bicycle insurance

Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. Velosurance is the only insurance company that will ensure all types of bicycles, from a single-speed to touring bikes and even high-end performance bikes.

Bicycle theft is one of the most prevalent safety hazards for cyclists, so that’s why Velosurance gives you insurance for your bike as well as coverage for your possessions. After you purchase it, you can get on your bike and head out into the city streets or other public places with ease.

You can also take advantage of our coverage policy when traveling abroad or participating in international racing events. You don’t need to worry about uninsured riding when you’re riding overseas.

Our products include general bicycle liability and multi-policy coverage, which means you will be covered if someone else damages your bike while they are riding it. We also offer comprehensive bicycle theft coverage including rental agreements, luggage insurance, and vandalism coverage to help protect against your possessions being stolen while you are out on the road

How much is bicycle insurance?

Velosurance, a bicycle insurance company, was founded by two cyclists to bring the same level of security to all cyclists nationwide. Velosurance provides insurance for all types of bicycles, from single-speed roadsters to mountain bikes.

The company’s unique technology enables each policy to be paid out in only a few minutes and it covers theft and damage as well as comprehensive theft coverage. Esurance also offers a comprehensive service plan that will pay out the cost of repairs up to $3,500 and covers both you and your passengers on your bike with full coverage.
For more information visit www.velosurance.com

What Is Bicycle Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Velosurance is a bicycle insurance agency that offers comprehensive coverage for your bicycle and all its accessories. All of our policies provide same-day claims and are fully transferable with no need to obtain a new policy.

Bike theft is the most common form of theft in the United States — 90% of the time it involves one person acting alone or with assistance from another person (friend or family member). If you have a particular security concern, you should consider purchasing Velosurance coverage.

Our policies cover theft, vandalism, and damage to property, including bicycles. We also offer an extended service plan that includes coverage for you and your bike up to three months after purchase. Our rates are competitive compared to other companies, so why not take advantage of our low rates today?

Is Velosurance legit?

Velosurance is the first national insurance agency that provides affordable bicycle insurance in all 50 states.
The company claims to be able to protect cyclists at a price most insurers can’t. They offer complete coverage for your bicycle, including theft, vandalism, and damage. They also offer full liability coverage, which can be combined with renters insurance to form a complete bike insurance policy.

The average annual cost of bike theft protection is $300. Velosurance claims its price can be as low as $20 a year (for the entire policy) or as high as $500 (for a family policy).

Its website includes testimonials from cyclists who have used the service and consumer reviews from those who have bought it. It takes about 5 minutes to sign up and doesn’t charge until you’re insured and paying for your policy. You can cancel anytime before your policy expires if you decide you don’t want it. The company makes sure your payment is current through PayPal – no check required!

Is there such a thing as bicycle insurance?

The insurance industry is a complex maze of insurance companies, claims adjusters, and agents. It is difficult to navigate even with the best intentions. Not knowing where to turn or who to call can be disruptive, intimidating, and downright stressful.
The good news is that there are things you can do if you know what you’re doing.
Bicycling insurance is one such thing. It’s called “bicycle insurance” because it protects both the rider and the bike.

When you purchase your bike, it doesn’t matter where it comes from or how old it is; whether you are buying it for personal use or road racing; whether your bike has lasted years or merely months; or whether you have ever enjoyed riding in winter weather or summer sun; whether you race on trails or freeways — all of these factors have their safety implications.

If your bicycle was stolen along with everything else in your home while you were away on vacation or business, how will your insurer know? How will they know if there were any substantial changes in the condition of the bike? If it had been damaged by a hit-and-run driver while at an open road race? Was there a break-in attempt at home as well? And so on…

After all, no matter what kind of bike you ride — road, mountain, touring — if something happens to it during its lifespan (i.e., theft), then more than likely some form of damage must have been done to prevent theft from occurring in the first place. Some manufacturers offer this type of insurance as standard equipment so that riders can rest easy knowing that their bikes are insured when they leave them out overnight unattended somewhere.

If this type of coverage isn’t available for your bike, then what should be done? The answer is Velosurance! Velosurance provides homeowners and renters nationwide with a program designed specifically for bicycle owners so they too can enjoy peace of mind knowing their bikes are insured when.

Leave them outside overnight unattended somewhere in unsecure areas like garages and sheds—not just at home! Velosurance gives cyclists peace of mind knowing that their bicycles are covered through an annual policy purchased directly from Velosurance’s network of nationally recognized insurers covering all forms of bicycle liability coverage from theft up until destruction.

What does reinsurance cost?

The landscape for bicycle insurance is challenging for many riders. Bike insurance can be a costly affair, especially with the many different types of coverage and requirements that are required by state and federal law. The risks of an injury or collision on the road can be quite severe. The problems can be quite costly as well. Velosurance was founded to help cyclists protect themselves against all types of injuries and expenses when they ride their bicycles.

Velosurance offers basic bike insurance policies that cover any damage done by a car, truck, boat, or another vehicle on your bicycle as well as theft and accident liability coverage, which are just some examples of the numerous products that you can purchase from Velosurance.

While this may seem like an intimidating task to tackle, it is very simple to do once you learn a few basics about bike insurance. Bicycle insurance is somewhat similar to auto insurance in that it requires certain minimum coverage requirements but also comes with several extra benefits such as roadside assistance and rental coverage.

If you live in a state or country where these requirements are not required by law then Velosurance will still be able to provide you with some extra protection from any type of accident on your bike by offering basic forms of coverage such as Damage to Personal Property, Theft or Loss of Vehicle Coverage, Liability Coverage and Collision Coverage for your bikes.

For each policy, you purchase at Velosurance the minimum level of coverage will be $1 million bodily injury coverages up to $2 million personal property standards combined with theft loss liability covers up to $2 million personal property standards combined per insured person (the insured person’s family member) and collision coverage up to $5 million bodily injury standards combined per insured person (the insured person).

Does homeowners insurance cover a bike accident?

This is a two-part post with the first part covering how Velosurance works and how it differs from other insurance agencies. The second part will cover the insurance policy and its coverage.

Veloinsurance is simple bike insurance through which you can have a better understanding of the ins and outs of bike insurance policies as well as learn how to be more informed when planning your insurance needs.

The benefits of insuring your bicycle can make it suitable for recreational use, commuting to work, or racing in the hills. If you purchase the right bicycle insurance policy it can mean the difference between riding your bicycle on a smooth, straight highway and crashing in the mud or on ice. With this in mind, you should know that there are many important things to consider when buying bike insurance.

One key factor to bear in mind is that when you buy bike insurance for the first time you should discuss it with a professional before putting down any money on it. This is because there are quite a few different types of policies available and each comes with different benefits and coverage levels.

There are two main types of bike insurance; comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive policies generally cover all damages incurred while using your bicycle; they also payout if you crash while using your bike (although most collision plans will not pay out if you crash into another vehicle).

If you buy comprehensive coverage then it will pay out if there is damage done while driving or riding your bike. It will also payout if there is damage done to your car whilst using it too but not if there is damage done to other vehicles (including private cars) whilst using your bicycle. Collision coverage will not pay out for anything other than damage caused by something being thrown at you from behind; these policies usually have an exclusion clause that excludes it from paying out for anything else.

These policies generally cover pedal spares – bikes that need repairs due to wear & tear; thieves – who steal bikes from people’s homes or garages; vandalism – where bikes have been damaged by graffiti artists, builders, and others who don’t know what they’re doing; theft – where bikes are stolen from owners’ garages or homes; corrosion – were bales of grass rust over time and come away from the frame causing damage; vandalism.

Where paint has been sprayed over an existing dent or hole on the frame causing damage; water – where water has penetrated through holes on frames causing damage; weathering -where rain and other elements have corroded metal parts over time resulting in rusting (though this isn’t covered by comprehensive coverage); theft -where thieves steal bikes left in owner’s garages


Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. Velosurance has 3 main goals:

  • 1) To offer the public a simple solution to bicycle theft insurance through the use of an online platform that offers financing options, such as those offered by Bankrate.com, Quicken Loans, and Chase.
  • 2) To empower individuals and communities to protect their community from criminal activity by providing coverage for property damage, theft, and vandalism.
  • 3) To provide a safe, legal and affordable way for people who want to ride bikes safely but can’t afford all the risks of riding without coverage

Velosurance is a network of insurance accounts that provide coverage for bicycles and related equipment, including components such as wheels, tires, lock systems, and accessories. The user-friendly website allows users to compare the different types of insurance available and select the one best suited to their needs.

Velosurance does not require a membership or annual subscription fee to apply for or renew its policies. All policyholders are eligible for reduced rates. Website: https://www.velosurance.com/

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