Zoe Saldana on What Returning as Neytiri in ‘Avatar’ Means to Her


Zoe Saldana has been a beloved part of the Avatar franchise since its inception, and now she’s set to reprise her role as Neytiri in the upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. In a recent interview, Saldana opened up about what it means to her to be returning to the role that launched her into superstardom, sharing her thoughts on the importance of the character and what she hopes fans will take away from the movie. Read on to learn more about what Zoe Saldana had to say!

Zoe Saldana is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, and her role as Neytiri in the hit 2009 movie Avatar has become iconic. Recently, Saldana opened up to discuss what it means to her to return to the Avatar universe to play Neytiri once again in the upcoming sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water. In this blog post, we explore what Saldana has to say about her experience reprising the beloved character.

It’s been 10 years since ‘Avatar’ was released

The sci-fi epic that enthralled millions of viewers and broke box office records, Avatar, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, Zoe Saldana is opening up about her experience of returning to the role of Neytiri, a female Navi warrior, and princess. Saldana first played the character in 2009’s Avatar, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time.

Now, with Avatar The Way of Water set to be released, Saldana is reflecting on what it meant to return as Neytiri and what she hopes fans will take away from the new installment. “It was very special coming back,” said Saldana. “The characters have grown and evolved so much over the years since we last saw them—both in terms of their relationships with each other, and their worldviews. I think audiences will appreciate how deep the story has gotten.”

Saldana also expressed admiration for the Avatar franchise and how it has continued to engage people worldwide for over a decade. “I’m so proud to be part of such an iconic movie series,” she said. “I’m especially excited to see how Avatar The Way of Water takes audiences deeper into Pandora than ever before. It’s an incredible journey that I think everyone will enjoy.” With anticipation already building around Avatar’s The Way of Water, it seems certain that audiences are ready for more Pandora magic.

Saldana talks about what it was like to return to the role of Neytiri

Zoe Saldana spoke to People Magazine about what it was like returning to the role of Neytiri in Avatar: The Way of Water. She described the experience as both nerve-wracking and exciting, noting that the decade since the original Avatar film has only made her more passionate about the story and character.

“It’s been 10 years since we first explored Pandora,” she said. “I remember being so nervous to step back into Neytiri’s moccasins, but I couldn’t be more excited for everyone to see how far we’ve come and to witness her growth.”

Saldana also discussed her connection to the character of Neytiri, noting that she has grown with her and is proud to have seen her journey on screen.

“Neytiri has grown so much with me over the years. She’s become a part of my life, a part of who I am,” she said. “When I think back on how I felt playing her in the first Avatar movie and compare that to how I feel now, it’s incredible. I’m grateful to have had this experience.”

Saldana is passionate about her role in Avatar and the representation of strong female characters on screen. It will be exciting to watch what Neytiri does next when Avatar: The Way of Water comes out later this year.

Saldana talks about what she hopes people take away from the film

When asked what she hopes people take away from Avatar’s The Way of Water, Zoe Saldana says that it’s a film about understanding and acceptance. She says that the film is about connecting with our environment and each other and seeing the world from different perspectives.

“I hope people take away from this film that we need to open our minds and hearts to accepting different points of view and living in harmony with our environment,” says Saldana.

The character of Neytiri, which Saldana plays, is a powerful symbol of understanding and respect for the environment. Saldana hopes that her portrayal of Neytiri will help viewers understand the importance of respecting nature and taking better care of the planet.

“I think it’s so important to have these stories out there so that our kids can grow up understanding that there are other ways of living in harmony with our environment,” Saldana said.

Ultimately, she hopes that viewers will come away from the film feeling inspired to take better care of our planet. By understanding different cultures and respecting nature, we can all work together to build a brighter future.

Saldana talks about her connection to the character of Neytiri

When asked about returning to her role as Neytiri in Avatar: The Way of Water, Zoe Saldana revealed a deep personal connection to the character. She said she “felt a tremendous amount of joy and a deep connection with her” while preparing to reprise the role.

For Saldana, the character of Neytiri is not just a character but an embodiment of “strength and fortitude” that she identifies with. As someone who grew up “caught between two cultures”, Saldana sees her own experiences reflected in Neytiri and her journey. She shared that there are “universal themes of resilience and perseverance that are extremely meaningful to me” and that she hopes viewers of Avatar: The Way of Water will take these themes away with them.

Saldana also spoke about the importance of representation in films like Avatar, which feature strong female characters like Neytiri. She believes that films like this can have an incredibly positive impact on young people, especially young girls, by providing an example of what it looks like to “be strong, be fearless and be proud of your identity.”


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