Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Rumored to Be Ditching Each Other for New Love Interests in the Upcoming

'Spider-Man' Movie. Tom Holland and Zendaya may have had great chemistry in the past, but it looks like the hot

young stars won’t be starring together in the next ‘Spider-Man’ film! According to new reports, the two are

said to be ditching each other as their love interests and will instead star with new people in this summer’s movie.

Did you see this coming? Zendaya and Tom Holland's Spider-Man characters are rumored to be breaking up in

the upcoming fourth installment of the franchise. According to sources, Zendaya's MJ will be getting a new

love interest, while Tom's Peter Parker will also be moving on. However, it seems that the pair have been spotted

hanging out together since their reported split. Earlier this week, pictures surfaced of Zendaya at an Adidas event

with her ex-boyfriend Tom Holland. In one photo from the event, she can be seen posing with her arm around him a

together but has not publicly confirmed this themselves or talked about what happened between them to cause their