Why Joey King Agreed to Star in ‘The In Between’ Before There Was Even a Script

Actress Joey King was approached to star in the new Paramount+ original film “The In Between” — a story about first love,

“Our writer Marc Klein came to me and my team with this idea,” King told TheWrap during a recent interview. “And the funny thing is,

it wasn’t even a script yet. It wasn’t even a book yet. … He just had this amazing passion about him and this great story that he had personal ties to as well

“The In Between,” which is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+, stars “The Kissing Booth” alum as Tessa, a teenager fresh from the foster system,

“I did not know anything about operating a [Minolta] film camera at all, and I got to learn which was so cool,” King said. “I learned a little bit more about photography

and I really kind of fell in love with just capturing moments on the set. I took so many pictures on set, and I made a photo book at the end of shooting

and I just I still love looking through it. It’s just like a lovely little time capsule of like what we went through on our little movie.”

offers to translate a French film for Tessa during a chance encounter at a movie theater where they both individually chose to see the same foreign film.

“[Skylar] speaks four languages,” Allen said. “And I would say a huge part of his character is being really family-oriented and not really being hurt by life,

which is in contrast to Tessa’s character who has been severely hurt by life. Skylar hasn’t been hurt at all. Anything that’s been mildly difficult