Wendy Williams Gains Access to Her Money After Battle With Wells Fargo, Wendy Williams has found success

through her decades-long career as an entertainer, but the popular talk show host hit a bump in the road when her

finances were frozen by Wells Fargo due to concerns of potential financial exploitation by Wendy’s former financial

advisor Lori Schiller. Fortunately, Williams was able to resolve the issue, and on Thursday RadarOnline reported

that she had regained access to her money. Her victory may be small compared to some of the other trials she’s

faced in her life, but it represents a giant leap forward toward being able to be financially independent once again.

a New York judge ruled that Wendy Williams should regain access to her funds. The decision came after a drawn-out

legal battle between Williams and Wells Fargo. According to court documents obtained by Radar, Wells Fargo agreed to

unfreeze all of Wendy’s accounts, giving her access to an estimated $1 million in cash and other assets. As part of

their agreement with Williams, Wells Fargo will also pay for any interest lost during the dispute over whether or not

Williams had any financial mismanagement occurring on her behalf. While Wendy is happy about regaining access to her

money, she is still upset at how things were handled in the first place. She told Radar exclusively, I am very happy tha