Vanessa Lachey On Enjoying The Success Of NCIS: Hawaii & Having Her Big Career Moment In Her 40s. The star of CBS'

hit TV drama NCIS: Hawaii, Vanessa Lachey, is enjoying the success of her show, but she's still new to acting on

television. ET spoke to Lachey at the Paramount+ upfront event, about how she's making the most of her time on set

and what it feels like to have her big career moment in her 40s. And we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at

Lachey on the Hawaii set! She's A Cop, He's Navy + Big Career Moment On Vanessa Lachey NCIS, The main thing

that surprised me was I've had so many of these big career moments over time. From my first film to now playing a

leading character on NCIS: Hawaii and having my kids grow up with me as their mother and everything in between...I

just look back every day and go, 'Look what I've accomplished.' That takes you from - to sit here with all of

you from ET. It brings tears to my eyes. In Her 40s, It's been an amazing journey, she told ET at CBS' upfront

presentation for advertisers in New York City on Wednesday. And it's not even about being able to say I'm

successful or not successful. It's about being able to do something that makes you happy. Vanessa Lachey On