Tom Brady Reveals His Post-NFL Plans: Will He Announce His Retirement? A quarterback considered by many to be the greatest

of all time, Tom Brady just made big news. During his weekly interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One, Brady revealed that he

has no intentions of retiring after this season, even though it will be his 19th in the NFL and he’s currently 40 years old. In fact, the

Patriots star claimed that it would take a lot to convince him to stop playing and that retirement hasn’t been discussed with

anyone around him or even come up in his own mind, but Brady didn’t stop there. One of the most frequently asked questions

about Tom Brady's career after he retires is whether or not he will immediately jump into a television job as an NFL analyst. Based on

what Brady said at his press conference yesterday, that's probably not going to happen—but it's not certain yet. Here are Brady's

three announcements regarding post-NFL plans: I'm going to continue eating avocado ice cream. I'm going to continue working

with Under Armour on different athletic endeavors. And I want to start planning for my retirement. After seeing how I looked in

those UGG ads, it definitely seems like a good idea. lg g6 Tom Brady Reveals His Post-NFL Plans: Will He Announce His

Retirement? 755 Tom Brady Has Released An Ad For The New LG G6... The only thing I can tell you for sure is that I am absolutely

retiring from playing football because even though there's still more time left in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 and 2021 and 2022

and 2023 and 2024, today was Tomsday. Today was supposed to be Tuesday but instead it's officially TSUESDAY BECAUSE TOM

BRADY IS RETIRING TODAY! Tom Brady has been known to be one of sports' biggest jokesters over the years so if he really did decide

to retire today then we're all just victims of another practical joke played by TB12. bb8 Tom Brady Reveals His Post-NFL Plans: Will