Teresa Giudic Real Housewives recently got engaged to Luis Ruelas in 2021. Now, it is almost time to walk down the aisle.

The television personality shared how the journey has been for the wedding preparations and revealed some of the

wedding plans that have been made by her and her family for this special day. A sneak peek of her upcoming nuptials can

be found below. Just two years after Teresa Giudic Real Housewives got engaged, she announced that they are finally

planning their nuptials. In her tweet, she said that it was time for her big day as she couldn't wait any longer. Teresa Giudic

Real Housewives shared some details about their wedding plans including a photo shoot with Nikki Grahame in Northern

Ireland. The photo shoot took place in 2019, a year before the wedding. She also shared some other photos from a

getaway trip with Luis Ruelas in 2017 and 2018 on her social media accounts, hinting that these photos would be part of

their album as well. In another interview, Teresa Giudic Real Housewives revealed how she started working on her dress.

As reported by Daily Mail, during an interview with WWHL, one of the show's hosts asked if there were designers who had

approached her for creating a dress especially for her big day. Not yet, she replied but added that there were several

talented designers who could make a gown that is perfect for both herself and Luis Ruelas. In addition, Teresa Giudic Real

Housewives opened up about their engagement ceremony which was held on New Year's Eve 2020. It was then when