Taika Waititi and Rita Ora are reportedly engaged and fans can’t wait to know more about the talented and successful

singer’s fiance. Find out five things you should know about him here! Taika Waititi, 45, may have just popped the

question to his singer-songwriter girlfriend Rita Ora, 26, but it looks like he already had plenty of practice when it comes

to asking girls out. He has been linked to several famous women in the past, so we thought you might want to learn a

little bit more about his love life! Taika Waititi is reportedly getting ready to walk down the aisle with Rita Ora after they

both proposed to each other. But what do we know about him? Check out these five facts about Taika Waititi. 1. His

real name is actually Taika Cohen Waititi There's a reason you might've assumed his surname was Waititi: it's a Maori

name that means dwelling place or house. He shortened it when he moved to New Zealand as a kid because he

thought it would be easier for people there to pronounce and remember. 2. He's an actor, writer, director, producer,

and more Like Rita Ora, Taika Waititi got his start in music before moving into acting. He first broke onto our radar

back in 2007 with two mixtapes called So Good They Named It Twice (part one) and The Sinking Feeling (part