Rachel Zegler was spotted on set of Disney's upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White this week, wearing

one of the OG princess's most iconic outfits that looks almost perfectly accurate to the beloved 1937 animated

film. While the character of Snow White has always been white, Disney is making some updates to the look of their

new movie. For example, Rachel Zegler's outfit in the first picture looks similar to Snow White's iconic outfit as it

appeared in1937. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Zegler will play the dwarfs' new housekeeper and love

interest (ugh) named Rosy Thorn. While she might look like a perfect fit for the role, don't expect the film to get

wrapped up too quickly if her character ends up taking over for Snow White. THR reports that Disney is adding an

additional 10 minutes of footage to its already-long movie - which doesn't even have a final title yet! This part should

talk about - Is Rachel Zegler the New Snow White? Actress Spotted Wearing Iconic Princess Outfit This part

should talk about - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: That said, you can probably still count on plenty of familiar

moments fromSnow White. Even though director Rupert Sanders decided not to use any actual snow during