Pro Football Leagues Riot Bill Teen Crime Victims Down in, First, there was the XFL in 2001, then the United Football League in 2009, and now the new revival of the USFL will be holding

However, it did manage to leave its mark on football history, including giving us quarterbacks like Doug Flutie, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, and others who went on to succeed in the NFL as starters or

The latest development is that fans of football may not have to wait until 2016 to see pro football again. The United States Football League — which, as I understand it,

has spent most of its time since being driven out of business by various NFL legal actions playing minor league football and operating as a minor league itself

About 300 fans showed up for last night’s first-round; per USFL commissioner Michael Huyghue, several hundred more are expected for tomorrow’s action.

Team rosters include players who’ve been cut by NFL teams or who left college early but didn’t find a home at the next level (along with others who aren’t yet eligible).

Of course, there are questions about where USFL might be able to play down here after 2014 and whether or not anybody will pay attention to any given game.

And if you like pro football, you should come down and watch some games. Just don’t expect an NFL experience…or an NFL product. The USFL doesn’t want to compete against its former league,

so it isn’t bringing pro football back. Instead, think semi-pro played under pro rules. Think San Antonio meeting Baltimore when it comes to production value. Think high school band marching

The USFL is holding its first player draft of its new incarnation today and tomorrow. By sometime next month, officials say, they’ll have two teams ready to compete for fans here in Alabama

with at least one other team in place by next season. It’s expected that Birmingham will also be home to a new pro football league: The All-American Football League plans to start play here as

Robert Smith will manage and play quarterback for that team. Smith has said he thinks his experience playing for Nick Saban at Alabama has given him an edge over some others who are