Baker Mayfield's Potential Landing Spots: The Panthers and the Seahawks. With the Cleveland Browns officially

on the clock in the 2018 NFL Draft, most of the conversation surrounding Baker Mayfield’s potential other football teams named

landing spots has centered around two teams: the Panthers and the Seahawks. Both have been linked to

the Oklahoma quarterback for months, and both are considered playoff contenders with an obvious need at

quarterback. However, there’s another team that should be in play for Mayfield with the eighth overall pick – and

it isn’t one you’re likely expecting. As the NFL Draft approaches, Baker Mayfield's potential landing spots are

a hot topic of conversation. Most of the talk has centered around two teams: the Panthers and the American football team

Seahawks. However, there are 11 teams that have been named as potential suitors for the former Panthers Week 16 Highlights

Oklahoma quarterback. Here's a look at all of them. -The Bills made it to the playoffs last season, so they'll be in