NFL Draft Impacted Super Bowl: How the 2022 Draft Affected Super Bowl LVIII Odds. The National Football

League Draft is finally over, which means we’re one step closer to Super Bowl 53. While it’s true you

probably can’t lose a Super Bowl on draft day, you can absolutely win one. That’s why we wanted to use

the NFL Draft as an opportunity to dive into the odds of each team winning the Big Game in 2022 and take

stock of how the draft impacted the odds of each squad making it to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

that year. Super Bowl LVIII odds have fluctuated over the past couple of months, but the draft has turned a

few potential contenders into Super Bowl shoo-ins. The Texans were one of the first teams to be impacted

by the 2022 NFL Draft. When Houston picked up national champion Jason Parker with the third overall, nfl playoff bracket 2022

pick, it came as no surprise that Maxibet moved their odds to 3/1. Championship contenders re-stocked,

while other teams may have added key players to land them in the Big Game. While it’s true you, nfl playoff schedule,