Mother's Day: A day to celebrate or grieve? Holidays like Mother's Day aren't celebratory for everyone and for many

people, they can be a particularly painful time of year. That can be true for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones,

are estranged from family members or have felt the sting of toxic relationships. For these individuals, holidays like Mother's

celebrating Mother's Day isn't relevant to them, but still can't escape the societal pressure to do so regardless of how

uncomfortable it makes them feel. As someone who has lost a parent, Mother's Day can be tough. You're happy for other

people, but miss your mother or father. Still, it's a day to celebrate mothers, who are important to all of us. That's why

Mother's Day can also be a day to grieve for those who have lost loved ones. The loss of a parent is profound because there

are so many memories tied up in that relationship and it's something you never really get over completely. If you've lost

your mother or father recently or within recent memory, here are some strategies that might help get through Mother's Day:

Just don't do anything: A friend told me she was worried her daughter would find her grieving on Mother's Day when she