For almost three years, Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente have been living together as husband and wife.

They have shared in the joys of marriage, including the birth of their son, Leo Morrison-Puente, It’s been almost eight

engaged that same year. But how did they fall in love and build such a lasting marriage? Here’s how! Matthew

Morrison, a musician and actor best known for his role in Glee, first met Renee Puente at a Grammys party in 2011.

He approached her and they hit it off immediately—he asked her on a date two days later. Since then, they’ve

been on an upward trajectory with each other: They got engaged after dating for just one year, tied the knot after

two years of marriage and now have three children together (with one more expected). With that in mind,

 it makes sense that their relationship is as healthy as it is long-lasting. How did Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente

fall in love? What are some things to keep in mind when trying to find your partner? How can you build a lasting

marriage? Here are five things to consider if you want to make sure your own relationship has staying power.