I’m not sure who the next Spider-Man villain will be, but I’ve got some guesses. There have been rumors of Kraven and Mysterio surfacing in ( photo via instagram )

Spider-Man: Far From Home’, and surely we’ll see Vulture again at some point as well, right? But we don’t know if any of that will come to ( photo via instagram )

pass; however, we do know that ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ is definitely on the way. And when it arrives, Emma Roberts may be part of the package ( photo via instagram )

playing Madame Web! Just who is Madame Web? That’s a question that’s likely to be answered soon, with an official announcement likely ( photo via instagram )

coming any day now. The part has already been cast, with Emma Roberts in line to bring Helena Bertinelli – AKA: Madame Web – to life ( photo via instagram )

onscreen. Is she a version of classic comic book character/ally of Peter Parker/Spider-Man or someone else entirely? We don’t know but it ( photo via instagram )

seems unlikely Marvel Studios will just play things safe and give her a minor role in next year’s Captain America: Civil War movie, which ( photo via instagram )

features Spider-Man. ... Of course, we still have no idea what Madame Web may have to do with 2017’s Sony/Marvel collaboration – whatever ( photo via instagram )

it may be – but there are some interesting possibilities out there for sure. Will she be a villain (as seen in the 90s animated series) or a ( photo via instagram )

hero? Could she provide more insight into Spidey villain Mysterio? Maybe we'll even get something closer to Amazing Spider-Man ( photo via instagram )

vision of Madame Webb...but played by Emma Roberts! I guess we'll find out soon enough... But what do you think - should Marvel Studios recast ( photo via instagram )