selection in the 2022 NFL Draft when they took Florida State defensive tackle Thomas Clayton with the 3rd

pick of the 6th round, 186 overall. They continued to select late-round developmental projects through

their final pick, University of Pittsburgh linebacker Jaquis Jefferson (#218 overall) in the 7th round.

 That’s right, there were no first or second-round picks in this draft—that’s how bad things got for the Rams!

 The Los Angeles Rams 2022 NFL Draft featured no picks in the top-100. Five of their eight picks came in rounds

six and seven. Grading this draft immediately afterwards is not particularly easy as, definably by the

late rounds, all these players are developmental projects. Moreover, they made only five selections, rams draft picks next 5 years

instead of their typical eight or nine. This is what makes it difficult to grade them accurately without

getting into some nuances, but I'll do my best to give a full breakdown. Here are their draft picks followed

by immediate grades on a grading scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) The Los Angeles Rams did not have any