Kim Kardashian Defends Her Marriage To Damon Thomas, The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star married her first husband Damon Thomas in 2000, when she

was just 19 years old, and though they split shortly after, Thomas recently opened up about their relationship and insinuated that Kim married him while high on

ecstasy. In response to his claims, Kardashian took to Twitter to defend herself and explain why they actually split up. Keeping Up with The Kardashians star Kim

Kardashian has defended her marriage to Damon Thomas, despite him claiming that she married him on ecstasy. Kim claims that she doesn’t know where

Damon is getting his information from, but insists that she was not taking any illegal substances at their Las Vegas wedding. In a new teaser clip from Keeping

Up with The Kardashians, Kim is quizzed by her sister Khloe about comments made by Thomas about their relationship and his insistence that he wanted to

raise their daughter Dream together after he had doubts about proposing to her just weeks before they were due to get married in 2007. In an interview with

Entertainment Tonight last week, Thomas claimed that Kim proposed to him while she was high on ecstasy during a trip to Las Vegas in 2000. He also said that

says she doesn't remember ever saying those words or being high during their trip. I don't remember saying I love you so much, Kim tells Khloe when asked

about what Thomas said happened between them back then. I do remember telling him how much I loved spending time with him and our families, Kim adds.

And how grateful I was that we all got along so well. We did take some pictures of us kissing on ecstasy pills, Kim admits to Khloe later in the clip. But it wasn't