Putting aside the controversy that erupted after Jennifer Lopez failed to secure her first-ever Oscar nomination, there’s one big

reason why she was snubbed at the Academy Awards on Monday morning. You can’t deny Lopez, 45, has been involved in some of

the most buzzworthy, talked-about movies of all time, from 1997’s Selena to 2001’s Angel Eyes to 2005’s Monster-in-Law

And it appeared Hustlers, which features Lopez as Ramona, was her surefire way into the Oscar race. So what happened? Jennifer

Lopez Academy Awards After getting shut out at Sunday night's Academy Awards, many people criticized how Jennifer Lopez didn't

earn a nomination for her supporting role in Hustlers. The real reason J.Lo failed to score an Oscar nod? In a word: racism.

different identifiers related to whiteness and access—like money, education or career opportunities. Access is a key concept here

because it turns out that earlier that very same day at The Academy Awards ceremony, J.Lo had dinner with former President

Barack Obama and Amal Clooney in Hollywood. That's right: We're talking about a former president who happens to be black (and

who actually has won an Oscar) having dinner with one of America's most successful entertainers (who happens to be

Latina), just hours before Jennifer Lopez was nominated for her first-ever Academy Award. In other words, we're talking about two

prominent public figures—one black and one Latina—connecting on their way into Hollywood on the biggest night in movies. They