Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire Opens Up About Body Image Struggles: 'I'm Proud of My Body' Hawt celeb Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire (she's

gorgeous, duh) covers the May/June issue of Women’s Health, opening up about her journey with body image and health. I've

struggled with body image and confidence since I was little, she told the magazine. But I'm proud of my body now, and I want to share

that message with other women who might be struggling with their own insecurities. Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire is coming clean about

her journey with body image and health. The How I Met Your Father star bared it all for the May/June issue of Women’s Health, posing

 on the magazine’s cover. Hilary shared that although she has always felt confident in her own skin, her relationship with her body

changed when she got pregnant with son Luca, who is now two-years-old. She said: I was very sick during my pregnancy—and

postpartum period—with a lot of symptoms like bloating and swollen ankles. My relationship with my body completely changed at

that point because I didn't feel good in it. After having Luca, I gained weight but then lost it pretty quickly, she continued. Then I started to

work out really hard and train four or five times a week. However, after getting married to hockey player Mike Comrie in 2010, things

took a turn for Hilary's body image. She added: When you're doing extreme workouts every day, your body changes quickly—but mine