Google Doodle is celebrating Birth Anniversary Dr Michiaki Takahashi

17 February 2022. The Japanese virologist played a vital part in combating chickenpox by developing

The vaccine developed by Takahashi has been administered to millions of children across the world as an effective measure to help severe infections of chickenpox.

It has led to millions of lives being saved to date. All you need to know aboutDr. Michiaki Takahashi  Takahashi was born on 17 February 1928, in Japan’s Osaka

completed his medical studies at Osaka University and latterly joined the varsity’s Research Institute for Microbial Disease in 1959.

He moved to the United States in 1963 for a exploration fellowship at Baylor College. It was during this time that Takahashi’s son contracted a serious bout of chickenpox.

Dr Takahashi returned to Japan in 1965 and started experimenting with weakened chickenpox contagions in mortal and beast towel. In 1974,

the first vaccine targeting the varicella contagion, which causes chickenpox, had been developed by Takahashi. The chickenpox vaccine was subordinated to rigorous exploration and trials

including with immunosuppressed cases. Nicknamed Oka, Takahashi’s vaccine was proven to be extremely effective in combating the largely contagious complaint.

In 1986, the Osaka University’s Research Foundation for Microbial Conditions, where the Japanese virologist worked before, began rolling out the chickenpox vaccine in Japan

the only World Heath Organization-approved varicella vaccine. Soon Further than 80 countries began usingDr. Takahashi’s lifesaving vaccine. In 1994,