Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, and Zach Braff Know How to Tread Carefully on the Internet. Actors Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, and

Zach Braff have figured out what it takes to avoid becoming the center of internet memes—the wrong kind of attention—while

maintaining their place as thought leaders in their respective fields. In an exclusive interview with Culture Trip, they each

discussed what it’s like to be in the spotlight, how they engage with the public, and why we should be careful about judging

famous people we don’t know. Here are the highlights from our discussion with them. Treading carefully on the internet has

become a necessity for many celebrities. The internet can have the potential to ruin careers and leave people feeling upset and

disappointed, but Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, and Zach Braff know how to navigate their worlds online without getting in too

much trouble. The three are very aware of what they share on social media, whether it’s photos or more personal content.

Florence Pugh is an English actress who’s best known for her roles in Lady Macbeth and Outlaw King. She’s not afraid to post

about her favorite books, movies, TV shows, and music—even if she doesn’t want you to buy them from Amazon. Her Twitter bio

reads I am not responsible for your actions after reading my tweets! (mostly). She uses Twitter as a platform where she can

talk about projects she's currently working on as well as things that interest her outside of acting. When fans ask questions

about her life, she responds with honest answers; however, there is one thing that she doesn't like talking about: her