Carmen Electra Strips Down to Reclaim Her Image. Using her platform as an OnlyFans creator, Carmen Electra, 46, is

stripping down to reclaim her image after she and several of her adult film appearances were used in ads and

promotional materials without her permission at various strip clubs across the country in recent years. I’m taking my

own power back, she tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. It was like a no-brainer. You always have to take your

power back and that’s what I did through OnlyFans and I just love it! It’s so easy, too! For years, Carmen Electra has

been fighting to protect her image. She's taken out multiple lawsuits against strip clubs that have used her likeness

without permission. Now, though, it seems she's finally reclaiming control over how she's seen by taking on a new

project: Instagram's OnlyFans page. It was like a no-brainer, Electra tells PEOPLE of joining OnlyFans as a creator after

taking out lawsuits against several strip clubs in recent years for using her likeness without permission. After all,

having people pay you directly and privately is far more lucrative than sharing your work with an audience who may

not be paying attention—and who could even screenshot your images and share them publicly. The photo site allows