Cardi B watches yacht sink while on holiday with Offset. Cardi B witnessed the sinking of an entire yacht while she was

vacationing in an undisclosed location with her boyfriend Offset. On July 3, the 29-year-old rapper and her beau were

on the beach when they noticed the boat beginning to sink. Cardi B saw a yacht sink while on holiday with Offset in an

as she watched t go down. So basically I’m on vacation with my boyfriend, he just got me a yacht for my birthday. I live

like yachty baby! Cardi B said to her followers before posting video of the yacht slowly sinking into water. According to

TMZ, no one was on board at that time but friends were helping remove items from it. Offset bought Cardi B a yach

for her birthday? Did you know his real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus? He's 28 years old. At least they didn't have any

drinks or food inside when it sunk...I guess? Let's be honest though, we're all wondering what happened to those two

dogs they had with them earlier. They looked so cute! There goes $2 million worth of boat...that's a lot of money right

there! No word yet if they'll try to salvage it or not but considering how much fun she looks having watching it