Audrina Patridge Speaks Out About Being Peer-Pressured Into Taking Topless Photos. Audrina Patridge sat down with hosts Alexa  ( photo via instagram )

and Katie on The Hills Podcast, and the star revealed that she felt peer-pressured into taking topless photos at the beginning of her ( photo via instagram )

career, which left her feeling shameful and unprotected. Audrina Patridge sat down with RealiTV podcast host Justin Brescia to ( photo via instagram )

discuss her career, her life as a reality star and more. Among other things, she talked about how peer-pressured she was into taking ( photo via instagram )

topless photos early in her career that left her feeling shameful and unprotected. What's more is that she believes her The Hills co-star ( photo via instagram )

Lauren Conrad encouraged it in some way: Lauren Conrad did encourage me to take those pictures, Patridge said. I think deep ( photo via instagram )

down inside I knew this was not the right thing for me to do. There’s nothing wrong with posing nude but I didn’t want to take these ( photo via instagram )

photos because they were going to be taken so close up and they were just going to be really revealing and I didn’t feel comfortable ( photo via instagram )

doing it. It had nothing to do with my morals or my religion or anything like that, she continued. It had everything to do with just ( photo via instagram )

being vulnerable—so for somebody who loves being photographed like I do, what a crazy thing for someone who doesn’t love being ( photo via instagram )

photographed like I do! You know? You're putting yourself out there. I felt completely unprotected, both physically and emotionally.  ( photo via instagram )