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The fiery, energetic Aries represents April’s first astrological sign, and their free-spirited nature and innovative ideas are characteristic of the

month as a whole. Uma Thurman, an Aries born on April 29, reflects the typical qualities of an Aries in her physical appearance with her

blonde hair and fair skin tone as well as in her roles in movies like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Her strong personality and fierce

determination further reflect the typical Aries characteristics of being headstrong and courageous. Uma Thurman's Horoscope for April 29,

2022, Taurus Today, April 29, 2022 Uma Thurman will rise to an important position of power, and there's nothing standing in her way.

This is your day for success on all fronts, Uma Thurman. You'll be at your best today; people around you will appreciate your knack for

understanding and connecting with them—whether they're clients or colleagues or friends. During a business lunch with an influential

colleague today, take some time to explain what makes you different from other vendors or brands in your niche. He'll understand that you

really get his business and work style. As long as you own what you say and do during these conversations (don't run from tough