Anne Hathaway and Zendaya Are the Stars of Bulgari's New Campaign. They say you should never meet your

heroes, but that doesn’t apply to Hollywood stars such as Anne Hathaway and Zendaya, who are the new

faces of Bulgari’s jewelry line. The Oscar-winning actress and the Spider-Man: Homecoming starlet zendaya bulgari ring

appear in the Italian luxury brand’s latest campaign — which was shot by director Paolo Sorrentino of The

Young Pope fame — just in time for fashion month. In its latest campaign, Bulgari is drawing a lot of

attention to the company's statement jewelry. To promote the new collection, the brand tapped Oscar-

winning actress Anne Hathaway and singer Zendaya. The campaign film shows them each walking around zendaya bulgari ring cost

an ornate villa in a starkly beautiful scene that's actually inspired by a still from Paolo Sorrentino's

movie Unexpected Wonders. Bulgari also shot actual scenes in Rome with the pair that are being shown as

part of an installation at Florence's Palazzo Strozzi museum — just not with any gold or diamonds. zendaya necklace tom holland

Instead, visitors will see intricate costumes and jewelry inspired by the film. The main focus for now is on their

Walk Like a Star campaign video, which features Anne Hathaway and Zendaya (who previously appeared bulgari model 2021

together in The Greatest Showman) strolling through some kind of palace dressed like royalty. There are