2022 NFL Offseason

2022 NFL Offseason, Will the Kansas City Chiefs Be Able to Keep All Their Star Players in the 2022 NFL Offseason? A lot

happen between now and the 2022 NFL offseason, but it’s never too early to start planning ahead in the National Football League.

The Chiefs are coming off an AFC West division championship and have established themselves as one of the most successful

teams in the league over the past decade. It’s likely that they will have their eyes on making it back to the Super Bowl next

season, but their roster could look dramatically different come 2022. In order to have a successful football team you must be

able to keep your star players. If the Chiefs are not able to do that in the 2022 NFL offseason, then they will not be as

successful as they were in the 2021 season. It’s easy to say that it is possible for them to keep all of their stars because there

is always free agency but if you look at recent history and current contracts there is no way they can keep all of their

stars. The obvious answer to keeping all of their star players would be using franchise tags on key guys like Mahomes and

Hill. However, even with those two being tagged it still might not be enough to keep everyone around. That is why I think