Viral Pics From Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi Ceremony

Are you looking forward to the haldi ceremony of Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya? We are! Check out all the pictures from the event that went viral this weekend in Mumbai, India. All these beautiful photos will make your day!

Viral: Pics From Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi Ceremony

The internet is abuzz with viral photos from the haldi ceremony of popular Bollywood actress Hansika Motwani and beau Sohael Khaturiya. The pictures show the couple and their families celebrating their upcoming nuptials in traditional style.

The haldi ceremony was an intimate gathering of family members, close friends and well-wishers. The ceremony was marked by rituals like applying turmeric paste to the couple to bless them for a long and healthy marriage. Some of the pictures have also featured Sohael’s mother Anjali Khaturiya, who can be seen blessing the couple with her presence.

Hansika and Sohael have been in a relationship for over two years now and are all set to tie the knot later this year. The couple’s fans have been eagerly awaiting news about their wedding and were delighted to see the beautiful photos from their haldi ceremony.

The viral photos of Hansika and Sohael’s haldi ceremony are a testament to the beauty of Indian weddings and the joy of celebrating new beginnings with loved ones. We wish the couple all the best for a happy married life! Our readers always want to know what Viral things are going on so here are some more viral videos and pictures that might interest you.

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Who is Hansika Motwani?

Hansika Motwani is a Bollywood actress and model who has been in the entertainment industry since she was a child. She made her debut in 2002 and went on to star in movies like Aap Kaa Surroor, Hum Tum Shabana, and Maan Karate. Recently, photos of Hansika Motwani and her fiancé Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi ceremony went viral on social media. The couple’s Haldi ceremony was held at the actress’ residence in Mumbai and was attended by close friends and family.

The photos feature the happy couple being showered with haldi, taking part in rituals, and posing for the camera. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the couple’s wedding, which is due to take place soon. It seems as though they are not only loved by their families but also by each other! The wedding is planned on the 16th of November, says one guest present during the ceremony. It will be an intimate affair as only close family members and friends are invited to attend.

In addition to these photographs, many more snapshots from their event were shared online through Instagram posts and tweets. The bride wore a red saree while her groom looked dapper in white trousers and shirt. There are also some adorable shots of them feeding each other sweet treats that look so tasty!

For those interested in following updates about this celebrity-filled wedding, we’ve included their social media links below so you can stay up-to-date on everything from dress details to marriage announcements! 1) Follow @Hansika_Motwani on Twitter 2) Like @HansikaMotwaniOfficial on Facebook 3) Follow @hansikamotwaniofficial on Instagram 4) ???? 5) Profit – Viral: Pics From Hansika Motwani And Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi Ceremony continues with how she felt when meeting Vinod Khanna.

She said, I am very emotional. He had become my father. One particular video showed what it was like behind the scenes at their engagement party when he first saw her walking down the aisle towards him wearing a stunning black and gold lehenga choli. Everyone cheered loudly when he finally spotted his future wife; after all, it wasn’t every day someone walked into your life carrying such happiness in tow!

Sohael lit up, said Harman Singh Dhanoa, Director of Carats Jewellers Pvt Ltd (the company responsible for designing many of Hansika’s jewellery pieces). I am sure he thought ‘Wow… I’m really marrying her.’ His eyes never left hers.

What is a haldi ceremony?

Haldi is a Hindu tradition in which a paste made from turmeric is applied to the bride and groom’s skin before their wedding day. It is said that turmeric has antiseptic and purifying qualities and is meant to bring good luck and protect the couple. During the ceremony, family and friends apply the haldi paste to the bride and groom while singing, chanting and exchanging blessings.

In addition to being a spiritual cleansing ritual, the haldi ceremony is also full of fun, laughter, and good wishes. It usually takes place one or two days before the wedding and is a great way for the family and friends of the bride and groom to come together and celebrate the couple’s union.

Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya’s haldi ceremony looked like a lot of fun! From the vibrant colors of their clothes to the beaming smiles on their faces, it was evident that the couple was truly enjoying their special day. We wish them all the best in their marriage! It seems the photos from Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya’s haldi ceremony have gone viral.

On social media, fans of the couple have been sharing their own best wishes for the couple, and others have even been inspired to plan their own haldi ceremonies! It looks like the couple has started their marriage with a big bang, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Photos from the event

Recently, photos from the Haldi ceremony of Bollywood actress Hansika Motwani and Sohael Khaturiya went viral on social media. Fans of the couple couldn’t contain their excitement upon seeing the adorable pictures of the two looking happy and radiant.

The event was held at Motwani’s residence in Mumbai, with close family and friends present. In one of the pictures, the couple can be seen sitting under a yellow canopy as they are adorned with haldi. Both of them were dressed in yellow and pink traditional outfits, with Hansika wearing a long pink embroidered anarkali, while Sohael donned a yellow kurta and pajama.

In another photo, the couple can be seen showering each other with flowers, as they are surrounded by their family members and friends. This picture is surely a sight to behold!

The pictures from the event have left fans of the couple excited for their upcoming wedding. We can’t wait to see more pictures from their big day! A viral video recently surfaced of two kids who had caught footage of a plane coming in for a landing.

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Social media reaction

The Viral: Pics From Hansika Motwani And Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi ceremony have been spreading like wildfire across the internet. Fans and celebrities alike have been taking to social media to express their joy over the couple’s big day.

Many of Hansika’s fans have taken to Twitter to congratulate her on her nuptials, flooding her timeline with sweet messages. Even actors such as Mahesh Babu and Karthi have taken to Instagram to post warm wishes for the bride and groom-to-be. Even former Bigg Boss contestant Raghu Ram and Kishwer Merchantt have posted heartwarming posts in their unique way.

Meanwhile, Sohael Khaturiya’s followers on social media have been showering him with love, congratulating him on this special day. Well-known Bollywood stars such as Siddharth Malhotra, Abhishek Bachchan, and Vicky Kaushal have sent their best wishes to the couple through Instagram stories.

It’s clear that the social media reaction to the Viral: Pics From Hansika Motwani And Sohael Khaturiya’s Haldi ceremony has been overwhelmingly positive, as people continue to express their support for the happy couple. We wish them all the best for their future together! When will they walk down the aisle?

What do they plan to wear at their wedding reception? Is there going to be a song sung by someone famous? Will there be live animals at the event? All these questions are driving fans crazy. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on what we hear from our sources close to the couple.

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