Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

The Quran was an entire narrative dedicated to one story. Quran usually has multiple levels in one Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. or Snippets of a story. But this time, it’s a dedicated discourse beginning to end in chronological. People order to one individual, and that’s Yusuf Ali Saddam along with his brothers. Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. where you could spend years taking up a passage and deciphering how many, you know bits of wisdom drops, you know gems of wisdom are embedded Ayah directly by our phrase by phrase.

It’s an overwhelming and profound study that has incredible amounts of insight. From a contemporary point of view about the Surah, I want to say that this is a Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. which especially students of psychology. Should those of you that are interested in psychology and sociology? You should pay close attention to this Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation.

There’s a famous narration about the sooner that I want to share with you, which is not commonly appreciated. It’s a man coming to the province of Sodom and saying up broadly tell me what to read tell me something to read, you know, and the prophets I spoke.

Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

I’m told him to read you know, the soon as that have alif-lam-rain them. And why would he tell him that? Mentions in this story that he has a problem. The man has a problem. I’ve become old in the age of a Cupboard at Sidney and Oliver. Listen, honey.

surah yusuf benefits

You know my time. Is that doc? I’ll be working with Alyssa. Friendly as my I’ve become old aged and my tongue is become tough. I’m mean when I talk, and you know, I’ve my heart has become hard. I’m not sensitive anymore, and he recommended solos with alif-lam-ra, which is important because now we’re learning that this has a profound impact on Once you know it makes you more sensitive softens you up.

You know, and so that’s one of the benefits of this remarkable Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. I want to share with you that I am a few things, I’m just absolutely fascinated by it, and I can’t get enough of this soda every time I dig into it. I find more things that I just never even thought of, and really, all of them are almost a book by themselves. I study by myself, but I want to start with some basic themes. I won’t get to cover all of them.

surah yusuf in english

But some of the unique themes about Allah and how we think about Allah himself that come out of the suit, and then I’ll tell you some things about the story. I think all of you might be familiar overall with the story of a young boy whose DadDad loved him very much and his brothers were very jealous of the relationship that Dad had with him, and as a result, they, you know, they kidnap him they make this entire plan.

They were almost ready to kill him, but they kidnap him to put him away in a well, and he’s taken from there and buy some Caravan who illegally sells him off as a child slave and as a servant, so he’s not a butler in some Castle in Egypt. The suffering of a child away from his book is a loving, loving dad and the father’s nightmare, not knowing what happened to his kid. These are Indescribable kinds of pain, but then Allah has names in this Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. Fascinating Allah says, for example, Allah who Hollywood Allah, and when he does the only time in the Quran, Allah uses this name for himself.

It’s subtlety. Where don’t you notice anything? That’s why in the insulated cough, when the young men were supposed to kind of sneak young man was supposed to sneak into town, and nobody should notice him while he had to let buff who should be too subtle not to grab any attention. Meaning the way Allah does things doesn’t get your attention. He doesn’t do stuff after announcing them to you.

Surah yusuf benefits

His plan is always at work in the background, and you don’t even realize the thief, only Maya, so his dominance is now coupled with his secrecy how secretly he does his plans. If you take those two themes, then you realize well, somebody could be subtle, and we don’t know, and they’re dominant but then how we are supposed to understand their plan? There are two other names of Allah that occur in this suit-up beautifully strategically situated.


Aided and these names of Allah come all over the Quran, Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. but the waiter used in this Surah is mind-blowing. Those names are al-iman Hakeem, who knows and has wisdom, one who knows, and the one who has an understanding look; even if you’re powerful, it doesn’t mean you act with wisdom.

Even if your subtle doesn’t mean you have all the information before you acted, those two knees, these two names balance those two other names a lot of dominance, and Allah’s subtlety is coupled.

All the time is always ever-present with Allah knows all things. And less wisdom Allah knew how the reunions were going to happen in the end Allah knew all of these were essential phases for him to go through Allah knew that this is going to be a profound inspiration for the final messenger of Allah one day Salah abdeslam who himself is going to be exiled by his brothers because that’s when the Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation. was revealed when his people deported the prophet himself.

surah yusuf in which para

He found hope in the Surah this was revealed in the year of sadness, and it’s interesting that the word use of even though it’s not an Arabic name, is closely related to the Arabic word SF which means sadness, and the soda Moments profound moments of sadness as you travel now check this out at the beginning of the Surah,

you know he tells his DadDad a dream, and that is full of hope, and he mentions that Allah will fulfil his favourite., they spawned a book out there. I leave the comment that Hadith or your team wouldn’t matter who are like, oh my goodness, Allah has chosen you. He’s going to fulfil his favour upon you just, and he’s going to achieve the popularity upon the family of Jakub him.

He talks about himself just like he did to your ancestors Ibrahim and his Hawk. You know your master is Hakeem Alum hockey; you’re in Arabic Kalima Hakeem. Your master is knowledgeable. Meaning Allah is knowledgeable. And Allah has all the wisdom meaning.


Allah is going to Grant this kid knowledge. He’s going to give him wisdom. Those two names are being used to describe this optimism for what is in this child’s future. So remember, I’ll even Hakeem.

First, occur in the context of optimism. The second time gobble so welcome and who come I’m reversible Jamil as Allah who and yet the NAB him Jimmy and in The Who al-hakim Will animal hacky sack in time way so many bad things have already happened. He’s been kidnapped. He’s gone for years.

Surah yusuf in english

You know, there’s a drought they don’t have any food the sun’s go off to Egypt to find food. They don’t even see the minister there talking to is their brother. He plots actually to have one of them, Binyamin the youngest one, arrested and withheld for other reasons now, they come back, the brothers come back to their data second time empty-handed without a son, you know first they took you, so now took Binyamin, and now they come back empty-handed.

So this father has received bad news after bad news. Remember the first time he used a Lehman Hakeem. He was optimistic about a promising future. But now so many bad things have happened and on top of all of that sadness another son is gone, and he says whatever you thought easy for yourselves to do you did Allah is the only one who’s helped can be solved Allah knows everything.

He’s all lies, in other words. He trusts a lot in the worst of situations. Allah has wisdom in how he does things. I don’t see how he does things. I don’t understand his plan, but he does have a plan because he’s white.

surah yusuf pdf

Sighs and I know what I know, but I know there’s a lot I don’t know, and only Allah knows, so I’m just going to be entirely entrusted to Le the second time. I’ll even Hakeem comes us to trust in bad times the first time it taught us optimism.

We should be optimistic about our future when batting when things happen that are beyond our control. We should rely on Allah has the knowledge and his wisdom, and finally, amazingly enough, the reunions happen. Everybody’s together the use of police around puts his parents on the throne. There’s a massive celebration and what does use of had a salaam say Inaudible if only my Asia in the who went to Hollywood.

Hakeem the third time the name occurs. My master is so subtle in how he does things. He’s looking back now. Hang on, and hindsight is 20/20, how modest it how invisible Allah’s plan was all along and how amazingly, by the way, if the use of was not in prison, think about this if you suppose not imprisoned, and he did not meet those two prisoners. Then a drought would have happened regardless, but there would never have been someone.

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Give the suggestion that uses of gave hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people would have starved to death. If the use of didn’t go through what he went through and included the survival of his own family to his brothers and their families and his father and his mother, they would have starved to death if this didn’t happen. That’s just one of the things that were going on in the background.

There was a greater good that needed to be accomplished. And by the way, as a result, he’s able to sponsor all of his family to Egypt, and they settle in chipped, which means the children of Israel now live in Egypt, and The Saga of the Egyptians and in the Israelites begins.

All of this would begin with the trials of the use of Holly’s if that didn’t happen. None of this would have happened, Allah knows, but the use of list looks back at his life and says Allah knew all along. All I had was the model now.

I see it. In other words, the third time, you use a lot, even Hakeem, as you look back on your life and you appreciate The wisdom that at the time you couldn’t have enjoyed this happens in you and my your life and mine all the time. There are bad things we go through we’re like, why is this happening at the time?

We trust the line say Allah is wise there’s a plan years later you look back and tell the man that if that bad thing didn’t happen. Suppose I didn’t lose my job over there. I would have never gotten this new job. I would have never moved here. I wouldn’t have ever made these friends.

I would never have this. All the good that happened in my life resulted from one bad experience that Allah put me through, and that can happen. It’s happened to me. You know, and this is the idea of Eileen Hakim being and sentiment of gratitude Now quickly.

Surah yusuf in which para

I want to share with you. It might be a little bit overwhelming. So I make daughter that. First of all, I’m clear and being able to tell you this. It’s cool how the story plays out. I want to walk you through it. I’ve put letters next to it just for organization purposes. In the first part, A is only the use of Highly Sam sees a dream. He tells it to his DadDad.

The second part is that his brothers make a scheme against him. The third part is, and this is The aim of the project, and it plays out they put him in the well and all of that the third major part of the story.

When The Minister’s Wife tries to seduce him and the fourth principal part after that D is when the women make a similar attempt of Egypt, the elite aristocratic women that were called to a party, and they all tried to seduce use of and then use of his imprisoned after that, the King sees a dream.

Now what happens in the present that’s all part of that scene where he’s imprisoned and then the King sees a dream, and he sees a weird dream that he tells his people then he that you know, one of the servants sees that you know, actually I know someone who can interpret the dream.

So they call the use of so the King’s dream is the first to be interpreted then use of his release from prison as a result because he says I can solve it. Still, I’m not coming out until you know; I’m not coming out until my innocence is proven. Yet, he is officially released even though he’s volunteering to stay inside, then the Egyptian ladies confessed to what they had done long ago with him because they had schemed against This is followed by The Minister’s Wife.

She admits what she had done, and then eventually, the brothers of use of coming back, and the whole scheme is made. They confessed to their mistakes and finally used of a dream that started was fulfilled which is you know, he saw a vision that 11 Stars the sun and the moon are prostrating frustrating because of him now this these are the scene by scene by scene depiction of the Surah what’s remarkable is that it’s a complete symmetry. In other words.

The first piece that I mentioned was a useless dream, and the last article I told you you were a hopeless dream is interpreted its fulfilled because he knows, the Sun and the Moon and the Eleven stars are right before him humbled right before him, and that’s the last part. If you notice, the second part of the story was when they plot his brother’s plot against him.

And the second last part of the story is when they learned their lesson. The third part of the story is The Minister’s Wife attempts to seduce him. The third last part of the story is The Minister’s Wife admits that she was wrong. The fourth part is women tried to seduce him the fourth last part is the women admitted.

That they had tried to do such a thing, the fifth part is the use of gets imprisoned. The V’s last piece is he’s released from prison, and right in the middle, the King sees a dream and use of interprets the invention, which tells you the benefit of interpreting.

The dream was one of the most important things that had to happen because lives were at stake as a result, right? So it’s a story that merges right into the centre, and the centre is giving you what the profound larger good was in all of the sufferings that went on in.

One household and how many people were saved, how much more suffering was held as a result, and Allah even saw them through by the end, and everybody benefited by the and Subhan Allah. It’s a complete literary symmetry for an oral tradition for a recited practice to be this profoundly organized as just absolutely mind-boggling. How does Allah do that subhanahu wa’ta’ala? So here’s the last part about the use of so this is an incredible organization.

I didn’t tell you that this sort of begins with no story; you know, the only flower. You guys took it up; you will be in, you know that National knuckle. So I like a castle and castles be Mahina, and the profit is being addressed at the beginning of the Surah Yusuf Benefits Meaning Explanation.

We’re giving you the most profound of stories you had no idea. That’s what the prophets being told. The last passage of the Surah is also an address directly to the prophets. Listen. I’m in, which the prophet has said. Look, there are some people no matter how you try 100 how to study what we need. They’re not going to become Believers no matter how much you try. Don’t worry. Don’t try to impress them.

Here are some people who are just A lost cause, and there are, you know, and you’re not asking them for any competition matters. Allahumma La a manager. All you have to do is add early; LOL Satan keeps calling Allah with eyes open. You know why let’s add that to the province suddenly because things were becoming so impossible. He’s calling his Brethren his brother in our the Qureshi’s calling him to his son. He was not listening. They’re not listening.

They’re not listening. It recalls that a father couldn’t even convince his children to get their act together and your story. Of he couldn’t even get them, but eventually they came around, and so the prophets license being given hope look it’s going to happen.

Don’t worry about it. And I at the end home. Look at these words, the new and Uncle Cody boo-yah, a home nurse Elena. Prophets came before, and they were convinced that they’d been called a liar. They’ve been denied then our help came. So so Allah mentions by the end of the Surah, the prophets were themselves convinced.

Nobody’s going to believe in them anymore. And then our Aid came, you know, what’s impressive. When did the egg come to the prophet? So I said on the 8th went to the prophecy Sonam is a Janice would like a wolf at what I International crew nephew didn’t like of waja when you see people entering into the religion and multitudes hordes at the conquest of Makkah. It is going to happen years later.

A mother who needs some Bakasura that’s years later and years later. When finally the Aid of Allah came, and the prophets like some are dominant over his Brethren, they’re embarrassed to pay for what they did to him. Like uses instead and were ashamed for what they did to him. What is the profit say to the Gathering of the idol-worshippers his brethren in Makkah?

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