Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems
Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Inshallah, we’ll be reading them from the first verse of Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. page number 545 of the sahih international translation will be learning Min ash-shaitani what I didn’t work. He said you were right. If I canít happen as well, I will mesh. What’s that being honest people, not me. On the phone with her key had him. Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. Why who need just like the earliest MonaVie a loved one that theme and visiting of Buddha. Fujimoto 14 in shall never forget to let me know Elena was letting me know he was high Bushi my limit. I wish I were mad. It’s a movie. I want in our life here in a larger audience.

Allah Almighty, he was seldom his household his companions may Allah bless them all and bless every one of us. I mean, my mothers and sister, this is Rocky, and I’m sure many of us would be reading the shoe rack regularly. It has some powerful meaning. Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. It would draw our attention to the Unseen and many questions related to the greatness of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala if we were to answer them.

Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

We would realize the greatness of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, so Allah commences by making mention of the day of Resurrectional Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. meaning the day of the event. So Allah says either karate lucky when the event or the occurrence takes place when the circumstance occurs when the event will take place.

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So this is Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala telling us about the Day of Resurrection. So Allah says lace any wakati had to carry back. There is no denial regarding its occurrence. We know rejection will happen, and it’s going to come.

Then Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala says half-filled or tune Raffia to, Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. and it will bring down some and raise others today on Earth. You see people looking very high in status or rank or wealth or cloud or whatever else. It is even religiously and sometimes on that day. It might be the other way around. Those whom you didn’t think would be holy pie are close to Allah would probably be there.

Who knows, so this is Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala telling us it brings down some and raises others. So Allah says when the EarthEarth is shaken with convulsion when the Earth will be stunned with terrible shakes, Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. it is awful. Shake Allah says, Either one gentille Aldo Rajan, it will be surprised in a severe way very very painful. The EarthEarth will be shaken completely or boost G Biloba son Allahu Akbar, and the mountains are broken down, crumbling.

They will come down crumbling literally. What kind of Hubba Bubba said they would become dust dispersing? Just imagine a vast mountain crushing and becoming dust broadcasting, and you become of three types. You will fall into three different categories. Welcome to maxwell Giunta Lhasa; you will fall into three different categories. Then Allah explains these three categories.

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The first one, Allah says the companions of the right. What are the companions of the right? Who are these Companions of the freedom those given the records in their right hand will be destined for Paradise? Does Allah say those who are the companions of the right and the companions of the left? What are the companions of the left? So that’s the second category. Those will be the ones who will receive their book on the left hand or in the left hand.

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They will be destined for Hell-Fire. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala not make us from those and the third group of people Asabi Kunis be Coon the forerunners who are the forerunners. So there is an explanation the words can also be understood as a complete sentence. The announcers in Good Deeds are forerunners in entering.

Ring Paradise Wasabi Pune fill our Molly who Sabe to nothing the whole engine those who were foreigners when it came to doing good deeds those who rushed when it came to doing good deeds whenever something was supposed to take place to please Allah they were quick to do it so they will be as sharp. If not faster to enter Paradise.

That’s one of the meanings of this beautiful verse; all it says is it was Serbia Kunis poor. So when you get a full-size little fragile in haste and when you get up quickly without people having to bother you and wake you up for half an hour before you lazily get up.

You need to understand the service to NASA to be open. Suppose you are a foreigner in Salat al-fajr in the pleasure of Allah in pleasing Allah in your dress code is giving up sin. You will be a foreigner on that day in entering the engine simple.

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What a powerful verse. It’s just two words. Look at how deep it is in meaning. Asagi Pune Asabi Cunha, those who are foreigners will be foreigners on the day of judgment, and all it means here is And the forerunners twice Allah says those are the ones brought near to Allah. They were nearly to Allah in this world. They will be near to Allah in the year after they tried to get close to Allah here.

So they will be physically close to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, meaning they will be closer to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala than others. In The Gardens of Paradise in The Gardens of pleasure region, a team name. Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. They will be pleased with anything you want as we spoke about last week a large company of the former people’s and a few later people.

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Allah says the numbers of those going to be in Paradise a large number of former people meaning people from the previous Nations large numbers and they will be a few from the later people those to follow whew. Now obviously, the sahaba the Elohim were worried. They were concerned just like myself in yourselves.

We would be worried. How come there’s going to be a large number from the previous people and a small number from us. Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. But Allah continues, and he described before he gives us another gift. He says on Thrones woven with ornament.

It was reclining on them facing each other. Like you’ve gone on your holiday more home, you know lounging beautiful meeting each other meeting those you love and enjoy yourself looking at the scenery enjoying. The fruit and veg and people serving you the servants and so on but this is obviously on a much much larger scale something spring. It is totally beyond our imagination.

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So Allah says they will circulate among them young. Boys made Eternal with vessels, pitchers, Surah Waqiah Benefits Meaning Explanation. and cups, and the cup of wine from a flowing Spring Wine refers to Pure fruit. Juice wine is not what you see in the market today that they call a misnomer, to be honest.

It’s made up later on they the biblical wine and thus in the scriptures what is made mention of is pure fruit juice? Swine, so when they say Jesus drank wine, they are not referring to what you get here in the market, making you a little bit here and there. It is an intoxicating drink, but this is pure fruit juice.

So Jesus didn’t drink pure fruit juice, and so did Moses. May peace be upon them all; Musa Alayhi Salam – alehissalaam this to the people of Jannah and another verse says, they will never be anything intoxicating in Paradise which confirms the meaning of the term wine. It can never be intoxicating.

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As time passed, they changed the term to mean wine, and this has happened with the English language and with other languages where a name begins to be used for something different later on, and it becomes like that. For example, the word gay, if you were to say Jesus was gay, you would be meaning he was happy, and if you were to be telling people over for a time, even people before 1960, if they were gay, they were pleased people. Mashallah, and today, if you say gay, nobody will even think about the term happy.

I don’t think the new generation, even though it can refer to something in terms of Happiness the same applies to the term wine, and the same applies to thousands of other words that have been changed over time. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala give us an understanding. So Allah says no headache. Will they have from that place? They will have no intoxicating effect. No alcohol in it. Alcoholic content.

No headache. Will have from that place, nor will they be intoxicated? Laughs, you have your allamanda on the phone? Allah speaks about them not being Intoxicated by this drink and fruit of what they select now. The difference between the fruit juice and the fruit itself is the texture that one is liquid in one is solid.

So one is liquid before you put it in your mouth already, and the other becomes liquid after you chew it. So Allah says the fruit of whatever they select you to select what you want you will have and the meat of fowl from whatever they desire. Well, I’m eating the flesh of birds, whatever types of a beautiful heart.

It’s called something. But what you will get something mind-boggling, something that you will be very impressed by definitely, so Allah speaks about it as the meat of a bird. Now, if any one of us has had Birds, the smaller they get, the less meat. The more bone they probably are, the more difficult it becomes because those bones can hurt you when you chew.

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And so on you might One or two, and suddenly like fish bones, they begin to trouble you in your mouth. But when it comes to the bird described, Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala all the meat of Jannah, it will be the best thing ever to be able to put into your mouth. It will find its way into your mouth, According to some narrations. And at the same time, you will just be chewing something as per your liking; if you don’t want to chew, it will be chewed for you, and it will go down Subhanallah. Could you not ask me how but that is Allah?

It’s a beautiful description. It’s something delicious. You know, sometimes you put the marshmallow in your mouth, and it suddenly melts in your mouth, and you just have the feeling you leave it on your tongue, and some people want to bite it. They want to chew it. They want to enjoy the texture of biting through the marshmallow. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us the goodness of the food of Jinnah. So Allah says and for them again the holes the whole, and we spoke about this last week.

I’m not going to detail once again, but you can show the talk is online, you can search for it, and you will be able to understand what we were saying last week regarding the whole with large beautiful eyes. Now one young man asked me a question. What if I don’t like large eyes. Well, you will have what you want.

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Don’t worry. What if you don’t like fat women, but you can have a dark woman. There’s nothing wrong with some natural complexion. Some people like face skin people, others like dark-skinned people, which is the will of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. It is just the liking that Allah has kept in people, so it does not necessarily mean fair-skinned. He when Allah says wahdahu La Niño, Allah is speaking of the whole ideal partner for you.

So Allah says the likeness of pearls well-protected. If you look at well-protected pearls jewelry or whatever you’d like something you would like, you know, there was a time when people used to like very what’s the word when people used to like jewelry that had a lot of detail in it.

Very detailed jewelry, a lot of detail and too many little, you know diamonds or small stones on it and A lot of the people prefer something relatively simple, and you know something that’s just straight forward. It looks decent, and it doesn’t have too much detail. So it depends on your liking this there are still people who like you know, the detailed one but Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala he is here says all likeness of pearls well-protected.

And this is connected to your liking. It’s related to what you would not hear therein ill speech or Or Commission of sin, and no one will say anything vulgar, anything derogatory. You won’t feel bad, and nobody will say anything to hurt you, and at the same time, you won’t see your son. You won’t hear of sin.

It’s impossible to sin Paradise because everything is permissible. Everything that crosses your mind is allowed nowhere in this world. We listen to things that hurt us, my mothers and sisters. I was told by someone Two days ago that they happen to pass a comment to someone much older to speaking about their weight.

Now, you know weight is something very, very sensitive, compassionate. The only time people would be happy at heavyweight is when old Subhanallah, otherwise even if someone is looking so unhealthy just to put a smile on their face, tell him you’ve lost weight. They like excited somehow, really, and they know you’re lying, but they feel so So good. They start blushing about it. Mashallah. Even if it’s 200 grams.

Trust me. The women will be excited. Canela stop eating samosas in motion. My brothers and sisters get so offended when someone says you were looking unhealthy, but what if they tell you the truth?

Don’t get offended? We become so upset sometimes our children, our relatives, our nephews or nieces, whoever they are if they’ve commented about our weight and we stopped talking to them for a long, long time. We start plotting and planning against them. It happens, and this is from shape. Pan because shaytan makes you think it’s all we’re rotating around something to do with you anyway.


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