Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems
Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

We ask Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala to bless them to bless his household, Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. to bless every one of us to grant us witness to bless our offspring to come up to the end. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala keep us all steadfast. Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. I mean, my brothers and sisters tonight being one of the first of the odd nights from the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan.

We need to call out to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala with the dual that we commenced this beautiful session with, and that is all Allah, you are most forgiving you love to forgive. So forgive us. Don’t underestimate the value of prayer; during any one of these last night’s keep repeating it through the night.

Even if you happen to recline, even if you happen to sleep for a while, what you need to know what I need to know. We cannot afford to forgo. Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. We cannot afford to leave out the nights from tonight on words, not to say the previous nights were not necessary, but these nights are essential. We don’t want to miss even a single one. For indeed, if we were to make that do AA if we were to engage in the vicar of Allah if we were to spend Just One of These Nights.

Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Entirely in the worship of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala who knows that might be our Jenna that might be total and absolute forgiveness. We read Surat acidy yesterday, and I want to pick up a point from that particular Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. It is named after the sector, which means the prostration and in that sewer.

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The Highlight is the such de the Highlight is the prostration that the Believers And Allah describe them by saying that a Java Juno boom on in my body. Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. I do you know about my uncle found their sides forsake their buildings. They call out to a lot throughout the night, hoping in the mercy of Allah and fearful of the Wrath and the anger of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, and they spend from that which Allah gives them to notice. The spending is always thrown in by Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) - السجدة

الم السجدة [1]
Alif, Lam, Meem. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [1]
تَنزِيلُ الْكِتَابِ لَا رَيْبَ فِيهِ مِن رَّبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ السجدة [2]
[This is] the revelation of the Book about which there is no doubt from the Lord of the worlds. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [2]
أَمْ يَقُولُونَ افْتَرَاهُ ۚ بَلْ هُوَ الْحَقُّ مِن رَّبِّكَ لِتُنذِرَ قَوْمًا مَّا أَتَاهُم مِّن نَّذِيرٍ مِّن قَبْلِكَ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَهْتَدُونَ السجدة [3]
Or do they say, "He invented it"? Rather, it is the truth from your Lord, [O Muhammad], that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you [so] perhaps they will be guided. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [3]
اللَّهُ الَّذِي خَلَقَ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضَ وَمَا بَيْنَهُمَا فِي سِتَّةِ أَيَّامٍ ثُمَّ اسْتَوَىٰ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ ۖ مَا لَكُم مِّن دُونِهِ مِن وَلِيٍّ وَلَا شَفِيعٍ ۚ أَفَلَا تَتَذَكَّرُونَ السجدة [4]
It is Allah who created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them in six days; then He established Himself above the Throne. You have not besides Him any protector or any intercessor; so will you not be reminded? As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [4]
يُدَبِّرُ الْأَمْرَ مِنَ السَّمَاءِ إِلَى الْأَرْضِ ثُمَّ يَعْرُجُ إِلَيْهِ فِي يَوْمٍ كَانَ مِقْدَارُهُ أَلْفَ سَنَةٍ مِّمَّا تَعُدُّونَ السجدة [5]
He arranges [each] matter from the heaven to the earth; then it will ascend to Him in a Day, the extent of which is a thousand years of those which you count. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [5]
ذَٰلِكَ عَالِمُ الْغَيْبِ وَالشَّهَادَةِ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ السجدة [6]
That is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, the Exalted in Might, the Merciful, As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [6]
الَّذِي أَحْسَنَ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ خَلَقَهُ ۖ وَبَدَأَ خَلْقَ الْإِنسَانِ مِن طِينٍ السجدة [7]
Who perfected everything which He created and began the creation of man from clay. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [7]
ثُمَّ جَعَلَ نَسْلَهُ مِن سُلَالَةٍ مِّن مَّاءٍ مَّهِينٍ السجدة [8]
Then He made his posterity out of the extract of a liquid disdained. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [8]
ثُمَّ سَوَّاهُ وَنَفَخَ فِيهِ مِن رُّوحِهِ ۖ وَجَعَلَ لَكُمُ السَّمْعَ وَالْأَبْصَارَ وَالْأَفْئِدَةَ ۚ قَلِيلًا مَّا تَشْكُرُونَ السجدة [9]
Then He proportioned him and breathed into him from His [created] soul and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [9]
وَقَالُوا أَإِذَا ضَلَلْنَا فِي الْأَرْضِ أَإِنَّا لَفِي خَلْقٍ جَدِيدٍ ۚ بَلْ هُم بِلِقَاءِ رَبِّهِمْ كَافِرُونَ السجدة [10]
And they say, "When we are lost within the earth, will we indeed be [recreated] in a new creation?" Rather, they are, in [the matter of] the meeting with their Lord, disbelievers. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [10]
قُلْ يَتَوَفَّاكُم مَّلَكُ الْمَوْتِ الَّذِي وُكِّلَ بِكُمْ ثُمَّ إِلَىٰ رَبِّكُمْ تُرْجَعُونَ السجدة [11]
Say, "The angel of death will take you who has been entrusted with you. Then to your Lord you will be returned." As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [11]
وَلَوْ تَرَىٰ إِذِ الْمُجْرِمُونَ نَاكِسُو رُءُوسِهِمْ عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ رَبَّنَا أَبْصَرْنَا وَسَمِعْنَا فَارْجِعْنَا نَعْمَلْ صَالِحًا إِنَّا مُوقِنُونَ السجدة [12]
If you could but see when the criminals are hanging their heads before their Lord, [saying], "Our Lord, we have seen and heard, so return us [to the world]; we will work righteousness. Indeed, we are [now] certain." As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [12]
وَلَوْ شِئْنَا لَآتَيْنَا كُلَّ نَفْسٍ هُدَاهَا وَلَٰكِنْ حَقَّ الْقَوْلُ مِنِّي لَأَمْلَأَنَّ جَهَنَّمَ مِنَ الْجِنَّةِ وَالنَّاسِ أَجْمَعِينَ السجدة [13]
And if we had willed, We could have given every soul its guidance, but the word from Me will come into effect [that] "I will surely fill Hell with jinn and people all together. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [13]
فَذُوقُوا بِمَا نَسِيتُمْ لِقَاءَ يَوْمِكُمْ هَٰذَا إِنَّا نَسِينَاكُمْ ۖ وَذُوقُوا عَذَابَ الْخُلْدِ بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَعْمَلُونَ السجدة [14]
So taste [punishment] because you forgot the meeting of this, your Day; indeed, We have [accordingly] forgotten you. And taste the punishment of eternity for what you used to do." As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [14]
إِنَّمَا يُؤْمِنُ بِآيَاتِنَا الَّذِينَ إِذَا ذُكِّرُوا بِهَا خَرُّوا سُجَّدًا وَسَبَّحُوا بِحَمْدِ رَبِّهِمْ وَهُمْ لَا يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ ۩ السجدة [15]
Only those believe in Our verses who, when they are reminded by them, fall down in prostration and exalt [Allah] with praise of their Lord, and they are not arrogant. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [15]
تَتَجَافَىٰ جُنُوبُهُمْ عَنِ الْمَضَاجِعِ يَدْعُونَ رَبَّهُمْ خَوْفًا وَطَمَعًا وَمِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ يُنفِقُونَ السجدة [16]
They arise from [their] beds; they supplicate their Lord in fear and aspiration, and from what We have provided them, they spend. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [16]
فَلَا تَعْلَمُ نَفْسٌ مَّا أُخْفِيَ لَهُم مِّن قُرَّةِ أَعْيُنٍ جَزَاءً بِمَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ السجدة [17]
And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort for eyes as reward for what they used to do. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [17]
أَفَمَن كَانَ مُؤْمِنًا كَمَن كَانَ فَاسِقًا ۚ لَّا يَسْتَوُونَ السجدة [18]
Then is one who was a believer like one who was defiantly disobedient? They are not equal. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [18]
أَمَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ فَلَهُمْ جَنَّاتُ الْمَأْوَىٰ نُزُلًا بِمَا كَانُوا يَعْمَلُونَ السجدة [19]
As for those who believed and did righteous deeds, for them will be the Gardens of Refuge as accommodation for what they used to do. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [19]
وَأَمَّا الَّذِينَ فَسَقُوا فَمَأْوَاهُمُ النَّارُ ۖ كُلَّمَا أَرَادُوا أَن يَخْرُجُوا مِنْهَا أُعِيدُوا فِيهَا وَقِيلَ لَهُمْ ذُوقُوا عَذَابَ النَّارِ الَّذِي كُنتُم بِهِ تُكَذِّبُونَ السجدة [20]
But as for those who defiantly disobeyed, their refuge is the Fire. Every time they wish to emerge from it, they will be returned to it while it is said to them, "Taste the punishment of the Fire which you used to deny." As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [20]
وَلَنُذِيقَنَّهُم مِّنَ الْعَذَابِ الْأَدْنَىٰ دُونَ الْعَذَابِ الْأَكْبَرِ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ السجدة [21]
And we will surely let them taste the nearer punishment short of the greater punishment that perhaps they will repent. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [21]
وَمَنْ أَظْلَمُ مِمَّن ذُكِّرَ بِآيَاتِ رَبِّهِ ثُمَّ أَعْرَضَ عَنْهَا ۚ إِنَّا مِنَ الْمُجْرِمِينَ مُنتَقِمُونَ السجدة [22]
And who is more unjust than one who is reminded of the verses of his Lord; then he turns away from them? Indeed We, from the criminals, will take retribution. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [22]
وَلَقَدْ آتَيْنَا مُوسَى الْكِتَابَ فَلَا تَكُن فِي مِرْيَةٍ مِّن لِّقَائِهِ ۖ وَجَعَلْنَاهُ هُدًى لِّبَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ السجدة [23]
And We certainly gave Moses the Scripture, so do not be in doubt over his meeting. And we made the Torah guidance for the Children of Israel. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [23]
وَجَعَلْنَا مِنْهُمْ أَئِمَّةً يَهْدُونَ بِأَمْرِنَا لَمَّا صَبَرُوا ۖ وَكَانُوا بِآيَاتِنَا يُوقِنُونَ السجدة [24]
And We made from among them leaders guiding by Our command when they were patient and [when] they were certain of Our signs. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [24]
إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ يَفْصِلُ بَيْنَهُمْ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ فِيمَا كَانُوا فِيهِ يَخْتَلِفُونَ السجدة [25]
Indeed, your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that over which they used to differ. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [25]
أَوَلَمْ يَهْدِ لَهُمْ كَمْ أَهْلَكْنَا مِن قَبْلِهِم مِّنَ الْقُرُونِ يَمْشُونَ فِي مَسَاكِنِهِمْ ۚ إِنَّ فِي ذَٰلِكَ لَآيَاتٍ ۖ أَفَلَا يَسْمَعُونَ السجدة [26]
Has it not become clear to them how many generations We destroyed before them, [as] they walk among their dwellings? Indeed in that are signs; then do they not hear? As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [26]
أَوَلَمْ يَرَوْا أَنَّا نَسُوقُ الْمَاءَ إِلَى الْأَرْضِ الْجُرُزِ فَنُخْرِجُ بِهِ زَرْعًا تَأْكُلُ مِنْهُ أَنْعَامُهُمْ وَأَنفُسُهُمْ ۖ أَفَلَا يُبْصِرُونَ السجدة [27]
Have they not seen that We drive the water [in clouds] to barren land and bring forth thereby crops from which their livestock eat and [they] themselves? Then do they not see? As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [27]
وَيَقُولُونَ مَتَىٰ هَٰذَا الْفَتْحُ إِن كُنتُمْ صَادِقِينَ السجدة [28]
And they say, "When will be this conquest, if you should be truthful?" As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [28]
قُلْ يَوْمَ الْفَتْحِ لَا يَنفَعُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِيمَانُهُمْ وَلَا هُمْ يُنظَرُونَ السجدة [29]
Say, [O Muhammad], "On the Day of Conquest the belief of those who had disbelieved will not benefit them, nor will they be reprieved." As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [29]
فَأَعْرِضْ عَنْهُمْ وَانتَظِرْ إِنَّهُم مُّنتَظِرُونَ السجدة [30]
So turn away from them and wait. Indeed, they are waiting. As-Sajdah ( The Prostration ) [30]

So the people who genuinely fear Allah have a quality where they have hope in Allah, they spend the nights in the worship of Allah very often, and they together with the hope. They have an element of fear out of the love of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

They don’t want to Transgress. Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. I don’t want a lot to be angry with them because they love Allah so much, just like you and I if we love someone so dearly. We would not like to hurt them or make them feel sad in a human being. In the case of Allah, subhanahu wa’ta’ala, and we would not want to make him angry or upset.

Surah sajdah kelebihan

The love that should drive us to worship Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, so the love would mean we fear to spoil that relationship we have with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. We fear the punishment that Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has prepared and after that. Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. He says they spend, which means they are concerned about other creatures of Allah spend on others they spend on family members and remember spending. Yes primarily.

surah sajdah benefits

It refers to the wealth that Allah gave you, the sustenance that he gave you, but it also goes beyond that to your character. You spend your name upon someone,e the Hadith speech of a smile being an act of charity. What is that nature, its conduct being paid because it is priceless? It is something very, very valuable. You cannot even put a tag on it.

May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us every form of goodness. So that is a quality that this Surah is known for, and it is repeated. Generally, as per the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu alaihe wasalam on a Friday in Salat al-fajr. Generally, the Surah is red, and it is a reminder for all of us come on once in a while. Let’s spend the entire night.

For the sake of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, may Allah strengthen me, and may He support every one of us. I mean, we move on to Surah Taha, and he showed up to the house of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. Asks the Believers and us from the time that the Quran was revealed going right up to the end of time to remember the favours upon you that were bestowed by Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

surah sajdah ayat 44

So one of these favours that Allah had bestowed upon the people at the time. When the armies in large numbers and had struck an enormous Alliance, they came through to Madina munawwara wanting to attack the Muslims, and they were confident that we are going to destroy the Muslims. And Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala inspired through the mutual consultation the prophet peace be upon him and his companions to dig a trench around the parts of Medina where horses could cross all for people to travel.

The trench was a large trench. When the kuffar arrived, the enemy came. They were stunned. They were shocked. They had not known of this tactic before when they saw it. Subhanallah. They were unable to enter Madina munawwara to fight the Muslims, and they decided, Well, we are going to Camp here after some time.

You know, these people will probably lower their guard. We will be able to go in Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. Remember, when he is With you, nobody can harm you. They can come hundreds of thousands and millions if Allah is with you. Nothing can happen.

Surah sajdah muka surat

Do you know that Allah sent the wind and Allah sent a storm and Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala caused them to be destroyed and to run away? Because of the weather, the weather conditions, which is why Allah speaks about the weather and various other creatures, such as the clouds and the lightning?

surah sajdah transliteration

And so on, and he calls them his army part of the army of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, he uses those he can use for merciful purposes, and he can use it for punishment. Why when it’s raining. And we are taught to make a deal to Allah, who must say even a fear Allah let this be beneficial rain, or Allah let it not be the reign of Destruction. Let it be rain that will bring about your mercy, and so on. That’s just one example.

So, in this case, Allah says, yeah, I am. Lavina, a man. Who do you who believe in Carolina? Let Allah income remember Allah’s favours upon you if they come to know what you know that place when the alliance’s when the entire Army the Allies had come forth.

And Allah says we sent against them the wind just the wind, and we sent against him an army that you could not see. What’s that Army the Angels, my brothers and sisters right now. We are in the House of Allah. They are angels present here without a doubt, Allah. The house of Allah.

They are angels present here. When We Gather, remember Allah and gain closeness to Allah, the Angels encircle us to ensure we are not harmed Subhanallah; the Angels surround us. They make dua’a for us. They call out to Allah for our Giving us. So we should understand as Believers.

surah sajdah kelebihan

We know that one of the pillars of Eman is that we believe in all the Angels the fact that they exist, and the fact that Allah uses them to this day as he wills and wishes he instructs them, and they don’t go against them them them his instruction.

Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. So have hope in Allah when we’re in trouble when you are in the situation. If you have faith in Allah, he will send even the angels to guard you to protect you to open your doors. You won’t know what happened. But Allah knows people say that was a miracle.

Subhanallah. At least they’re acknowledging it was nothing to do with them. Allah, how many of us have witnessed things in our lives where we don’t know how they happened. Well, Allah knows he did it, Subhan Allah.

Surah sajdah benefits

He wants to see will you acknowledge that it’s his power. He used an army that you couldn’t see, whether Angels or anything else—May Allah subhanahu. Wa ta’ala grants us the ability the reason the ability to think about this.

I say this is that verse is saying O you who believe, remember that think about it, go back and ponder over it. That’s what we’re doing. Although it wasn’t you and I directly but we believe those were our brothers. They were the founders of this deed. They fought for it to get to us today.

So we are seated here because the Battle of Badr took place, and they were people prepared to lose their lives. So that Islam came to you, and I may Allah bless them. May Allah grant him goodness the minimum we can do. He’s at least follow the faith at least follow the deal. They gave their lives for it.

surah sajdah muka surat

They gave their lives for it. Not just once, many of them lost their lives, and what we do is busy thinking whether I want to read Salat al-fajr or not, but they gave their lives today. It came to you. How can we think about that? I’m pondering whether I should sing or not are all the banana they died so that the demon could come to you and Allah and I says obey Even think about it. We favoured you.

We favored You by sending you people to protect you and the dean the profits on another Selim is reported to have said on the day of butter Surah Sajdah Benefits Meaning Explanation. o Allah you see we hear a 313 save us if you’d like to be worshipped on Earth. They were safe Allahu Allahu Akbar Allah grant us goodness. So this is the Surah that is at the beginning. Later on, Allah says, knock out the canal a comfy resumed in he was watching his ana.

Can I have those who have hope in the meeting with Allah? Do you want to meet with Allah those who have hope on the last day they have, hoping for the goodness that will come out of that previous day? because they were trying to remember yesterday? We spoke about the trial because they are trying. They have hope; if you have hoped the meeting with Allah, you want to meet with your maker.

Well, then Allah says, do What you need to do, you need to follow the example of the Prophet peace be upon him try and learn his entire life and emulate he went through so much difficulty and hardship. It did not make him weaker in faith instead. It made him stronger in faith. It made him more powerful in his conviction. He was upon the highest possible level, but he went even higher it came to his difficulties. He was more convinced in the power of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, And Allah says remember Allah a lot.

Remember a lot in another verse we heard tonight. Yeah, you and Nina, a man with coral o you who believe remember. The first one said o you who believe remember when we helped you the second one says o you who believe remember what cuccurullo Allah the Quran Kathy you remember Allah a lot the remembrance of Allah commences with the Quran.

It’s the greatest of the remembrance of Allah you To remember Allah, and you must read the Quran, learn it understand it. Put it into practice, convey it to others. That is the highest possible form of remembrance of Allah. The following Victory Chilla water pours on the best monument you can ever have is the Quran. Why? Because it’s the word of Allah. It is spoken by Allah, your maker and mind, when we read these words. It’s they’re not yours, and my words, and this is why when an error happens in Salah, it is an honour. Ah, to be corrected.

It is an absolute pleasure and an honour when someone from the back knows what has happened, and there is an error yelling out at the top of their voices. You’ve made a mistake one, Lahiri. I swear by Allah. It is such a great honour because it is not my word. It would be the word of Allah. If it were mine, I could have tempered if it is the word of Allah. There is no tempering committed permissible. Therefore Allah says clearly remember Allah a lot. What will he do to you?

It will refine you. It will fine-tune you. You will understand that you need to develop this link. It will make you a better person. It will bring you closer to the Hereafter. It will make you yearn to meet with Allah. And do you know what the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihe wasalam says? When I have my little Allah Habib Allah and whoever loves to meet Allah Allah loves to meet him to you. I want to meet Allah. Guess what Allah wants to meet you, too.

Subhan Allah imagines I want to meet Allah, and then I find out Allah has been waiting to meet me, Allahu Akbar. That’s what Hadith says. You love to meet Allah Allah loves to meet you, but I can tell you the bottom line is when we do good and continue doing good. We start thinking about ourselves.

Oh, Allah, it would be such a lovely day when I met you, but when we do wrong and when we are evil. We don’t even want to die. We don’t even want to come and meet a religious person. Let alone meeting Allah Subhanahu wa’ta’ala that will help us.

Why Allah says o you who believe remember a lot and the thicker continues to even the test be had anything to do with the dean is the decree of Allah. Just like Sibylla, the path of Allah is anything to do with the struggle to become a better person close to Allah. The same would apply when it comes to the words Bakula; anything that would be mentioned that would draw you closer to Allah is the vicar of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala help us understand this generous gift, and that’s why once your tongue is absolutely within what Allah says in terms of the vicar. He’s not going to deceive. He’s not going to cheat. He’s not going to utter hurtful words, whether it’s against his family all those who work for him. Well, those who are around him all those who are lower than him or higher.

He’s not going to say bad words backbiting deception nothing because he doesn’t want to waste that tongue and the movement of it in anything that is outside of the pleasure of Allah. So Allah ends that particular Surah Surah ahzaab by saying O you who believe there’s a reminder for you. What is it?

Be conscious of Allah, and only after that which is excellent is upright free from falsehood from deception from hurtful words from vulgar words from anything abusive, and the list goes on. You know, what is wrong speech. You know it, I know it. And Allah says if you are conscious of what you say and what you are te we love the fact that you use your tongue correctly so much that all your other deeds will make them suitable for you and accept them from you. Leila.

Surah sajdah ayat 44

Come come to things were going to do for you as a favour when you watch your tongue. We will make your Deeds useful we will make your Deeds pure, which means whatever Deeds you have done. We will make Them acceptable because you were worried about your tongue, and Allah says you feel I’m going to become the little sins.

You might have committed. We will wipe out because you are trying very hard with your tongue. That’s why the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says, I yelled Malema by in La he wants to buy an affair. He had man lol Jana, whoever guarantees me the correct use of what is between the cheeks meaning the tongue, and the proper use of what is between the thighs representing the private parts. I guarantee him. Him Paradise did.

I guarantee him Paradise when the prophet Sallallahu wasallam was asked, which is the deed that will make people enter Jannah. He says to Deeds the consciousness of Allah number one and good character. Number two. The sahaba then asked.

What about Jahannam, which Deeds would have made people go into Hell-Fire. He says never mind Deeds their organs. Subhanallah Al from one for you, the mouth and the private parts for those two people will be burning. May Allah. Subhanahu wa’ta’ala protect us. That’s why I spent a moment speaking about the tongue, the dhikr of Allah. The fact that is Surah 2 Ayah has of Allah tells us in so many different ways to watch out for what we say.

In one place. Says, remembers Allah often and in the other one. He says to say that which is straight when you say that which is straightforward, and you remember Allah often we’re going to make you beautiful people brothers and sisters. I have a request. The request is from today, this incredible night of Ramadan, the 21st. May Allah forgive us.

Let us promise that we will utter beautiful words to our family members, starting with our family members from today for the rest of our lives. It’s not impossible. Even if you have something negative, you want to correct someone; a method doesn’t break their heart. Don’t swear. Don’t be abusive. Say it in a lovely way. Come on, and you can do it just like you would like when someone corrects you that they use the right words.

It would be best if you also utilized beautiful words. It is a gift of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, which is why Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has blessed us. Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. says that as for the Believers as those who work, he will grant him forgiveness, and he will grant them genital fidos. I want to mention a point or two of the next Surah Surah taubah. Saba is Sheba, which is in Yemen. It is a place.

So the Surah is named after a place why that plays Allah bless them with beautiful gardens Allah gave them crop and produce and such beauty that for as far as the eye could see. It was terrific on either side. Allah says we gave them Gardens, and we told them one thing we only told them to be thankful.

Belinda to school a vendor to be thankful to him who gave you such a beautiful place of dwelling, and he is indeed a lord who is forgiving be thankful. Allah said, you know what they did because they were drowning in the goodness that Allah bestowed upon them.

They turned away from Allah. They renate they went out of you worship of Allah Allah says other Arabic one word. Allah says they turned away. They didn’t listen to us. So what did we do for our Selena? and I am saying well, and I didn’t know who began attending him, Janet. I need water you couldn’t come what a silly one was watching him. You said so many things. Allah says we sent them a storm and the flood, and we replace their good.

It happens with that which was destroyed every fruit that came out of there was inedible with they could not eat it every flower anything that happened there was burnt and destroyed it was gone. Allah says we took it away from them completely turned it totally upside down due to ingratitude in gratitude.


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