Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems
Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

What are some of the Hadith that mentioned the blessings of a social calf? Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. Many ideas are summarized only two or three because of time once it is narrated in Sahih Bukhari. A companion was reciting specific gaps. His name is Alba even has a famous companion, and he noticed his horses becoming agitated. Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. So he looked up, and he saw a chandelier basically of light coming down.

He saw lights that are many different, like when we call the chandelier. When he recited, the chandelier of Lights would come down, Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. and when he and When it came down to horses became agitated when he stopped reciting, the chandelier went up, or the lights went up. So he went, and he informed the profits of somewhat is going on.

The process and he said like Sakina nozzle at this is the Sakina even Hydro says, these are the Malacca they’re called Sakina. Because whatever the Angels Go peace comes right then has a lemon. I could remember that being in a big old em sell em all he had them apart wherever there are angels.

Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

There is Salam and Sakina and so till kiseki. No, this is the piece that came down because You were reciting Surah to El Cap; they came down to listen to the Quran. So Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. is such a beautiful Surah even the angels wanted to come down to listen to it. We already mentioned that the process, and I’m said suited to the calf, is the earliest revelations in the whole nominally tackle.

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All these are from the earliest Revelations that have been given to me why because solar telecom have fortified you from Iman in your Iman. It tells you that no matter whatever is happening, Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala will take care of you. So students and calf was revealed in the first or second year of that one Another Blessing of sorts and calf.

I would doubt that narrative that our Prophet Sallallahu alihi wasalam said whoever memorizes the first ten verses of Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. will be saved from the fitna of the Jan from the trials of the John whoever. Remembers the first ten verses of Surat al-kahf will be protected from the fitna of The Jug and in another Hadith by Noelle Stevenson.

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Which is a very long Hadith now watch says one day we started talking about the DeJohn the sahaba and we became so scared we felt he might be in the trees outside the Masjid, you know, when you talk about stories you get a little bit scared when the processor I saw us. Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. He said, what is the matter? Metro and welcome.

So they said we talked about the DeJohn until we became terrified. So the process of them then one of the longest a Hadith about the goddess in sahih Muslim, he told them all of these details and when his Er When is he? Sorry. What will he come with and what her his trials and it’s a lengthy Hadith and in it.

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He said if John comes when I am amongst you, then I will be your argument or your protector against him. But if he comes when I’m not here, then every Muslim will be his protector. You won’t have any figure that you can go to them for cool Muslims in haeju NFC, everyone, and you will have to be your protector when you argue against the job. He said, so whoever amongst you seize him from and Adela home income then let him The beginning of Surat al-kahf let him recite the beginning of Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. So we learned, therefore, that the beginning of sorts and calf and on the other hand you’d attend versus a particular Gap would protect you from

This fitna of the job Another Blessing of types of a Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. is that our process of them said whoever recites who attend calf on a Friday, we’ll have a light emanating from him until the next Friday reported in Wasilla covid hack him repeat. Think a half on Friday will give you the morning until the following Friday and similar to this.

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I was a little closer narrated that whoever recites Surah Kahf Benefits Meaning Explanation. as it was revealed as it was real which means repeated properly with tajweed who sure you repeated not just like a cassette tape you repeated with property level,

which means you do it with who sure then he meets the John that that person shall be saved from the John overpowering him. That’s the first blessing the Conversing the same Hadith and whoever recites Surat al-kahf on one Friday shall have a light in this version.

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It says coming from him all the way shining to Makkah, and this Hadith shows us, therefore, that this light is so powerful. It’s as if it will illuminate to Mecca and in yet another version, which is slightly weak, and there’s no harm in narrating. It is said that whoever recites calf will have all of his minor sins forgiven until the next Friday from one Friday to the Next, so clearly, there’s something about repeating cap on Friday.

Now, why is it to attend care have linked with protection from the jump? What’s the deal about protecting from the judge? And by the way, the gel’s fitna is the worst fitna that humanity has ever seen. Our Prophet saw him said that since Allah has created Adam up until the day of judgment. No trial is more harmful to society than the jam. No fitna will cause more destruction to wreak more Havoc. They kill more people to drive more Bloodshed than the fitnah of the gun.

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The John will come we learn from our traditions, and he will claim to be a God on Earth, and he will be given certain Miracles that will fool humanity into thinking this man is a God he shall be able to stop the water of the rain from flowing that whoever rejects him. He will perish her die who will be able to be killed whoever believes in The Jug the job will snap his fingers, and the water will fall, and the plants will flourish, and the people will be able to eat.

Eat so whoever rejects the Jan will be tested and tried whoever accepts that the Jazz claim that he is God will flourish on Earth. So he will be tested and tried. Sorry people will be tested and tried through him like no other fitna. So what has he wouldn’t have got to do with this. Well, look at the beginning of Surat al-kahf. The very first story set up in the first ten verses is about those young men who believed in Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, and the King was trying to kill them.

So what happens? They fled, seeking Less protection. Allah gave them that protection in the time of the jar. The jar will be that King, and he will be that person going and killing everybody who believes in Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, so we need to become like those young men who fled away and, in fact, our process and said that a time would come when the job is here. The Believers will run to the mountains.

They were run to Japan, running away from the dajjal, which is precisely what these young men. Did they flee to the mountains, and they sought refuge in caves? And that is precisely what Muslims will do later on. One of the trials, one of the most significant Trials of the jar, will be to control food and water.

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Allah will give him that power. What will you do when you don’t have mud and water to drink when you don’t have food to eat if you believe in The Jug, you will get that food.

And suppose you don’t believe in John. In that case, he will cause the water to stop amongst you, he will cause the Earth to go dry weather, sort of silica have seen Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala explicitly says in Nigeria and whenever and To decide on Jerusalem. We are the ones who want to make with his upon this Earth Barren and dry. We’re the ones who do that.

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So if you want to be fed, turn to me don’t turn to that the John, so the beginning of to tell calf mentions Allah was ours to dry up the Earth and not the power of the gel also, we learn here that those.

Who sought refuge in Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala paved a way out for them how perfectly the ten verses finish that Allah says in the Quran that when they sought refuge in the cave, they said a lot better acting and militant Kurama Tengu. Hey Denim, and I’m Lionel Rashida.

Where the tenth of her stops. Oh Lord, bestow your mercy upon us and help us in our Affairs. That’s precisely where the tenth verse stops. So it’s an optimistic verse notice here. What is the eleventh verse where?

We were not supposed to recite when we meet that The Jug that’s the tool that we’re only supposed to recite ten versus the eleventh verse XI versus what Allah save them by causing them to To sleep? We don’t want to be held by the job through rest.

That’s not how we’re going to be saved. The Prophet told us. We will be saying 187 Imodium comes our saving from the job will not be through sleep. So we don’t recite the 11th verse; we stopped right at the 10th, and the 10th tells us that they made dua to Allah, and Allah answer there Dora was supposed to recite those ten verses and inshallah.

We’ll talk just a little bit, only a few I am, and you don’t need to take notes because it will be put online, and you can listen to it later on. Ever the request that I have, and it is a request that we all cooperate the suggestion that we have memorized this Surah memorize this soon and make it a part of our weekly routine to recite Surat al-kahf every single Friday.

The opportunity where we’re going to go over the top seed of Gap every single day just to three I am ten minutes and then the next day. We’ll continue our goal every day. We do one or two. I am and shall all of us together. Let us memorize them. So that by the time we The month Insha’Allah, we would have learned all the certificate have and also understand it in a manner that when we recited on Friday,


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