Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems
Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

I want to explain to you a Surah Ikhlas that every one of you has memorized. It is perhaps your first Surah that you have memorized in the Quran. Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. to leave class that short Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. that is a Surah that perhaps your mother. Or father taught it to you the very first Surah, and you and I both love this Surah because it is so short and sweet and And our Prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam. Do you know what he said even though it is one of the shortest Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. in the Quran and students had a class? I mean bull who Allah who I had Allah whose Summit let me lead.

Well, I’m you had one of your Kula Guru, and I had this is called Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. our Prophet Muhammad. Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Do you know what he said about this Surah? He said I swear by Allah this Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. is equal to 1/3 of the Quran in the highlighted route Al-Quran. Now, what do I mean? It equals one-third of the Quran.

Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation Solves all problems

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need the rest of the Quran if you recite the Sutra three times. No, it means blessings in reward. It is equal to one-third of the Quran, obviously, in meaning, every idea has a beautiful meaning that no other idea has, and no one Ayah can substitute for another but in blessings.

surah ikhlas transliteration

Today, class, the small Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. will give you the blessings of one-third of the Quran, and this is because our Scholars say The Quran is divided into three primary areas or contents one. Third of the Quran deals with Allah and his names and attributes:

Allah summarized in class one. Third of the Quran deals with Halal Haram’s laws eating and drinking prayers that God or Madan that’s 1/3 of the Quran. Then 1/3 of the Quran that deals with Heaven and Hell and the stories of the prophets. Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. Therefore, 1/3 is Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, 1/3 is the laws, and 1/3 is the cause of the past the future, which is heaven and hell and the stories of the previous prophets.

So Su de Todas las it substitutes for one-third of the Quran’s meaning, and this beautiful Surah was revealed very early on in Makkah. When one of the other tribes’ leaders heard that our Prophet Muhammad saw some had a new religion and went to him.

And he said o Muhammad saw Salem witch God, are you calling to what is this new religion? So our Prophet SAS said I’m said Allah, so this better when he didn’t know any better.

Surah ikhlas, surah al-ikhlas

He said to describe this God to me is he made out of gold or silver or is he mailed out of copper or wood which God is this because these people worship what they worship idols and these Idols they would carve them with their own hands. and they would make images describe this God to me. Is he like a falcon with The head of a lion and the body over this? Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. What is this God that you’re worshiping? So his mind is Bedouin tribesmen. He cannot understand a God that you do not carve an idol that you do not make out of would make out of iron make out of gold.

So I said, what is he made? Who is his father? Because they would have gods that have lineages and study any mythical religion, the Romans, the ancient Greeks, the Hindu religions have a whole family of gods this contact. Their culture. So the man is saying, what is his Nessa? Where is his lineage? So Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala revealed in response to this question Surat al-ikhlas. He revealed Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. all who Allahu Ahad Allah whose Summit let me read one amulet.

Well, I’m yaqula. Lahu Kun ahead. Before we move on, one of the beautiful points is that my dear brothers and sisters, it is Allah’s wisdom that he has chosen two suitors of the Quran and two suitors of the Quran. Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. Especially that have become the most popular amongst all Muslims around the world.

And these two suitors are the ones that even as young children when we start memorizing the Quran, our parents teach these two sources to us before any other Surah,

Even as we grow up, most of us stick to these two rows even as adults, telling Catherine Suh to return to class. It is hardly possible that a day goes by except that mashallah to Baba Khalid, the bulk of our Surah Ikhlas Benefits Meaning Explanation. consists of a class and culture after Fatiha.

And if you look at the content of these tours and it is not a coincidence that Allah has written for these suitors’ acceptance. Yes, it is true. Perhaps we love them for the wrong reason that is so small. But even in this, there are blessings that Allah knows that most of the Muslims are not going to recite baccarat in their Salah and so La choza Surah to sora’s that complement one another.

Surah ikhlas full, surah ikhlas arabic

And these two sorts of as we said our coats are and Applause now consider a cell culture in a technical culture for suddenly Rebecca. One her in the shiny Ahuja up do this Surah is defending the honor of the Prophet Muhammad. Sallallahu alehiwassallaam. And in class is defending the honor of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala in class and coaster put together or our religion La ilaha.

Illa Allah Muhammad. Rasulullah, sura. Talia class is all about the Perfection of Allah through the Telco third is all about the Perfection of our Prophet Muhammad. Sallallahu alehiwassallaam. And these two suitors are the most beloved sutras too young and old to man and women to practicing and non-practicing.

Everybody knows everybody memorizes. Everybody loves these surahs, and even in this, there’s wisdom from up there that if Klaus and co-author complement one another, my dear brothers and sisters.

Do you know that Sudha teleclass was the Surah that our System ready as soon as he woke up, and it is the last Surah he had before going to sleep? How so because what is the first prayer that you pray as soon as a practicing good Muslim wakes up?

He’s supposed to pray the Fajr prayer, but before the fall of the freezer, there’s two soon as of the future, right and what did our profit system make it a habit to pray in the too soon has a fragile Surat al-ikhlas inserted caffeine as soon as he woke up for Salat al-fajr. You have to record. You have to pray he made it our Sunnah and to this day. It is the Sunnah that the Muslim wakes up. He does. Whoo, and he prays to ricotta soon.

What does he pray in those two rakahs Surat al-kahf our students in the class? The night’s last prayer is with Ursula and our professors and would recite Surah Today cl in with Ursula. So it is as if a class begins today and in class and the day not only this our profits are some would recite in class.

And after he would do the tawaf, he would pray 2 Rakat and in that two ricotta, once again in clause capital so soon as Ellis Ross is a Surah that our professors and recited many times.

He made it a Sunnah to recite to us day in and day out literally a day in and day out, and the meanings of the Surah are intense and profound and will la he Give hours and hours of lectures about just rooted in class, but we only have 15 minutes.

Let us summarize some of the Surah you and wet you, and we can understand, my dear brothers and sisters, this small Surah, despite its size, is. It summarizes for us our relationship with Allah. It summarizes for us what we believe about Allah.

surah ikhlas tilawat

It summarizes what makes Islam different from every other religion in this world. What is our unique selling point by their brothers and sisters? What makes us different it’s our concept of our God. If you look at any other religion, they have a different concept of God, and we disagree with that concept. We say Allah is unique. Nothing like him. We say, Allah. Azzawajal is a summit.

He doesn’t need anything. Everybody needs him, and we say he doesn’t have children nor begotten, and there is nothing like unto him this beautiful summary of Our Lord is why suited her class is so beautiful, and we conclude the first hot.

Ava, by mentioning one of the sweetest a Hadith about so today class and it is a Hadith in which a companion of our prophets Allah sent him. He would lead the prayer. Every time he would lead the prayer, he would recite Surat al-ikhlas, recite Fatiha, and then in class, and then move on to another Surah until somebody in the audience got irritated. Another Masjid in the lifetime of the process of Faraway must do outside of Medina.

So another companion got irritated. He said, why do you always recite a class in every single raqqa the man? I felt I didn’t want to answer because I’m not going to answer you, but this is my habit. I’m going to recite a floss somebody else complaint.

And he said, look, if you want another Imam, that’s fine, but I will always recite across. Every Rock I that’s my methodology my style eventually complained to the Prophet Muhammad saw him he want to him in Medina. He said ya rasoolallah. Our Imam has been appointed in every single Rekha after Fatiha. His resides is lost. Then he moves on to a longer sir. Itís not that if you only recited the club, he moves on to a longer soon.

So now the profit system said to tell him I am asking him. Why is he doing that? He can’t say no to the processor. Tell him I am asking him. Why is he doing that? So they went, and they said the Prophet Muhammad saw said his asking you why do you recite Surat al-ikhlas now he cannot get out of it.

So he says because it class suited in class describes my Lord, I love to read him. It’s because it suits my Lord, and I love to read his descriptions when they went back, and they told the process in his response. He said to go back and tell the man that his pseudo teleclass love has caused him to enter Jannah.


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