Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul

I look at you in the height of your eyes; Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. the sight has now appeared with Azim Azim and Councilor stipend. Today’s compensation is a stipend of four families, so powerful is the stipend that the disease has been treated as incurable even by a doctor. And from a prominent doctor. Even if you have raised your hand from any dangerous disease, then today’s stipend, a 3-day paycheck, you have to do this time for three days Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. continuously.

Inshallah from this time of 3 days, if you have any most significant disease or little thinking. It is not a disease that sister brothers are such people who have pain in their head all the time. Apart from this, Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. my friends whose guru has pain in their joints, requesting them that you should not benefit this time today.

Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefits four kul

May your city benefit from their life Farooq A Azam has a Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Salla Vasallam has recited with the Prophet Karim Sallallaho on occasion said, Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. I swear that I have the master in whose possession I have whatever incurable disease from this time on which there is no cure in this world? So Allah Taqarak and Ta’ala Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa will take the seat of the person of Salla, and his disease will be finished from the root. Interestingly, the stipend is also the stipend of Allah Taqaraq and the beloved Kalam of Tala, Yanni Quran. The Shifa Sadhvi Allah Rabbul is a matter of respect for Allah Quran.

After all, it is also a significant and very beneficial stipend. Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. After all, the compensation is a hand of my and your beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Salla Walellam. After all, I am involved in dangerous diseases and stay in bed all the time. Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. We should pray to Allah Tarak and Tala that disease should not be given to anyone by Allah Pak. As long as the person goes into the condition, then his family will hate him. Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. It is man’s nature that he continually gets upset after seeing the diseases, such as a brother whose Valdain is ill, and he has spent thousands but millions of rupees on his Valdain’s condition.

And no one can get him far. I do not see such a house that there will be murders from their values, then for such sister brothers, I can say with a claim that today’s stipend is too much for you and also many compensations, it can be said that today’s settlement is for them. Such a beautiful gift for all the patients; Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. it is a gift of the way and explains why.

It has been because today, this practice is the beautiful practice of our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa Sallallaho Vasallam, and who did this is Farooq-e-Azam, who is also called Al Farooq was born Bhima when he accepted Islam everywhere. Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. Salute began to dominate, and when he accepted Islam after he confessed to Islam, the most prominent cave road, the fruits of the big ones, started to be very much from you. Such a great laugh; you will get this stipulation from Salla Walla Vasallam.

You are the first to speak about Sun Fatiha, i.e. Alhamdu Sharif, the prophet Salla Vasallam told Irshad that the entire Qur’an is recorded in Pakistan if all those things are not left in place of the mother instead of all those seats. She becomes Surah Fatiha; first of all, you have to read Surah Fatiha seventeen times.

So you have been blessed that a man once descended from a ride in front of another man of Prophet Karim Sallallaho Vasallam, then you got lakhs of salam. Looked at that person and started asking, “Hey, guys, can I call you Quran and Majid?”

Don’t tell me about most of who said it or Rasulallah Sallallahu Aleah Wasallam; Surah 4 Meaning Explanation Benefit four kul. you must tell me. You, Laila Holi, sir, read that combat Alhamdu Sharif will destroy Bhagashree’s dangerous and such disease encamped in your house. We suggest to you how to feel like today; first of all, you have to try, do you have first to arrange rainwater.

You have to take the time which is clean and clean in a bowl and on it 70 times seven times you have to read your Surah Fatiha, for that you do not care about it, except you do not have any time apart from this time, you do not have to kill this time for three days.

First of all, you have to read Surya Fatiha, after that, you have a beautiful man, you have read Surah Ikhlas Anni Kulla Vallah, Ahead, you have to read seventy times, with this you have not spent all time on Ayatul Kursi. The chair is one of the infinitely many verses of the Quran-e-Pak.

Three clans are made, the first one will be opened, then you have to fill your own, the second is the total number of Rabbish perish and the third is the total number of Rabbil flak, these three have to read one topic and count it as one of their own and so on.

You have to complete it, i.e., Kuluju B Rabbil Nashua Kulju B Rabbil Flak Mukul Jalaik. After studying them, you have to make one, and likewise,e you have completed the number of 70 months wise.

When you get ready, then the rainwater is But first of all, you do sorrow and after that raise your hands in Allah’s blessings and pray that or Allah will make this patient good for you or you are the ones who give abhisheka and remember that when you start doing this With all your heart and with full faith.

As if you have time to take the rainwater in the lotus, first of all, you have seventy thousand surah Fatiha, seventy-seven, surah ikhlas, and seventy and seventy oblong chairs. With this, you have read 70 men in total, three. If you want to overpower water, now a lot of sister brothers cannot have rainwater.

You have Shish Have to take rainwater because rainwater is very much parked if you can get water from the village, it is a perfect thing, but despite millions of efforts, if the rainwater is not coming to you.

Then it’s After this you have to do that you have to take any good branded water bottle from the market, which is also some clean water, you have to suppress that water. Remember that the attack you carried out on your 1st day, on the second day, too, you have to execute his time and work.

By implementing that water, where the patient drinks water, instead, all the household calls and you include this water in the caller wherever you are and three consecutive days this time. Keep on doing, and devotees welcome,

even the whole family should use the water. Patients will try to give more water; they should not be sent because it is very sinful water and the water with the whole heart and the entire team. Together, that water should be photographed and barked, and it increases more, so you should also do good work with a sincere heart. We will also pray for you.

That Allah Tarabak and Tala from your house, if you have any problem, is worth some disease, then that Allah Taraka and Tala will give away their karma by chance.

What happens with reading all four kul

Today we will tell you that what we have benefited from reading Charo Kul Sharif. Have you noticed that those who read Quran Sharif or two people who also read Quran Sharif are Muslims, then they remember this four Kul Sharif necessarily, i.e., Kul or Ayyuhal Kafirun And the total is ah cooler

Wala Coolers always do Namaz, all the four times. If there is anything, they save someone by reading all four Kul Sharifs or for their benefit, and they should always read it, that the flaws are down We will tell you that you will be pleased to know Allah. You will be happy, and you will be thrilled to know, then day and night, we will tell you what happens when you read Charo Kul Sharif. Sharif can read if you remember.

Even if you do not remember it, you should place it minimal and negligible rectangle Surah, which will benefit you, Insha Allah Tabarak, and lock if you have read in the shop asking for blessings. After you move, the lock and lock will be beneficial in your shops.

If you are falling in your house, it will not be in the house either, where it is done at the place you have studied or travel somewhere. If it is there, you will go out after reading it when you will read it in your journey. People There are those where somewhere where their work stops.

Then even if you read these four Kul Sharif, Insha Allah, the lock and lock will be your stalled work in the best way, that work will be yours in the best way, and Nazrin where Wherever you stayed. Whatever place you were in trouble, whatever the situation, you will ask for blessings from Allah Talaq.

And lock all the Kul Sharif. You will ask for blessings from Allah Tala. Do it definitely and tell your brothers, sisters, and family members to follow it; give you many questions that will be accepted very soon. First, you ask for others and then ask for your will to Allah Lock it will soon be acceptable for you.

Muslim remembers concerning peace

Friends, Suraj Kuran Pak, have been done, which every Muslim remembers concerning peace, and those who do not reflect the rest of the Quran Pak, salute the same in every Namaz prayer very quickly. But from the point of view of the post-oil, Surat will die in some Surat, which is also Muktsar and, yes, of such a crop.

Dear friends, we cannot even think about the kindness that Allah has on us. Allah Ta’ala has left the doors of his thousands open to humans and especially to Muslims, whose hearts can be looted as much as they can from the mines of Allah. But regret that today’s Muslims are behind all the world’s things to gather the last breath and are oblivious to the fact that Allah Ta’ala is such a big prize on this tiny animal.

And the friends Hadith in the Hadith, Surah Ikhlas, said that the Imam Ahmad Rafi daughter-in-law Hazrat Anas Razi Allah Tala Anu. has told that a person Rasulullah Sallallahu Alehi was present at the cost of Vasallam, and he said that I have a great love for my father-in-law, Surah Ikhlas. Vasallam said that.

Its love has made you enter Paradise. In a similar ritual, Ibn Kasir and Ayodhya Ayesha Razi Allah Ta’ala Anha narrate that the Prophet Akalla Sallallahu Alehi Vassallam sent a man rich in Lashkar. So he The pendants had to offer Namaz, and in it, when they returned, the total number of hullahahu ahad would be there.

When they returned, they looked at it with the prophet Akram Sallallahu Alehi Walsall. So he replied because from whom is this verse Rahman and I like to read it, then the Prophet Sallallahu Alehi Walsall asked to tell him that Allah Ta’ala also loves him.

How easy it is to get Nazar Jannat admission, this Muktasar should be loved with Surat, this Surat should be exercised, this Surat should be read in the moist eyes, and if it is spoken like this without Namaz.

Then Allah will give Jannat ata and friends. Be aware that this is the kind that almost every Muslim remembers. Chat And every elder should remember that the person should be born from Surat to understand the blood in Surat’s demands. I loved Allah, and the one who got the love of Allah got everything. Friends, Chirmi Ji, has told Hazrat Abu Huraira Razi Allah Ta’ala Anha.

That after a time, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alehi, Vasallam, asked the people to collect all. I will tell you one-third Quran which could have been deposited, then you brought Tashreef and said the total number of Allah, Allah Ahad, i.e., Surah Ikhlas and Irshad said that this Surat is equal to one-third of Quran.

From one point in time to this Chief Secretary, Surat, Allah Ata is making a third priest’s promise. After reading three times, Goya is responsible for the entire Quranic story, and remember that you will get maximum t in reading this three times. It does not take even 2 minutes, but despite this, love with our world has given us a thing.

We have done it very far or else our work is such that in which our tongue is changed, as we can make our way to this stage while traveling in the car or any other work which is done by hand I can read Surat during this time,

but alas, even in such a situation, the world is worried about our hearts and minds, but if it is said that Namaz, which is the name of Allah, during this time, there will be a world in our hearts and minds. If you do not know the value of the goods after tomorrow’s death, then you will regret it, but that regret will not be of any use.

This Surat’s exercise should make its value, and dear friends come to cover its crop in your hands. Explains what Hazrat Ali Razi Allahu Tala Anu read about the sun before the sun starts. Economics Maya says that Hazrat Ali Razi Allah Tala is Anu’s call that the person.

Who read Suresh Corpse 4 times before the sun goes out And again if Surat asks the blessing of a woman from his family, whatever benefits he asks of Allah will be accepted. Hey, Whenever you ask for prayers, then how easy it is to consume friends, for which we are often troubled.

We complain that the prayer is not accepted, and often, the Nazirins ask us the question of confession.n If the Wazifa Amal is to be told, then all such sisters and brothers can resign from this call and can ask for their help from Allah from this free will,

in the Hadith quoting friends, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alehi Wale Wastallam, He said that if the person reads the morning and evening total of Huallahu Ahad and Mahabharata there, then it is enough for him and he is in a marriage.

It is enough to protect him from every problem, elder brother; you have a friend, the mill whose benefit is on the day of Allah. If I am in it, then think that that person cannot need anything else without Mirchi Allah Taala Anu narrates that I was with the prophet Akram Sallallahu Alehi Walsall. Show such a condition that neither the night nor the scripture nor definitely and not in the Durkan is their missile.

Have you read them every night? They are like Kul Hu Allah Hu Ahad Allahu Dubey Rabbil Falak and Kuluju B Rabbil perish and say that until that night, neither of these three fellowships is Kul Vallah Hoon not read Ahad. It is said that I never left him at that time.

The elder brother became such that the Prophet Akalla Sallallahu Alehi Wasallam remembers that in whose ten times the total number of Halahallu Ahad was Allah Tala makes a home for him Jannat. A married man also claims Had Hazrat Omar Razi Allah Ta’ala Anu Arjd or Rasul, or if we would have built many houses for ourselves in Jannat, then the beloved Aqa Sallallaho was the only one who gave the verdict.

Of course,e Allah Ta’ala is even more Ata Firma in another ritual Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa Razi Allah Ta’ala Anha narrates that every night. when Nabi Akram Sallallahu Alehi Walsallam brought Tasharif to bed, Kul Hu Allah Hu Ahad and Kul कुलuzu B Rabbil Phalāk and Kul जूuzu B Rabbil Nash, and blow on both of their palms.

And starting from the face, as far as the hand goes on your body, give it three times in a big way. Brother Right Bukhari and one in the other’s mind who intend to sleep chak and have slept on the side, when the sun falls on the sun when the doomsday will come, Allah will lock the lock. Instead of knowing about the Loafer Wife.

How can you resign from this lovely Muktasar Surat, so make Surat your case from today, as much as the message has been told? Whether before the sun starts or the night, Invite all the Amal to Prema before bed and expect Allah its fruit and help? May Allah bless us with the blessings of Amal.

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