When the Warriors played the Grizzlies in the first round of last year’s playoffs, they faced an uphill battle from the 

very start. The injuries to Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes put the Warriors at a disadvantage against the 

tough-as-nails Memphis squad. If Game 1 was any indication, this year’s Warriors have their work cut out for 

them again, because their starting power forward Draymond Green was ejected in the third quarter after 

receiving two technical fouls. The Warriors held a 62-45 lead with 8:10 remaining in Game 2 before Draymond 

Green was ejected, and still managed to survive. It’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to do that without Green, but even

if they can, we might see them work harder on their offensive execution. Perhaps that would be enough to keep

them ahead of a Grizzlies team that has been impressive defensively, but not enough so as to prevent Golden State

from winning two more games at home. After spending most of his first six playoff games looking like he’d never 

played basketball before, Kevon Looney did some amazing things for Golden State in Game 2 against 

Memphis. With Draymond Green out for what is likely going to be one game, it will fall on Looney and his 

growing array of post moves to keep things moving offensively for Golden State. In Monday night’s game 

between Warriors and Grizzlies, there were many moments when things seemed to go south for Kevin Durant & Co.,