San Francisco 49ers 2022 NFL

The San Francisco 49ers Build Depth in the 2022 NFL Draft. The San Francisco 49ers 2022 NFL Draft was 

back-loaded, with few top round picks to grab immediate impact players. However, with their nine

picks, six of which came in the fourth round or later, the 49ers built depth in needed positions. They opted

for role-specific positions, allowing them to build team cohesion and save money by using less 

specialized roles that can be filled by several players rather than one highly paid specialist. The San 

Francisco 49ers spent their nine picks on players who would fill specific roles. But before getting into how 

and why that happened, it's important to understand just how well-stocked San Francisco was at some of 

those positions going into last week. For example, they already had a solid quarterback in Jimmy 

Garoppolo, who averaged 276 yards per game while throwing 22 touchdowns and eight interceptions 

through his first four starts with San Francisco. This gave them a significant leg up when it came to 

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