Carla Morrison Gets Honest Music Industry

Carla Morrison Gets Honest Music Industry, After walking away from the music industry to pursue other interests and opportunities, 

popular Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison has returned with her new EP, Mientras Tú Dormías (While You Were Sleeping). The 6-

track release marks her return to the limelight after 4 years of absence, and it definitely feels like she never left. Mientras Tú 

Dormías proves that Carla Morrison still has plenty of bite left in her, as she sings about love, longing, grief, and loss in an honest and

By Mimi Ramirez As I sat down with Carla Morrison at her favorite bar in New York City, a certain feeling of warmth and familiarity

came over me. It didn’t matter that I had never met her before, but it seemed like we were old friends catching up. She was attentive and

candid as she spoke about leaving her career as a musician behind to pursue a different dream. She smiled when I asked if there was ever 

any hesitation to walk away from something that she dedicated years of her life to. I felt empowered by my decision, she said of leaving 

Mexico City for New York and pursuing a career as an actress after years singing in punk bands and recording underground albums in 

The story goes back to 2006, when then-21-year-old Carla was already a rising star in Mexican rock music. She made a name for