Britney Spears

Britney Spears Wants a Unique Conversation With Drew Barrymore. A new report claims that Britney Spears is looking to have some 

unique conversations on her new talk show, and Drew Barrymore has expressed interest in interviewing the pop starlet on her program,

Drew Barrymore’s New Talk Show. In a recent interview with writer Rebecca Rubin for Variety Magazine, Drew revealed that she hopes

to have Britney as one of her guests when the show premieres next year. She even admitted that she would like to move beyond the 

tabloid fodder and really ask about what makes her tick. Barrymore’s interview with Spears would differ from a typical talk show 

appearance, as Barrymore has expressed her desire to have a more genuine conversation with Spears. The actress and producer told 

Variety that her show is intended to be more of a place where we can have a unique conversation that you would not normally get in 

one of these interviews. Barrymore goes on to say that she aims for people to be able to view her talk show as an outlet for celebrities

and entertainment figures who are looking for a place in which they can reflect on their lives, careers, and futures without being pushed 

into responding in certain ways. For Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore might just be exactly what she needs! It's unclear whether or not 

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