Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams

Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams
Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams

I will give Jumla Talwa and locks work for later. Before reading the exam paper, read this Do Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. work and then start writing inside the Exam before reading the article. you will read Bismillahirrahmanirrahim al alhamdulillah only Rabbul Alameen Assalatu Wasallamu Alaika or Rasul tall wala Ali’s wedding or Habib Allah Sallallaho Talaa Alehi Wasallam to start reading Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. what the paper is and then start writing so that your A.

1- Rabbi Inni Maghalubun saint 100 times before going to the exams.

2- Fajar Namaz After praying Surah Yasin after praying.

3- your visit after reading Surah Yasin.

4- then for the success of 2 Rakat Namaz Salatul Hajat before going to the exams

Karim Sallallaho Ta’ala Alehi Wasallam gave Irshad the beginning of the work, Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. which Bismillah or Allah’s blessing may read. If Allah reminds you of the things spoken by Tala Duru Sharif, then do this thing. Allah would like to have all of his Habib Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Because of it, Allah will surely give you the blessings of Allah.

Do read these Powerful prayers before giving exams

Rasulallah Sallallahu Alehi Vasallam replied that the Risia background cries all the time for success, get successful in this project too. Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. I may be successful, and sometimes I am born by giving the bribe and commissioning work. Dipped in his training career, or else he would be right to talk about the holiday, he would be right.

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I have been told in the Puranas, dua before the exam, take a bath, Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. do whatever you can to earn blessings. May Allah bless you! Allah’s Rasool discussed the goats who do not come to the big college today,

Which caller is the nearest to work, Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. how many matches have they done Namaz, leave it is time for Namaz, people reached the shop and also said If you do hurry, dua for success, it is the work of people who do not get food, then in front of Allah, we take in two looks of Rola, Jahnam plant today or tomorrow.

My beloved brothers and sisters. It’s great to be talking to you. And as you know, we all have examinations in life different types of analyses. Each one has to try very hard, as you know, in a setup where there is a school or University at the end of every semester to semester or two.

Responsibilities for Exam Success Imtihan Me Kamyabi

Him, you would have some examinations to qualify you to get to the next level. And as you progress in life, the studies become more complicated, Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. and you would know that without working. dua for tests dua for exams, We don’t achieve we know the standard saying man jet GG the whoever works very hard. We’ll see the fruit of that particular work. Like we have, people fail because they did not work hard or did not understand that the examination would become more difficult.

We will have more and more tests, and they become more and more difficult until we meet with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, and this is why the prophet salallahu Selim was told what abood Rebecca had typically 18 worship you rub until death overtakes you worship your job until the end right up to the end. Keep on worshipping continue. Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. Do not stop. Do not pause.

Dua for tests

dua for tests. Do not lose. Hope Fact progress and becomes stronger and stronger. If you look at some of the other verses of the Quran, Read these Powerful Dua before giving exams. Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala mentions Factiva Ferrata fansub. What you’ll Arabic affordable, you know dua for studying, what Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam delivering the message.

It was not easy, and it wasn’t easy. Faced so many challenges, continued and persevered twenty-three whole years of nabuwa. Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala says when you have soup Han Allah subhana Allah, you know the achievement that Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala granted him Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala would give each person achievement according to his will.

But they are also connected to the effort that that particular person makes if we were to give up. Suddenly, we would never be able to achieve even Jenna. Imagine a person who reads Salah for 70 years and suddenly the last year just before they die. They give up their salad are throwing the blanket, and say that’s it.

Such a person has been mentioned in the Hadith of Rasulullah solemn where a person could be worshiping Allah for so many years. Right at the end, they turn so they are cast into Hell-Fire, and the person could be disobedient for so many years and right at the end.

They worship Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala turn back to him, so they will be from those who go to paradise. So we need to know that to give up. You don’t see how close you are to the end.

Imagine a person digging a tunnel for Ample, and right when they are near the end, and they suddenly give up thinking that you know what? dua for students, I don’t know how long this is going to carry on the forehead. They carried on for a minute longer. They would have broken through. So with us, we need to continue to fulfil your Salah progress development. Don’t think for a moment that life is going to become any more comfortable.

Prayers for exams success

The only thing that will happen is developing the link with Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, and we become more content. We understand the nature of the world. We know the heart of the Tests of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, so we enjoy going through them in the sense that we are content.

We are happy with the decree of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, so my brothers and sisters, not only do I say work hard to achieve here in the Dunya, and may Allah bless you and grant you success in these examinations.

But even in the era, we ask Allah to bless you to open your doors to prepare for the Acura. It’s not an easy task. But with the Hope in the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, things will be made easy and at the same. Same time with the constant preparation without giving up.

Hope never giving up, never say no, never throw in the towel by the will of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala we will achieve. We will reach Great Heights or Sallallahu wasallam or Baraka Allah nabim Muhammad. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Implement it, and Inshallah success is the biggest thing that comes in your footsteps, that hard work is as hard as you can work, as hard as you can be, nothing can be left in this world for everyone who will work hard If that is your job, you have to work hard as much as possible.

The second thing that you can do is to use the prohibition of Namaz, especially as many of the soles are as many as the students say ‘Namaz Namaz’ and pray after their crops.

Do not leave for the test’s success because Allah can do everything you want to accelerate our Jainism. It is the job of Allah to remind us of this lesson. It is also the will of Allah. Allah is in the love of Allah, as many prayers as possible, All the three things of Namaz.

Prayer before studying

You have to do that whenever you have to sit reading or whatever is there in the whole day, Rabbi Inni Maghalubun saint is just like a verse from the Quran, or I am weak, I am Mumtaz, you help me.

You have to read a hundred times from Rabid Ini Ulfat, the verse of Majeed, anytime in the whole day and read with the rule that Allah I am weak, I am fascinated, without your help I cannot achieve anything without your help.

I can not even achieve you; I want to read this prayer and continue the process of your studies, and when you start, what should you do every morning for 2 Rakat Namaz in the morning, first of all, to do Fajar Namaz? After praying Surah Yasin after praying, do your visit after reading Surah Yasin.

And do whatever it is and when you leave from home, then for the success of 2 Rakat Namaz Salatul Hajat Exam, read all three things to do. I told you to do win, success, and success come in your footsteps. If y; if hard work cannot be done, then number 1 work hard number two. J

Use Namaz and pray after prayer Namaz Rabbi Inni Maghalubun of number 3 read the short dua daily keeping the success of your purpose in the sand and the last time I told you that when the Exam starts So do your preparations after Surah Yasin and Surah Yasin after the prayers of Fajr and when you get out of the house.

Then for the success of the 2 Rakat Namaz Salatul Hajat Exam, you should go out and do just that; inshallah, you will succeed, and any power of the world will follow. It can’t stop you from growing.


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