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Prophet Muhammad Quotes

Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future. They teach not by that which is near to them nor in that which is far away, they teach in what is in their hearts. The meaning of the concept of Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future is the union of knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and vision.

He is a great saint, one of the greatest prophetic figures who is with Allah. He brought forth His book about His Oneness and promise and did not lie. He is a great guide, he cannot lie.

This Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future made the human race proud that they have him as their guide and the last of Prophets. He foretold that there will come a time that the people will seek guidance from their heart not from their intellect and an authentic source will not be useful to people.

He also established the principle of voluntary and non-voluntary war. He did not harm anyone except his enemy who did no wrong to him. He killed to win the hearts of the people, Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, and he would kill if someone whom he loved and took care of, was harmed. He could live at ease with weak-minded people and a very fierce enemy. He was a person who knows the secrets of himself.

Prophet Muhammad had said:

Whoever disbelieves in the Prophet after him, is regarded as a Kafir (Unbeliever). (Tirmidhi)

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To Him belong the pure breasts of the Believers, and He gives you the victory, and to Him belongs the gulfs of Paradise and the garden of the Unseen. (Muslim)

Islam is one religion. There is no other religion but Islam. There is no God except Allah and the Qur’an is his speech, and his revelations are with it.

If you seek refuge in Allah, He will grant you refuge. (Qur’an 1:11)

Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future

Prophet Muhammad also said:

“If you obey Allah and the Messenger, He will surely forgive your sins and bless you with good,” (Muslim)

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The best thing for man is to be a good Muslim and to have strong faith in Allah. (Qur’an 9:26)

Prophet Muhammad also said:

I am telling you (O mankind) that you are but cattle and that we are but cattle-feeders. (Qur’an 59:6)

If you obey Allah and the Messenger, it will only be a matter of days before you come to Paradise. You will not ask for a long period. It will be with a sense of urgency. (Qur’an 33:52)

Finally, the Messenger of Allah says:

O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future. Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the one who is the most truthful.” (Qur’an 1:27) As for the people, they know not, but whoever rejects faith is truly doomed. (Qur’an 33:56)

What is Prophet Muhammad Quotes About patience?

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Quran 5:24 “And do not let the wrongdoers prevail; ever be patient and empathetic to the wronged, and keep allowing the misguided ones; surely Allah loves the doers of good.

“Indeed, Allah loves the doers of good; but if they turn away from their evil, Allah has no liking for them.

“Indeed, Allah does not delight in the wrongdoing of the believer and does not favor wrongdoing (in their affairs). Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, And Allah is never pleased with the wrongdoers, and Allah will never forgive them until they repent.”

  1. Allah is Full of Love!
  2. Alif, raihillahiil –

It is also good to remember the ‘Sayyid’ of Islam – Allah blesses him and grants him peace. He will only give His blessings to a person who used his intellect and heart, irrespective of any qualms or ‘shade’!

I had the privilege to meet him and ask him about one of the most common concepts that a lot of people have become stuck with- ‘Meaning of patience’. This idea is so deeply embedded in their psyche that they are like prisoners in a net – they’re constantly fighting with it.

“What is the meaning of patience?” I asked.

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With a big smile on his face, Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, he answered in his usual gentle voice, “For one to become patient means a mental change in the person.”

“What is it then that you mean by mental change?” I probed further.

He thought for a while and then said, “The first thing is to identify what is causing the problem. What has gone wrong with you that you feel so bad? What are your challenges, which prevent you from achieving your goals?”

“How is it that I’ve been tempted to do things that I have been told are wrong?” I asked, keenly interested to know how a person could be conformed to Islam when he has been rebelling against it for his whole life.

“So it is necessary to go back and look at why you have been rebelling against Islam. Why are you doing these things? Why are you doing these actions? Why do you oppose others and do all the bad things?”

“First of all, you need to check your understanding of Islam – what has been promoted about it? What’s right and wrong? And what’s a just way?” After a few minutes, he concluded, “Well, before I tell you the answer, we need to go back to the beginning of Islam.

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To answer the question of who we are, Islam tells us that we are created by Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are both creations of Allah, but one was created first. Allah brought him into the world from a place where there was no need for him to bring anything, and he only knew about pure knowledge. Adam was also born into a sinless world. God left the garden and told him not to disobey Him. This is the first question of Islam.

The next question is ‘Who are you?’ Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, That means, who are you? How do you stand in this world, in the eyes of Allah? And how are you in the world of this world?”

“Finally, Adam said to God, ‘I’ve heard your word and I’ve obeyed it.’ And that was the point of his personality change. As we all know, once Adam submitted, he started getting angry. He became angry at the world and then lost control. He started to eat animals that Allah had forbidden.

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He and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge – they became morally corrupt. They misused and abused their intelligence. They did wicked things and were distracted from studying the Quran. Their lives became a torment to them.

And so began the story of Adam and Eve. And as we have seen, Adam and Eve had the same color skin – it’s there in the story. Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future. So what is it with people? They have the same color skin as Adam and Eve; they also think alike. So they are at fault, too. Even their thinking, their actions are similar.”

“How?” I asked, “How are we in the same boat with them?”

“When I talk of Islam I mean a complete submission of one’s thoughts, emotions, and mind to the Will of God. The Will of God can be found in the Quran. It’s not a myth or some ancient notion. The existence of God can be proven from the Quran. So you need to identify what is it that has caused you to act in the ways that you have, what is the cause that has caused you to commit evil?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Yes, I can see that is a problem.”

He then told me something that shocked me. He said, “Islam teaches that the origins of the world and the first causes are He and His creation; Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, and that all things come from Him. So the world and all things came from Allah, who created Adam and Eve.”

“How do I know that?” I asked, confused. “How do I know that the first cause and the origin of the world are God and His creation?”

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He continued, “Have you read the story of Qaynuqa? Qaynuqa lived in Mecca, where he was the guardian of the Ka’bah (Great Mosque).

He was a pagan. When Allah, in the month of Ramadan, commanded the believers to pray in the direction of the Ka’bah, Qaynuqa said to them, ‘Don’t go to the Ka’bah, you will be dead if you do. It is so that you may learn obedience.’

Allah told him, ‘Do you think that we are foolish and ignorant? Do you think that you are more intelligent than Me? Did you see it and say to Me, ‘Can I enter that house’? I have created this house for you in the day of ignorance, and for you, I sent My angel. I am Allah, the Lord of all creation, who created the heavens and the earth and placed all things under you.

How can you have the delusion that I am a man, I am unable to create something? If you do not go to the Ka’bah, you will be given to My angels, they will sacrifice you to Me. I created you not to worship Me but to worship My angels. You must obey them.’

Qaynuqa went to the Ka’bah and took off his clothes. He said, ‘I will put on a garment that Allah created for Me and I will go to the Ka’bah.’ He got naked and made his way towards the Ka’bah. He reached out and took the stone (on which the Ka’bah was built) from its center. He said, ‘I will remove this stone from its center and I will offer it to the Lord of Creation.’ He put the stone back and kept his clothes on. That is why Muslims do not dress naked while praying in mosques.

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Allah then told him, ‘Go back and tell My servants that they are not to make themselves closer to Me or I will punish them and that you are to go to the Ka’bah and do what you have been told.’ So he did what Allah commanded him to do. And he came back to the Ka’bah and laid down.

He then went away and Adam came up to him and said, ‘Oh what are you doing?’ Qaynuqa said, ‘I am putting a garment on myself so that I can pray.’ Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, Adam then said, ‘Why don’t you just keep your clothes on, since you are going to the Ka’bah?’

Qaynuqa said, ‘I don’t want to put on anything that Allah has made.’ So Adam told him, ‘You are not worthy to put on anything, so stay naked and do not follow us.’ So he took off his clothes. Then they went back to Adam and Eve.”

Hussain said, “Do you see the contradiction here? In the Qur’an, Allah says that he has created the universe and placed it under the control of humans, to worship Him. And in the Qur’an, we are told to avoid certain places. If we do those things, then Allah will curse us and kill us. But in reality, Allah says that we are not worthy to be seen naked, and we are forbidden to worship Him.”

When I asked him why Allah would teach Adam and Eve this contradiction, he said, “Because the story is about our ignorance. If we could just see the Ka’bah, we would know the truth. But we are incapable of seeing it.”

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He went on, “God is truly the Creator and Master of all things. God loves everything and everything loves Him. Allah is the Best of all creators, the most powerful and all-powerful creator. Adam did not invent the Ka’bah, he learned it from Adam. The Ka’bah is from Allah. Allah said, ‘Do not believe in Me if you can see Me and do not worship Me.’”

Hussain concluded, “I just wanted to tell you about the Qur’an. There is a misconception that people have in their minds that the Qur’an is a book of nice stories about the prophets and stuff. But it is a book that shows people how to behave and how to be righteous. It tells us to give to the poor and to help them.”

Nathan agreed, “Allah created humanity in ignorance so that we could be punished. God wants people to go to heaven, not hell.” Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future. Nathan then had a question for me. “What about the Christian belief that the cross is not the way to heaven?”

I said, “That belief does not contradict the belief that God made man in the beginning naked. It supports that. But it doesn’t contradict the Qur’an, because we see it in the Qur’an.”

Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future

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This is a small selection of the many quotations which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made to us about the future of the Islamic world. In these inspirational and prophetic statements, we can understand the evolution of the Islamic civilization, especially in the way of its reformation and the elimination of deviant ideologies.

Say: “There is a recurrence in human history and it seems that the future may prove to be the same as the past. Thus there is a reference to the past. God has made it so that our present age resembles the past when the world was ruled by tyranny and oppression and in ignorance, the superstitious were rulers of humankind.

And now there is a new and glorious age, new dawn, in which those who understand the greatness of God and the true religion and wisdom will rule the world, and to achieve this there will be a return to God, Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, a rediscovery of the knowledge of the truth, and a reformation of the future.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 7, Hadith 4630)

By saying that the Islamic civilization is recreating itself he was saying that Islam had attained the goal that had been set out by its founders (21).

By mentioning that ‘for the established caliphate there was a revolution’ he [Muhammad] was telling us that the Islamic movement is being taken over by new elements.

By saying that, “my religion is for the Muslims all over the world, whether in the morning, or whether in the evening” and that he was willing to die at any hour to defend his religion.

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[By saying that “I am the people, Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, and people are the cause of all violence, and it is the duty of those who possess the knowledge to bring forth good” he was reiterating the fact that man is the only guilty creature

[By saying that “this world is but a vapor which vanishes away” he was reminding us of the fact that this world is but a momentary occurrence.

[By saying that “It is not the bodies which change, but the spirit which maintains them through years” this was reminding people of the spiritual beings that man had come to know.

[By telling the Muslims that the “unrelenting force” that Allah sends is “falling like rain upon a farm in which the seed had been planted”) (42).

[By telling us that it is the “at-that we’ll-aman” (effervescence of the hearts) which serves the purpose of Allah, and not what we attribute to it which in the end is nothing, which is “something”[this was informing us of the fact that it is our hearts which serve the purpose of Allah and not what we perceive to be in them, which is in reality but a manifestation of the self which we see but as a cause of evil].


[By saying that the best help is “to struggle in the path of Allah, and to be patient, to remain patient, and to understand the great justice of Allah” which is in reality for Allah, that “a man may kill or plunder without being wronged for a single moment”.


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[By saying that there are people who will follow other ways, but then the Kharijites attacked him and they killed him and when he was dead people [who followed the wrong path] said “the Prophet has been killed” even though he had been killed by himself.

[By saying that, “even if some among you believe me while the polytheists continue to believe in their polytheism”].


[By saying that, “I live and my ancestors live, even if I am dead. I will not say “Who is my Lord?” until I leave this world.”


[By saying that, “The prayer is not obligatory for the fear of God, rather it is obligatory to pray because of Allah’s mercy.”].


[By saying that, “a man is bound by the scales of justice even if they do not weigh one-tenth of a pound, for he who does good deeds and his deeds are no worse than his enemies but are more beneficial than his friends, Prophet Muhammad Quotes About future, he is in a good position. In this case, we hold that there is justice concerning him who does good and does none bad. However, if he does bad, he is a weak and bad person, with whom no good can ever come”].


[By saying that, “The first thing to do when evil occurs in the land is to attribute it to the misconduct of the people since they are weak and broken-hearted. Thus, we are not to blame anyone or feel like we are [victims], or as if we are obligated to do anything against our will, or to fight anyone, rather we are responsible for ourselves and our families because our families are under our control”.]


[By saying that, “God is pleased with men and women who do not settle disputes with one another. He is pleased with those who seek the guidance and direction of Allah, and those who engage in acts of worship regularly.


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[By saying that, “The killing of a person who has been injured and was incapable of continuing to fight is a crime. The killing of the patient at the bedside of death, the killing of someone who has suffered illness, and the killing of a person who is injured by an infidel or Muslim is also considered sinful.”].

[By saying that, “God says, ‘It is not permissible for a Muslim to enter paradise if he has killed a person even if the killing was carried out in self-defense or if the person killed was an infidel’.


[By saying that, ‘It is not permissible for a Muslim to enter Paradise if he has committed a sin that is not one of the four sins. The other three sins are disbelief, unjust war, and theft. [So,] the person who commits one of these sins, whether it is the killing of an infidel, adultery, theft, or robbery, is not to be counted among the true believers’].


[By saying that, “The evil of killing is not limited to the fact that a person is killed, but that an innocent life has been taken. There are four circumstances in which a person can kill and not be faulted: (a) if he kills someone innocent;

I love Prophet Muhammad SAW Quotes

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Prophet Muhammad SAW Quotes And This is Why I Believe In Him. A lot of people only look at Prophet Muhammad SAW with skepticism and claim that he was a false prophet, while some think that the Prophet was a racist.

But truth is that Prophet Muhammad SAW was one of the greatest figures to ever walk this earth and if he had existed today, he would have a massive impact on all of us and how we interact with one another. So, today, I am going to tell you some of the quotes that made me love Prophet Muhammad SAW even more.


“Dedication is better than that of (your) mother.”


“Anyone who dies believing in me will enter paradise.”


“Come, do not tread on me, O children of Adam! I am but a soul and a man.”


“Who has erred? A man who has made up his mind but does not hold fast to it!”


“I have taught you so that when you are old you will not forget what you have been taught.”


“Do not be selfish. As you will not see me again, do not miss the opportunity of loving and assisting others!”


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“People spend their entire lives, and many decades, trying to build or acquire things. The greatest thing you can be is to give your life away!”


“Do not ask for permission. Make it part of your nature to be free.”


“No one has the right to impose his desires upon another.”


“One should not make fun of his parents. He should only lift his head to avoid contact, should not do so (again) to his parents, and then only if it is to give good news to his parents.”

“The root cause of all evils is not ignorance, but pride.” And the one that puts it all together. We need to be free. We all need to be free. If we don’t love ourselves, then there is no way that we can truly love other people and there is no way that we can truly love Allah (SWT).

For every second that we allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, doubt, or complacency, we lose a precious opportunity to experience the joy that comes with living in a loving relationship with Allah (SWT).

Let’s start acting like free beings today, and we won’t have to wait for our next birthday or the next Prophet Muhammad SAW to remind us that freedom is a gift that is meant for every one of us.

What are the Golden words of Prophet Muhammad?

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Golden words of Prophet Muhammad Everywhere you go in the world the message of Islam is obvious. And in the name of Islam, the sun, moon, and the heavens are not only guaranteed but they’re honored. The golden words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):

“For Islam, the whole world is an abode of peace.” Let’s take the present global situation and its prevailing problems. Every time a Muslim says something negative, he ends up being an enemy of his religion. How can an elected politician dare to preach extremism, chaos, destruction, death, fighting, terrorism, and killing in the name of Islam? Such people are not at all serious about Islam.

They are the servants of Satan. This is another sign of Islam’s success. By his actions, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has proved that a true Muslim is honest, truthful, peaceful, loving, good-natured, tolerant, patient, kind, generous, submissive, and not given to seeking revenge.

His true characteristics are the most precious treasure for those who want to be part of Islam. The real truth is that Islam is not limited to the four corners of the earth. Islam is spread in every country. Muslims are living happily in different lands. It doesn’t matter whether in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, or Afghanistan.

The true message of Islam has reached all the corners of the earth and is being followed by the whole of humanity. If these people have any problem with Islam, then they have to deal with this problem in their homes. It’s their family. They have no other option. But to convert others to Islam, they have to seek permission from the leaders of their own families. They have to consult them.

If they dare to go against their families, they are sure to face the opposition of Allah, which includes getting killed. Because Islam is a complete way of life. Some people say that Islam is a religion of peace. That’s not true. Islam is the way of life. Islam is complete with all its aspects. Islam is everything. There is no half-hearted approach to Islam.

When it comes to doing what is right, all Muslims will go wholeheartedly and believe in it without any fear of any consequence. Islam never seeks revenge. It doesn’t look for revenge. It doesn’t covet other people’s properties. Islam protects the rights of the person against his enemies, no matter what they have done to him.

Islam has blessed the whole of humanity with an ideal way of life. Christians and Jews have rejected Islam and look for a way to justify their wrongdoings. Christians have always claimed that Jesus Christ is their Lord and this is why they take pride in Christianity.

The Jews claim that this is what their Lord said.

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But Islam has nothing to do with these religions. They do not exist in Islam. Muslims do not need to claim anything. They are the original owners of their religion. Muslims don’t look for revenge because Islam does not forgive the sins of others. According to Islam, the one who dies of the same fault as his father will meet the same fate. This means that whoever has killed someone’s father or mother will meet the same fate.

Therefore, Muslims don’t wish to die at the same fault as their fathers, mothers, brothers, or sisters. Islam forbids the killing of innocent people. Islam prevents a person from committing suicide because it would be giving away the worldly life for the next world. In Islam, there is no cause for a murderer to be rewarded.

He is killed because he has committed the killing of innocent people. He will not be rewarded in any case of a just verdict. Islam says that it is not allowed to force others to follow Islam. If Muslims have to force others to believe in Islam, then they are not genuine Muslims. Because Islam is a religion of peace. It’s not a religion of forcing others to believe in it.

When the great poets and philosophers, the great scholars and astrologers, the great jurists and political figures, the great scientists and thinkers and artisans, the great nation builders, the great princes and potentates and kings, and governors were asked by a non-Muslim, “If you knew what is Allah, and what was Muhammad, and what is the Book of Allah, and what was the Book of Muhammad, and what was the Law of Allah.

And what was the Law of Muhammad, and what is the Messenger of Allah, and what was the Religion of Allah, and what is Islam, what would you prefer?” They all pointed to Islam and said, “If you knew, you will prefer Islam. If you know, you will prefer Islam. If you don’t know, you will prefer Islam.”

It was then said to them, “Allah says that whoever obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah” (Bukhari). In reality, the non-Muslim said that he would prefer the message of Islam. The answer was that it is better to do the good, better to obey Allah, rather than following the Prophet.

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If one listens to the word of Allah, one will not be disappointed in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “And if you take any action contrary to what Allah and His Messenger have decreed for you, both of you shall have the same punishment. There is no compulsion in religion. “I have been sent as a mercy for the world” (Bukhari).

Caliph Umar said, “Allah had told the believers: Whoever kills a soul without just cause is as if he had killed all mankind. Whoever saves one soul without just cause is as if he had saved the whole of mankind” (Bukhari).

Every Muslim has the responsibility to lead the way for the whole of humanity, to the Right Path, to Islam. Islam is an ideal religion that holds to the principles of justice and wisdom. This is the basis of Islam.

Muslims must spread the word of Islam to all humanity. This is why Muslims fight against ignorance and the evils of ignorance. The goodness and the beauty of Islam will manifest in the world if the followers of Islam share it. They have to all give up the principles of ignorance, cruelty, and injustice to follow Islam.

This is the basic duty of Muslims.

Before those principles are established in the hearts, it is only a matter of time that these principles will prevail and make their appearance in the hearts of the people. This is why many Muslims who accept Islam, reject the teaching of hate and the teaching of intolerance.

If all mankind lived under the light of truth, tolerance, forgiveness, justice, and beauty, this would make the world a better place, and the evils of religion would not be present in the world. Everyone will live under the light of Truth, Beauty, and Tolerance. Without these principles, people will live in the darkness of ignorance, cruelty, injustice, and hatred.

This would bring war, violence, violence, violence, and will destroy the beauty and the truth in humanity. Bukhari says that the first Prophet of Islam was sent to spread the message of Islam. The second and the third prophets of Islam were sent to spread the message of Islam. All the prophets, the Prophets of Islam were sent to spread the light of Islam.

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This is the reason that all the Prophets were loved by all people of the world and that the Muslims feel a great responsibility towards the Prophets of Islam, to bring the message of Islam to every corner of the world. A Muslim must have no differences from another Muslim. This is the only requirement of the true Muslim. He must follow the Prophet’s teaching.

When a Muslim follows the teaching of the Prophet and brings forth the message of Islam in the world, he has done the mitzvah of Tawbah. If he were to not do this, then he has committed two of the greatest sins in Islam. There are many examples from the history of the Prophet. The earliest example is the woman called Khadija, the companion of the Prophet, who was sent by Allah and had never been married.

She had only one child, and the child, Fatima, became a Messenger of Allah. This child had heard the Prophet, peace be upon him, say, “I am one of the best of your slaves, and the best among you, you should show kindness to me. We are all equal to each other, and that we should respect each other” (Bukhari).

When the Prophet, peace be upon him, was asked about the story of the women who had acted uncharitably toward him, he answered that he had commanded those women to pray in the first place, and then he had ordered them to worship Allah.

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The women then rebelled against him and kept praying and worshipping other gods. When he had punished them for their disobedience, and their eyes had been blinded, their punishment was over. He would not have kept them as slaves for the rest of their lives, as these were only temporary punishments.

He freed them because they had received repentance for their sins and believed in Allah. When Fatima became a Messenger of Allah, her mother was given as a gift to the Prophet, peace be upon him, as war booty. If you leave people ungrateful, you are not a friend to them.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, always said that this is the way of the compassionate, those who believe, do good, and help others. This is the way of the Prophet, peace be upon him, who wished that people were generous to each other. To obey one’s wife and pay attention to her needs, so that the family becomes closer to one another. It is also the path of kindness and forgiveness.

As for those who can not obey, but are full of spite and anger, and do not tolerate the advice of their wives, the Prophet, peace be upon him, ordered them to go to the woman, and bring her back home. If she could not be brought back, he told them to kill her. That is why there are beautiful verses in the Quran, which tell us to treat women with dignity and kindness. You are not expected to fulfill their needs or satisfy their wants.

  1. You are only to fulfill their desires.
  2. You are not to mistreat them.
  3. You are to give them what they want so that they are happy.
  4. The Prophet, peace be upon him, wished that the righteous Muslims

What is Prophet Muhammad Hadith?

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The popular discourse of the prophet is “Hadith” and is often linked to the basis of Islam. This is the most practiced and quoted “Ahadith” in all Islamic Universities. The classic text on the Hadith collection is also the Quranic commentary of Imam Abu Hanifa – who was one of the most significant figures in the development of Islamic thought.

This material has been in the use of the muezzin and imams in muezzin calls for prayers all over the world. It is even used in Masjids – Mosque complex. However, the material in Imam Hanifa’s commentary has been acquired from more than 800 volumes. It also includes more than 36000 ahadeeth

(the independent opinion of the companions) and 1400 quotes from the prophet, sunna, and authentic books. Imam Muhammad’s commentaries not only consist of the classical commentaries by Imam Al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim. It also includes the commentaries by Sheikh Abu Dharr al-Ghifari and Sheikh Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with them)

This most popular book was compiled in Hadith, commentary of Ibn Abbas, Ibn Abbas, and hadith by Abu-Dawud and Ibn Hibba’. It is compiled in more than ten volumes. A modern edition of the book is entitled Islahi Hadith – Encyclopaedia of Islam”. There is a lot of criticism on Prophet Muhammad Hadith and the question which is being asked – “What is Prophet Muhammad Hadith?”

The Author Abul Basit Abul Hasan Ali al-Basri (1353 – 1433 AD) states: “Abul Basit al-Basri (c.1353-1433) an expert on hadith and hadith collections has written the most comprehensive book on hadith, the main distinction of this collection is the emphasis it places on the role of hadith in developing the theology, law, and jurisprudence of Islam. In addition to his studies on hadith, he has also done the most significant studies of early Muslims and the Arabic language, including grammar and lexicon.

He has also written extensively on Islamic ethics, mysticism, Sufism, mysticism, and in particular asceticism. There are many books on Hadith but this is an important book of Hadith – and what it is, as well as the purpose of Hadith in the overall context of Islamic thought.

The work is divided into four sections:

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  1. The term Hadith is translated as a collection of reporting of the sayings and actions of Muhammad, which should be used to confirm the meaning of Islam, and which form the basis of many Islamic institutions, practices, and sources of law.
  2. The basic unit of hadith are reports or traditions transmitted by a single person who is known as narrators or a sahih of his hadith. The second basic unit is those reports that we have to reconcile (they should be included in the collection). The third basic unit is reporting that needs more special confirmation such as known to have been given under duress, or when they are believed to be authentic because of their proximity to Muhammad’s times.
  3. Each hadith is judged according to its merits and for its logical connection to the mentioned facts.
  4. Some reports are also judged according to the status of the character of the messenger.

The major organizer of the book is Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa – the Imams of Islamic law. Al-Bukhari and Muslims are not included in this book. Imam Hanifa’s book is more comprehensive in one area than any other hadith book on hadith. His book is essential for understanding the basis of Islamic law, in particular the one of apostasy. In chapter 3 entitled – –Apostasy and Infidels – “The Prophet said: The gates of paradise are narrow and the garden of paradise is not narrow.

He added: Those who insult (belong to) the disbelievers and their allies; I’ll destroy them with the sword and will save you. And of those who disbelieve it is permissible for them to be killed; and he who kills them will gain Allah’s reward and he who saves them will gain Allah’s reward; and if they convert to Islam, Allah’s reward is better than the reward of their parents or siblings.

And He said: May the punishment of those who kill and the reward of those who save be upon me, and I will pray for them, and I will be thankful to them, and I will be merciful to them, and I will tell them: In the hereafter, I will not be pleased with whoever saves and displeases me; whoever does good to others will definitely gain Allah’s reward, and whoever does evil to others will gain Allah’s punishment.

And may they not be pleased with me, I and my descendants; and we will not make any distinction between them, whatever their disgrace in this life and disgrace in the Hereafter is.” “The Prophet said: And whoever killed one and would save another, Allah will be pleased with him; and whoever saved and would have killed, Allah will be displeased with him, and whoever saved and would have killed, Allah will be pleased with him.

And of those who turn back from Allah, it is sufficient for them to say: I deny myself and take off (service) and do righteous deeds; I will certainly have recompense from Allah with whom there is no diversion. And of those who turn back from Allah, it is sufficient for them to say: I deny myself and take off (service) and do righteous deeds; I will certainly have recompense from Allah with whom there is no diversion.” – Quran 3:216, 7:172

Imam Imam Hanafi believes that it is enough for a Muslim to say – – There is no need to worship any Allah, creator, Allah, it is sufficient for me to do righteous deeds. I hope this book helps us understand Hadith better.


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