Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh

Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh
Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh

What is Taraweeh? Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. When was the term Tara we used the first time? Why do we pray this? Normally we see the term p.m. Layla Moore and Hadith difference between tahajud and Taraweeh. How many Rocca should we pray? Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. Should we pray Witcher with the Imam? Well, First of all, we don’t know exactly when the term Taraweeh was invented.

Most likely, it was developed by the time of Umar; Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. may Allah be pleased with him, or afterward, Taraweeh was given to that prayer because people used to prolong it in length.

So between two rakahs or for rack has they used to take a Rake in Arabic. Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. They used to accept Allah. So Taraweeh is taken from Russia, and some say Taraweeh is because they change between left and right foot resting on one of them because of the length of the prayer. So when you stand, Either one of your feet would probably ache.

Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh

So by leaning a little bit to the right and then after white words leaning to the left, you tend to alternate and get a little bit of comfort out of that. But the most authentic opinion is that the first one was used now. What is the origin of Taraweeh? Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. Some say that it is a Bida. And what is big data and Innovation, or a Bita is something that is invented in religion? That is not part of it to worship Allah and get closer to him. So some say Taro has a Bita.

dua taraweeh full text
dua taraweeh full text

And this is not true. The prophet himself, alehissalaam, initiated the Sunnah, and the hadees are authentic. The prophet prayed Taraweeh prayer. He was leading the companions for three or four nights. And then he refrained he stopped. Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh. So the companions started calling him out. O Prophet of Allah, come and pray like you prayed the previous night’s we like it. So the prophet came out to them, and he said I have seen what you had done the last night’s had.

I have not feared that Allah would obligate this prayer upon you; I would have continued. So listen to the prophets’ justification are allowed to sell them. It’s a good thing. I love it. I know you love it. But because I was afraid that Allah would make it obligatory upon the ummah which leads which would lead probably to hardship. I stopped it. I was so merciful to my ummah.

What is Taraweeh?

I didn’t want to burden them with more obligations. So the one who started it was the prophet Arizona after he died. What he had feared does not exist anymore. Powerful Taraweeh Dua Learn Namaz Taraweeh Dua. And that is no one can obligate night prayer because he’s dead. How can it be compelled? That is why when Romanova has Pub, may Allah be pleased with him in Ramadan went out to the Masjid. He saw the Muslims praying in groups, three people here, ten people there, five people here. But they were not in the congregation, all of them. So he ordered, ooh, babe niqab.

To lead them in Taraweeh. So they all prayed in congregation televi behind one Imam rather than being segregated and spread all over the message behind mini moms. When he saw this, he approved it and said that this is good, and he used the word padai near.

Matt will be deity had a but did I hear is not religious because, in religion, the origin is the prophets did. His son beta here is the linguistic terminology, which is something new. And because they were praying in groups, different groups.

taraweeh ki dua in hindi
taraweeh ki dua in hindi

He had done something new that is nicely described as Bida, but it is not a religious Bida that is bad in Islam again because the one who did it was a prophet is awesome. So he revived his Sunnah sallallahu alehiwassallaam. How many have done we pray, Taraweeh? We, Scholars, differed. Some say 41. others say 39, some say 23 as prayed in the Harem, and some say 13, and some say 11. So which one should we take?

Well, those who restrict themselves and their followers to pray 11. They coat the Hadith of mother Aisha. May Allah be pleased with her when one of the tabi e’en said To her or ask her how many I did the prophet Sallallahu wasallam pray in Ramadan. She said, my nephew, and this is what the Arabs say to whoever is younger than them yet, but my nephew The prophet did not pray Allah is her son in Ramadan nor outside Ramadan more than 11 Rekha.

So those who specify Only 11 have to be prayed take this Hadith which was reported in Sahih Muslim and hold it as evidence. Not knowing or knowing but neglecting that mother Aisha herself said that the prophet used to pray at night is awesome 13 Rekha and Hadith of webinar bass.

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He said that the prophet saw solemn used to pray 13 Rekha per night. So it’s either 11 or 13. But is there any problem in increasing that it’s an issue of dispute? Do some say it is prohibited? And their allegation is not so strong. They say that the prophet did not pray more than 11, but we know that he prayed 30. Let us assume.

He did not pray more than 11. Does this mean that it is not permissible to act? There’s no restriction in adding? For example, how many times did the prophet has to perform Hajj in his life once, so if I can perform it once every five years or if I’m always invited every year to a camp in Hajj, and I have the luxury of performing at once a year. Do you say that

I shouldn’t do that because the prophet only performed Hajj once in his life, so no-,no. No, of course, we don’t say that, so touche not only that. When the prophet gave khutbah a nomad, a Bedouin came and interrupted him and said, o, Muhammad tell me about the night prayer. So the Prophet Salih Saleh answer them. He said night prayer is to be prayed into to solar to Lady methanol.

Methanol. He gave him the format, not the continent account. Not the number, and then he said if you feared failure, then offer one rock out with her. The man left. We know that if the number were essential, the prophet would not have Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam delayed explaining it. He would have called them and said,m, e to the format is to, but you should not increase more than 11.

Because the prophet did not say this Alisal Absalom, We Now understand that the sky is the limit. Do you want to pray 20 and pray Wonder? However, all three decorators? No problem. Do you want to play a hundred? No question was going to create a thousand, no problem. Because anyone who comes and says Whoa, you can’t add more than 11.

We say with all due respect. It doesn’t seem right without providing the evidence that prevents us from praying more. We cannot limit people to this. Yeah, but mother, I just said he did not offer more than eleven out of his salatu Salam true, but he did not provide more than one Hajj in his life.


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