Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua

Many Muslims keep fasting during Ramadan, and many Muslims do not keep fasting during Ramadan. Regretfully, Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua. Allah is better on such people who keep fasting during Ramadan, and many people keep fasting. In the afternoon, Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua. As soon as they happen, their condition becomes such that now my book is due to this condition of dead people in just a little line, what to eat and what not to eat in poetry.

Do not call and later on in the condition of fasting If gas becomes a problem of indigestion, then today I will tell you about some of the things that you eat in Shayari that if you eat it for free,

Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua

then inshallah your rosa will go away very easily; Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua. first I will tell you what to eat in urban Should be so that there is no more thirst and hunger in the condition of fasting. sehri ki dua in hindi, I will tell what should not be consumed in the metropolitan. First of all, eating dates in Khajuri is the Sunnah of Rasulallah Sallallahu Aleh Vassalam and is in need and plenty of protein.

The amount is there will help you to keep energetic throughout the day. Powerful Sehri ki dua Learn Sehri ki dua. The egg is a very energy booster. By eating it, you will get allergies throughout the day.

Its yellow part contains healthy fats that give energy to the body. In the urban, you boil two eggs. You can eat a lot of protein in eggs, because of which you have a full day, there will be very little dairy product, i.e., milk curd is kept in buttermilk, there is plenty of China, you can take a bowl of curd milk, it is very beneficial for you. Might

By consuming peanut butter in your day, you will get energy throughout the day, and you will be active. So start drinking coconut water in urban. Coconut water has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti vile properties, which help maintain your body’s immune system poster. Nowadays there are packages in the market which you can make by putting in water.

It is a simple solution; the most important thing is not to eat cashew nuts, almond pistachio peanuts, etc. It would be best if you ate right; there are many allergies in the net, you will maintain health and be energized throughout the day. In the face, you eat a handful of badam cashew nuts, etc.

Inshallah will be very beneficial. Eating fruits gives allergies and keeps the stomach right, as well as anti-oxidant, cleanses the blood. It is very important to have fruits in Shayari. You can make fruit juice or take it in any other way. If you eat papaya watermelon in addition to it, then come Ripe.

What will not be beneficial for me? What should not be eaten or not should be eaten? Paratha Biryani Kebab is without reason because Taipei feels that creates a lack of water in the body. No, these people can take half a cup of tea with it. Drink too much water in Shayari.

Drinking too much water does not make the food eaten in the city very well, and you can not get full energy by eating it, but vice versa. Congratulations to you for the whole day. The performance will be the problem, and the gas will be a solvent. At that time, drink two to three glasses of water.

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