Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua

The point is, Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua. no matter what happens in Yadav, keeping the difference in Yadav, in this journey, Allah will ask for the lock and question the world and finally very well. Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua. If the traveler’s prayers do not get angry, then make the journey a place of worship. Remember to pray for a voice as you say slow.

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Desu is the issue; It is not an issue; It is not working; It is not working; it tells me that there is trouble; It is a disease, remembers it completely, and asks for blessings when the journey begins. Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua. That is why Dua Bhi Ibaadat or Dua Holi Baad of a song from my residence and especially because you were asking and saying to me that there are three people from Sina Jamun whose prayers.

Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua

safar ki dua in english

There is no doubt in being, and then Fermaya Davatu Majloom prays the blessings of a laborer, bless Allah Dua Baddua, whatever dialect our youth call Dubai. Powerful Safar ki dua Learn Safar ki dua. Brothers are also asked to be called medicine. The laborer’s blessing Sharma Atul Musafir Musafir Dua Aati Family Dawat Dawat Ul Nidhi Adi and Father’s Dua Son Did you tell the first of 32 30 when you know that The second.

If you want to use medicines, especially in the traveler’s journey, you will remember your prayers, brother; this person had said that my friend said that this brother had told you and the dispute of the right Muslim at night caused.

the Momin brother when the other mother Rai Bana praying tomorrow, keep the cow even asu, please stop the cow, I have spoken your brother, don’t show the plowing issue, the song is not repeated, and the benefit will be in the rituals of other Muslims praying for you.


And the circumstances should pray for you and solve the problem of it and alleviate the pain of trouble. For this, the matter of the daughter of good deeds, the diseases of agriculture, Pisces’ relation is done for you, and good fish, you may pray for you.

If we do not have such a good opportunity to travel, then you will make a good chance, then you will make a living, you are a friend to the people, to the people who know the trouble for the Ummah, to the father and every one of them should ask you to pray for him. Use of medicines in travel

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