Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua

Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua
Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua

Today I will tell you such a tremendous act of breaking the eyebrow that I experienced on myself and my nephew and knowing that my nephew was ultimately out of bed or was not eating or drinking anything. Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. And when I came to know about you, I was getting weak, and I saw the situation, and then I performed what I had heard from a significantly older man and recently.

And when I gave his general permission to everyone, then when I shared that If I did it on my nephew, Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. then the Fazal of Allah became so familiar to him at the same time that he started asking for juice, some group’s desire was born in it. I was happy to see this scene, and then it is such a practice that what Inshallah.

Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua

It will work right away, which is said to be sufficient so that you can get the mosque or three cemented on this practice. Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. It is such a medicine that every spiritual medicine gets better, and you request the citizen that the treatment that is being told now Let’s get it together.

3 – times Surah Fatiha with Bismillah.

3 – times Durood Sharif.

3 – times Ayatul Kursi

3 – times surah al-qalam. last 2 iayaty

3 – times Whoever is patient

Whoever is the patient, either they will do it herself or else do it despite doing it, it is an excellent thing to do—3 Marta Surah Fatiha with Bismillah. Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. In 3 times, Durood Sharif, read this with all the earth and do this prayer with the patient’s help. What is that dua, please listen or Allah is the eye of any of your captors, whether he is a Momin or a Kafir man or woman green Be it one with eyes or black-eyed, or be a lover of love.

This box is to be kept when the BSP has done it intentionally, or if you see it, Allah will know the health of this patient with his grace. Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. Good Vaishno Devi will get up and stand that she is a patient of magic, she is a victim of a physical man, but she keeps an eye on him, in such a situation, if you want to do this, then you will understand the matter.

Powerful execution

Today we will tell you how to take a look, that is a straightforward way, you will tell each other at night before you tell people to take a look, it often happens that a lot of people get noticed, especially children are more likely to see. It happens that some children are lovely. They are excellent.

Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua
Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua

The people can see them, which happens to the older people too, and then the eyesight can be seen by anyone. It gets confused among all the people, Nazar uterine ki dua Read Thies Powerful Dua. how to get sight, how many people come in tension, many Khwatin Hazrat gets nervous about getting out of sight. We brought a small act for those people, And you will tell people that how they can take the city at home, you can take eyes off with great ease, it often happens that small eyes are seen, and why do you think.

  1. take seven red chilli
  2. read seven times Surya Quresh
  3. Whoever is patient

What is the way to remove the eyes of the child? If I am present with a small item for them, you have to execute this small act in your care and inshallah?

Which will take off if you want happiness with chilli. Take red chilli along with you, take red chilli with it, and read Surah Quraish seven times or not. You have to do nothing but take dry chilli with a red girl who sleeps in heaven. Surah Quraysh is to be taught here in Surya Quresh, and you can read from here that if you remember the other moments, you have not read Surya Quresh 7 times, you will tell people what Surya Quresh is.

Surya Quresh This is Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Leela Sheela film Ring Latasita young man Pilia Avadhoot Baba Haji Ata Mohammed Karam. and burn seven pieces on the person you are eyeing, which means seven heads on his head and those dry chillies. Those Let the children burn the fire in the stove; that is, what you have to do is make chilli with it.

Whether or not you have to take along and read 7 minutes and you have to take 7 minutes and seven times you have to read Surya Quresh on those girls, and after reading Surya Quresh, please suppress it and the person who has eyes If the child or the elder is seen. Then rotate the 7 bars on it, and after that burn, the matches in the stove, then the grace of Allah will lose sight of that person, then there is a straightforward way. You can take the city to your house with lots of water.


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