450+ Best Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images

Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images
Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images

Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images (we also have a selection of Jewish quotes) Abu Hurayrah reported that the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless and give him peace, said, “He who loves Allah – and He is without partners in creation – then his happiness is complete and all of his needs are met.” [Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images] Muhammad Abduh said, “He who loves Allah – and He is without partners in creation – then his happiness is complete and all of his needs are met.” [The Great Mufti]

You will fall in love when you surrender to Allah. Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images, You will never get close to His presence unless you love Him. When you love, you don’t judge, don’t condemn, and don’t think bad of people.

Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images

Love of Allah is from Him, is from the Qur’an, and is in our lives. You don’t do this with others; you do this with Allah. You don’t make mistakes in Allah’s Book and you don’t make mistakes in his Sunnah. That is why people say love is blind. Allah says that it is sighted, the sight of Allah.”[Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images]

“People in this world today, think of others as food for food and other things, but never think that Allah is more important than their food. Allah says, Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images, ‘And for the hungry is Allah, and for the needy is Allah, and for the slave is Allah, and for the orphan is Allah.’”[Al-Baqarah]

“It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: O Muhammed, if one of you comes upon an excellent thing in the field of kindness, then do not touch it until he reaches where you are. If he arrives there and observes that which is excellent, then surely he has done well. But if he has seen something inferior, then surely he has done evil. And he said: This is the meaning of Islamic tolerance.”[Al-Risala]

Islamic QuotesUrdu Quotations Based on True Quotes

All the Islamic quotes are based on the Quran or the Hadith. Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images. The following list includes Quotes from the Islamic Bible which are based on the Islamic, the classic Islamic religious books such as the Sunnah.

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The knowledge of the Holy Books is very helpful to fulfill your purpose in life. This knowledge would help you a lot in the way of living your life. Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images. Without that knowledge, you will have to depend on human knowledge only, and in the end, you will end up more confused and frustrated. Here are some books which can help you understand the Holy book of Islam.

Sura can be translated to mean verse and Quotes means a summary of the verse. So for example, Quran chapter 6 verse 2 can be translated to mean this.

“The Table Is That You Are Supposed To Pass By! Islam Means “Unbending! If It Crumbles, Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images,We Have To Pick Up The Pieces And Build It Again!” Sura Allahu alaihi wa barakah (Glorious be unto the highest.); Abdullah ibn Masoud, son of Abdullah ibn Masud (as) the second Sahabah (Sahaba) of Prophet Muhammad(SAW), is a good example of loyalty.

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In this Surah, Allah says – “If you were ever a Muslim (in the absence of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), then don’t ever make yourself someone else. Remain a Muslim to the day of judgment.” Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images, One of the great Islamic scholars, Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him), said that the Quran is like a pregnant woman on the verge of delivery and that we should not be impatient or alarmed.

Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images – Islam And the Message None of the creatures were created for the sake of becoming women. Rather women were created with the ability to provide pleasures to men, and men were created with the ability to provide pleasures to women. Verse 133:4 Islam is not about gaining power or gold and silver. Islam is about building a relationship with Allah.

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Verse 85:11 A people that hate Allah and His Messenger will be devoured, and their corpses will be unmentionable. Some excerpts from the Qur’an that is an example of Love towards Allah. Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images, A quiet and modest life is the best for you. Indeed, Allah loves those who spend their wealth in this manner. Verse 76:5 Those who are wicked against Allah and His Messenger will be outside of His paradise. Verse 33:59 Verse 85:11.

Allah is the Only Master of the unseen, the unseen, and the unimaginable! Allah’s knowledge is more perfect than that of a person who has never read the books, nor even the sky or the trees! Verse 33:49

If one were to accept God’s conditions in this world, the rest of his deeds would be easy. The bounties of this life would remain, and he would have to be patient until he obtains them in the Hereafter.

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Islamic Quotes about life Inspirational with Words of Hazrat Abdullah

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Here are some inspiring quotes of Hazrat Abdullah from the Istakhri collection: Abdullah bin Rabiah al Hanafi “When death knocks on the door, ask for two things from your Creator: ask Him to let you see people again and ask him for His forgiveness and to make you a guide to those who are listening.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mohammed al Akbul

“All living things have the nature of God. Their nature is based on the four things we mentioned before: that they are united by their essential nature, by their original attributes, have a genuine soul, and act according to their nature. By these words, we mean that living things have the qualities of good or evil nature.

When they die, the true nature of them, with its five qualities, and the attribute of one of these qualities – being equal to God – then remains with God and passes into the hereafter. By this, we mean that the nature of every living thing, irrespective of the nature of the creature, is good or evil.”
Hazrat Abdullah bin Amir al Maruf

“Worship God with sincerity. That is the best, most effective way of worshipping God.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Muhammad al Sadr

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“Whoever loves God will be loved by God and will be put in the path of Him. Whoever hates God will be hated by Him and will be put on the path of Him.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Walid al Walid

“People sometimes hate each other and they are afraid of each other. However, God created all these creatures and He also loves them. Thus, people should put others before themselves and not fear each other. The other is Allah’s creation and He loves His creation the most.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Salim al Sawarri

“It is the question of the free and pure soul. God has created it. But this free soul does not always want to free itself. Sometimes it cannot free itself and must be forced. God makes people do that because He wants to liberate them. This helps them to move away from those elements that are difficult for them to emancipate themselves from.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Qassam

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“It is easy to love God if you are free from evil thoughts. As for the others, you aim to reach God without becoming attached to people. If you love God, then you will not fear people. You aim to make yourself free. If you are free, then you will be able to love other people without holding to them or having fear for them.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Salah al Awar

“There is a way of seeking God that is loving. He who loves God loves the created things. There is another way of seeking God which is hatred. God says: ‘In my religion, there is no way of seeking Him but in seeking Me there is a way of seeking Me. If anyone follows My religion, I will love him and will love him for all the days of the life which He lives. Whoever says that he loves God is in truth saying that he is in love with Me.’”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Muhammad al Sawarri

“When someone dies, either God or an angel takes him away and he will remain in the realm of heaven for a while. During that time, the person is not created or experienced. God then makes him forget everything. Then he will be brought back. When you go to your father, you should consider the possibility that he will be in that condition. After the person goes to the house of God, he will be reunited with his family.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Ayman al Basri

“The most important thing is that the heart should be as clean as a mirror. The heart is covered with ignorance, fear, doubt, attachment, and lust. These are the five things that are unhealthy for the heart.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Nafith

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“Those who are in the path of God, if they come to know it, will love each other. Those who are in the path of other people, if they come to know it, will love each other.”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Habib Al Kaabi

“Forgetting God is the result of the sins which people commit in this life. However, forgetting God and the way of Him is not the outcome of the sins people commit in the next life.”

Islamic Quotes about love

Islamic Quotes about love are scattered all over the Muslim world, especially in Arabic-speaking countries. Many of these verses are present in the Quran, Muslim Quotes for Allah quotes images, an Islamic text of around 66 verses in about 127 chapters (verses) on various topics. The Quran also contains several other similar verses in the Hadiths which are part of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Some verses contain some beautiful poetic metaphors. The following two are perfect examples, written by an Arab poet. We would like to quote the relevant section of these verses from Quran, it has been translated to English from Arabic.

Islam is a Religion of Love and Sacrifice

The Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him) said: “The greatest of these things is faith, and the second is obedience, and the third is being patient, and the fourth is guarding yourself, and the fifth is being truthful to God. And the sixth is being kind to people, and the seventh is being hospitable to them.

And the eighth is giving them their dues when due, and the ninth is lending them whatever they ask for, and the tenth is forbidding them from doing wrong, and the eleventh is inviting them in when they enter, and the twelfth is taking care of them as you would take care of your mother.”[1]

Love is a Religion

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The Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) said: “And when they approach the door of your house, offer to them a prayer for Allah and make ablution and give them water, and say, “Here is a prayer for Allah and a purification for you.” And when they have gone, keep the peace between you and them by observing all the regulations of Islam.”[2]

Love is the most essential attribute of a human being. In Islam, it is stated in the Quran that the ultimate goal of man is to attain salvation, to get closer to God. The love of human beings towards one another forms a crucial part of this spiritual journey. The supreme manifestation of love is the love for God, and therefore, it is to be expressed towards all humans and animals.

For Muslims, there is an order of duties and obligations that should be fulfilled towards a person. It is called the Hadith. Some important, but not all of the Hadith are given below.

The Manners of the Prophet

“Honour is a contract between you and your parents. If you do not fulfill it, it means you don’t love them.”[3] “If a man is entrusted with property by his parents, the knowledge of good and evil is his portion. But whoever does not know it but keeps silent, it means he has fallen short of his trust.”[4]

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“If a person tells you that he has been zinat ka Imran (no matter where you are) and then if you find him in a sinful state you should kill him. But if he comes to you and tells you that he has been zinat ka Imran, then kill him, as it is obligatory on you to protect a Muslim’s wealth.”[5]

Love God and Love Human

“It is only the true believers who have the belief that they are from among the chosen of God.”[6] “If anyone finds that he has mistaken his belief, he should re-examine it, and return to the truth.”[7] “If anyone has a clear perception of the matter, he should know that he will die in this world, and that he will go to hell (if he dies in hell) and that he will be created again.”

“We swear by Allah that we are not righteous; that we will never be righteous; and that if we die, we will return to the Fire.”[9] “The Prophet said: “Those who have fasted during the month of Ramadan without losing sleep (though they might be angry) are the happiest of people.”

“Say, “We are not righteous, and if we died this day we would return to the Fire.” The believer knows that he will reach Paradise by doing righteous deeds and gaining good deeds.”[11] “A person who wishes to have Paradise should make his desire for Paradise manifest in his life, and he should make it known by love and giving and giving.”[12]

Islamic Quotes about death

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With so many quotations about death scattered all over the internet, it’s easy to get distracted from the fact that this topic is a major obstacle for Muslims. Therefore, it’s important to focus on these important things and not get distracted by other things.

This is the main objective behind this page: to bring attention to those things that would make a person reconsider the idea of a hereafter and how it could differ from God’s experience. There are many quotes from the Quran that should prevent people from considering the idea of a hereafter.

Warning Signs: When you see these phrases, they should tell you to stop and think: “Truly, death is nothing but asleep, so long as man is buried with the right intent.” “I should not praise the day that I fear the night. I should not remember the day I fear the Day of Resurrection.” “The graveyard is better than the best place on earth.” “As soon as one dies, he is thrust into the worst evil that has ever set foot in the world.”

“He said, ‘Allah! Get me out of this place.’ [So Allah said, ‘You shall.’] And he was brought up with the Spirits of the Dead, being [under] their control until the Messenger of Allah pronounced over him the great Prophetic lesson and said: ‘Let him be, for we (Allah) need him.’ Then the angel said, ‘Alas, the people of the life-season,’ and he said, ‘Alas, they require me.’ [This is from al-Hud (4:162)].

“Who has advised you to fear death? Death is but asleep. If you are afraid of sleep, the bed of death is far better (far better than a better bed) than a bed of corruption. … It is no disgrace at all to die. “The fear of death (arête) is better than the fear of evil-doers.” “Death is like traveling in the way of the Lord.”

“The prophet said, ‘The time for the judgment has come.'” (Muslim, 61:7) “Remember that if you die the male (dead) person takes precedence over the female (living).” (Muslim, 1:39) “Even though you are present at the doors of your house (home) and there is no need to go inside … consider whether you have the intention to see the (next) day.”

(Bukhari, 8:59) “The waking state (in life) is better than the hell.” (Quran, 25:6) “The death is nothing but asleep.” (Hadith, 24:61) “It is easy to die and the trouble is in staying on this earth.” (Hadith, 11:115) “You will reach a very good place (for your benefit) and will not find anyone to annoy you there.” (Hadith, 28:167)

“He (God) has been leading you to the Garden of Paradise since before the creation of the Heavens and the Earth” (Hadith, 4:59) “The event (rebirth) is but an illusion and people in it are like persons born in a mirror.” (Hadith, 24:11) “If the time for your departure is before the appearance of your Lord, you should be glad (to die) for you would attain the honor of Paradise.” (Hadith, 19:140)

muslim quotes in arabic

“Receiving the religion in this life is better than departing this life.” (Hadith, 30:46) “Take nothing for your Lord except that which is on your shoulders.” (Hadith, 38:5) “Indeed, nothing will befall you but good and in abundance, though the evil people will do wrong to you, they will not be able to harm you for fear of Allah.

” (Hadith, 40:45) “When the Prophet (peace be upon him) died, it was reported that ‘Allah breathed on him, saying, “May you live until a time in which I shall breathe on you again, but if I should suffer you to be taken (away), then gather up my angels with me for I am with you.'” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim, 952) “Remember that God is your abode. If you are near to God, then He is near to you. When you are in need, God is with you.

There is no place that He is not.” (Quran, 25:24) “When the Prophet (peace be upon him) died, he said, “I will raise my (spirit) with mine (my Companions). We will go to Al-Khadra and we will abide with her.” (Muslim, 11:362) “If Allah grants you relief, then have no fear.” (Quran, 25:24) “In the time of disbelief (Kufr) God is far away from you, but in the time of disbelief he is near to you

muslim quotes about life

” (Hadith, 26:176) “When he (Muhammad) died, Allah caused his spirit to descend (from the heavens) and caused his bones to enter into the earth.” (Hadith, 29:72) “Do not let your hearts get disturbed (from fear) over that which will happen after death.” (Bukhari, 43:51) “Fear not (of God), for I have become weak.”

(Quran, 39:13) “Death is but a passage to a better place.” (Hadith, 43:50) “If it were possible, let him live till the Day of Judgment. His good deeds in this life will be (recognized) with much favor and his bad deeds will not be worse than Allah’s (perpetual) curse.” (Quran, 27:146) “If it were possible, let him live till the day of judgment. His good deeds in this life will be (recognized) with much favor and his bad deeds will not be worse than Allah’s (perpetual) curse.”

(Quran, 27:146) “The angels are helping you. You will not be troubled.” (Hadith, 20:110) “Say: ‘I have the hope of God; in the night he (my Lord) is close to me, in the day he (my Lord) is far from me.'” (Quran, 6:35 “The Day of Resurrection will be for them in darkness as night, while in the night their light will be in the eyes of those who see. They will be suspended from them in a fifth of the sky.” (Hadith, 23:28)

muslim quotes about love

“He who is righteous is loved by Allah.” (Quran, 42:27) “God sees in the dark.” (Hadith, 13:27) “And in the morning of the resurrection they will say: ‘When is it for me?'” (Quran, 44:23) “Did you kill anyone? Did you abandon anyone?

Did you make anyone offend? He said, “Whoever you kill will be more loved to you than your life.” (Quran, 22:92) “Then do you believe that God will surely increase for you, and I will surely increase for you, and that is why I have given you the best part of the Book? (Quran, 24:71)

“O you who believe! Those who are killed on the earth shall have their recompense in the Hereafter. They shall have a great reward.” (Quran, 29:73)

“Those who believe and do righteous deeds shall have mercy from God on them, and those who are hated (of God) and do wrong will have wrath from him. They have nothing between them but hatred for each other. No mercy shall be granted them.” (Quran, 29:63-64)

“If someone is killed for committing evil deeds and Allah forgives him, let his memory be blotted out. If he is killed for bad deeds and Allah forgives him, let his memory be not blotted out.” (Quran, 30:61-62) “Some among them are men, some are women, and some are youths. They have been granted with good.

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