260+ Powerful Islamic Quotes About Patience

Islamic Quotes About Patience
Islamic Quotes About Patience

What Are Islamic Quotes about Patience? Sarakhsi Muslim Saiyid Muhammad Kalhoro said: “In the absence of patience, there is no Sharia.” (Hishamuddin Ahmed) Asmaa al-Qudsi, an Egyptian thinker and writer, said: “Patience will be manifested on the face of a man as tolerance is on the face of an elephant.” (Shaikh Ayed Ibn Mansour al-Shaykh al-Dubai) Saadawi, “Patience is Islamic Quotes about Patience at the edge of the abyss.

Patience is an art that has to be mastered. It is best practiced with the help of Allah. The saints have talked of this art (laughs). It is God’s will that an individual should have patience. When Islamic Quotes about Patience is accompanied by a thirst for knowledge, understanding, and well-understanding, it does good to us.

7 Inspiring Quotes about Patience in the Quran

1 – For all mankind is but one in the condition of nature. And whoever draws near to God without Islamic Quotes about Patience will be far away from Him, and whoever draws near to God without perseverance will be as though he were alienated from Him. – Quran: Chapter 2 (Ridha) 2

And (he) is patient in tribulation and wants those with him in distress to have ease, yet those whom He calls (in a state of innocence) He is swift to afflict with grief. – Quran: Chapter 2 (Ridha) 3 – O you who believe! bear Islamic Quotes about Patience and afflict not yourselves with afflictions, nor seek your refuge in vain. And do not spend your wealth for that which Allah has prohibited.

Why You Should Cultivate PatienceIslamic Quotes On Patience

7 Inspiring Quotes About Patience in the Quran, Islamic Quotes on Islamic Quotes about Patience: Inspiring Words of Wisdom, The Importance of Patience in Islam: Why Muslims Are Always Patient! Patience: What Islamic Quotes Can Teach You About It, Why You Should Cultivate Patience:

Islamic Quotes About Patience. What Islamic Quotes Can Teach You About Patience Islamic Quotes About Patience Top Islamic Quotes About Patience 8 Inspiring Quotes about Patience in the Quran, Islamic Quotes about Patience: Inspiring Words of Wisdom, The Importance of Patience in Islam: Why Muslims Are Always Patient!

What Islamic Quotes Can Teach You About Patience

Practice Islamic Quotes About Patience, be patient, be tolerant, endure hardship, be patient. These are some of the words that are associated with the word patience in many countries and cultures around the world, and this list is dedicated to inspire you and help you develop that patience.

A Source Of Reflection For Muslims Though this topic of Islamic Quotes About Patience is important and to be observed, no guarantee practicing patience will always bring about your desired results. This is something that has to be developed over time and is something that can only be developed through practice and observation. While it is always possible to develop a habit of patience, what is not likely is that your patience will always be perfectly applied to every situation.


I hope that you have learned some useful material from this series. It was difficult to include them all in the list, as it would have been as long as a new book or a dissertation (with the right references!). However, I tried to include as many as possible, and several are very touching.

I also tried to showcase the sincerity and authenticity of these quotes, and the man’s call to Islamic Quotes About Patience, which he was often compared with Allaah the Exalted said: “Oh people of belief, whoever is patient in [fasting] should not be commended. Whoever is not patient in [fasting] should not be commended. If you lack patience, then make peace (between yourself and your Lord) and get up early and go on fast for the sake of the people.

Islamic Quotes About Patience in Love: The Best Advice to Help You Let Go

The Importance of Patience in Islam. The Importance of Islamic Quotes About Patience in Islam Our love is the one which is shown to another as a gift of kindness, patience, and kindness, love and forgiveness and generosity. Our love is one of the ingredients which raise us above our fellow man, one of the ingredients which are the foundations for true devotion and loyalty, one of the ingredients which call us to reveal the divine qualities of human nature to one another.

islamic quotes about patience in love

(Koran, 18: 99-101) May God be pleased with you, all of you, and may He give you reward and honor and spiritual riches and success and give you all good in this world and the Hereafter, peace be upon all of you! (Koran, 18: 77) Islamic Quotes About Patience is like a grain of rice in the pot, it’s not the content, nor the shape but the way of holding it till it’s cooked in the pot.

Islamic Quotes About Patience in Love

islamic quotes on life

“We are told: ‘Let a woman drink (water) from a cistern filled up, a well with a deep well and a well with a shallow well,” – shah Waliullah [2] A lot of people have seen on the Internet that they read about the command of Allah to women to wear loose clothing, but due to the nature of Islamic articles of clothing, this command for women may not be implemented, and other female clothing can also be seen, such as:

prophet muhammad patience quotes

Nektar and cloth tents with an opening in the front Clothes which exposes the shoulders and the bosom (i.e. sleeveless shirts, light linen shirts, and thick cotton tank tops) Short, tight jeans Shorts A loose robe with long sleeves You will often read that “wives of the believers should not put on any garment [i.e.

How to Show Patience in Love?

islamic quotes about patience in arabic

The importance of patience in Islam: 6 Quotes by Muslim Scholars, Islamic Quotes About Patience in Love: An Insight Into the Topic, How to Show Patience in Love: The Islamic Quotes, What Is the Meaning of Islamic Quotes About Patience in Love? In Islam, patience is one of the virtues which must be shown by each Muslim.

islamic quotes about patience in urdu

An example of patience is the Islamic Quotes About Patience of someone who is asked to pray five times a day. Patience in Islam is a great virtue. Its qualities are three: patience in work (especially in prayers); patience in dealings with people; and patience in prayers. Allah said in Surah 23:1, “Patience is prescribed for the believer who behaves with gentleness to the unruly and does not drive them to sin, but rather teaches them.

What is the Meaning of Islamic Quotes About Patience In Love?

quotes about patience images

Can You Show Patience in Love? How? The Importance of Islamic Quotes About Patience In Love: Is Patience Enough To Build A Marriage? What is Patience? Patience Is An Essential Part of Being Muslim, Islamic Quotes About Patience In Love: The Importance of Patience in Islam, What Is Patience?

How To Show Patience In Love? Muslim Quotes About Patience In Love: Everyday Advice About Patience In Love, How to Show Patience In Love In A Way That Is Sweet and Helps You Understand Each Other’s Temperatures, Muhammad’s Advice on Showing Patience In Love, The Importance of Islamic Quotes About Patience In Love, What is Patience?

Quotes About Patience In Love

Patience is one of the best values to have. I think it’s the most important. This is something God asks of us. He says to His beloved servants: ‘Have patience in loving and acting upon what I am.’ And He says ‘Love each other.’ He says ‘Love each other,’ and He says ‘Accept one another,’ and he says, ‘Accept one another.’

quotes about sabr in quran

And so love each other, and then you are living your religion, right? So be patient. Islamic Quotes About Patience is the third aspect. There are many other important aspects of religion. We all have a duty towards our people. But some things are most important. And if we take time to understand that then we can be a stronger and more united nation. If you love one another, you are on the right way.

Life Quotes from the Quran: Inspirational, Motivational Quotes for Muslims

10 Amazing Quotes on Living a Purposeful Life According to Islam, 13 Quotes on Life from the Quran That Will Inspire You, The Best Quotes That Will Inspire You To Live Your Life Well, Why Every Muslim Needs Islam Quotes on Life, Quotes from The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on Life, Love, and Happiness

Life Quotes from the Quran

patience quotes in quran

As Muslims, we have every right to judge Muhammad, his family, and all the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). But we can never do it with Islam and we will never do it if we follow the example of Islam as defined by Muhammad.

  1. Thou shall have no other god but God.
  2. Worship not any god but God.
  3. Worship not any other prophet but God.
  4. Worship is not an idol but God.
  5. Worship not any memorial but God.
  6. Worship not any security but God.
  7. Worship not any cause but God.
  8. Worship not any place but God.
  9. Worship not any event but God.
  10. Worship not any boon but God. Worshiping other gods is breaking the fifth commandment and committing sinful acts. When you worship other gods, you think of them as more important than God.

Life Quotes from the Quran

allah quotes on sabr

Live and Let Live “O My servants! You must be good, no matter who it is, as you have been told. And if anyone is in need, assist him. If anyone makes use of your trade or your generosity, repay him from your share, and do not resent his use of your goods or your generosity. And do not be envious of him.”

(The Holy Qur’an 5:4-5) Mankind is a single tribe, and that tribe’s well-being and greatness depend on our being good to one another. We should treat each other as a brother or sister. In the words of the Prophet Muhammad, “Be a brother or a sister to those around you, be your brother’s keeper and your sister’s defender, love your neighbor as yourself.

Life Quotes from The Prophet Muhammad

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Life Quotes from the Quran. There are good things every day, enjoy the bad ones and appreciate the good ones. Turn your sadness into happiness, Your sorrow into joy. The pain and anguish you bear for others to endure, Will bring rewards for you later. Avoid all forms of hypocrisy. Don’t be proud of yourself or your achievements.

Don’t boast about them, Instead of modesty in one’s appearance and behavior, Do a lot of good. Do good not because you must, Do good because it is right. Don’t do good to be loved, Do good to be loved because it is good. The world is full of ignorance, As soon as you cure one type of ignorance, you have cured all the types of ignorance. The world is full of evil people, To get rid of them, you have to be an example of good.

Life Quotes from The Prophet Muhammad

quotes on sabr and shukr

What does the Quran have to say about our life? Praise be to God, the All-Knowing, the Wise, the All-Knowerable. And all the prophets were right in what they said, and they were not wrong in what they said. (1:16) God does not change things without reason. (2:11) Shall I tell you the difference between the quick and the dead?

The quick and the dead cannot repent and God grants forgiveness to the quick. (17:14) You must not ask Allah to forgive you if you know you will not sincerely repent. (3:153) Reverence for your parents is obligatory on you, and you are only to worship God. (4:71) Oh you who believe! Fasting, when you finish it and obligatory prayers, is the best of good deeds. (16:89) God, the Best of the Merciful, the All-Wise.

Life Quotes by Other Muslims

sabr quotes in arabic text

Humorous Quotes Life Quotes by “Bestselling Author”: 17 Inspirational Quotes from Seeb Farooq’s Book My Twelve Rules of Life Quotes about Life in the Quran by Fatima Jaima Quotes by Mohammad Ali Shaykh Saqib, Sufi Poet Quotes about life from the Hadith of Muhammad bin Musa Kazim Quotes about life by Dr. Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi Quotes about life from the Noble Prophet Muhammad

(Peace Be Upon Him) Quotes about life by Sayyid Abu Hatim Al-Hallaj Quotes by Sayyid Abu Hamid Al-Haddad Life Quotes by Dr. Zia ul Haq, Scholar, and Former Minister of Law and Justice 16 Inspirational Quotes on Islam, Quotes by Dr. Ahmed Raza Khan on Islam and Islamism, Quotes by Ahsan Raza Khan Quotes from Ghazali’s Dira Shikshan Karamat Good Quotes about Life by Dr.


quotes about patience in arabic

Today’s selection of 25 Ramadan quotes will be from the holy Quran. These quotes may not be the best, they might even be biased, but some truly great ones will motivate you and remind you of the reason for this holy month. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that they will help you remember the real purpose of Ramadan.

  1. It is my prayer that Allah accepts your fasting, shows you His superiority, his greatness, and His mercy. And He accepts your good deeds, in charity and in giving to the poor and the needy, and Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful
  2. And do not do evil or treachery against one another, and do not do ill to a male and female because of sex, except in your homes and (when) you are waging war; then (understand this), you shall have mercy on each other. 3.

The Importance of Patience: 15 Quotes From Prophet Muhammad on Patience

islamic quotes on life

The Quotes of Prophet Muhammad: 30 Inspiring Words to Encourage You, The Power of Patience: 5 Inspiring Quotes From Prophet Muhammad, The Best Quotes From Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) on Patience, “Prophet Muhammad’s Patience Quotes: The Best Words of Wisdom From the Prophet, 5 Quotes About Patience from the Prophet Muhammad, The Prophet Muhammad: The Most Patient Person in History

The Importance of Patience

islamic quotes about patience in arabic

1.” The best of you in all that you do is your patience.” [Narrated at-Tirmidhi].

2.” The best of men is he who does not quarrel or show anger or wish harm or revenge.
3.” Do not attempt to reason with an angry person; do not argue with a person who is in danger: it is like trying to move a mountain.
4.” True faith is patience.” [Narrated by Ibn Majah]
5.” When I hear him talk, he shouldn’t speak again.
6.” He who is patient will be blessed.
7.” Do not go astray on the earth; be patient; get content and set your mind on it, for the joys and treasures of this world are but transitory things.” [Narrated by Abu Dawud]
8.” Patience is the best wealth.
9.” Patience is the greatest gift from Allah. 10.”He who possesses patience will never be harmed by the cruelty of Allah.

15 Inspiring Quotes From Prophet Muhammad on Patience

prophet muhammad patience quotes

There are several points in Islam that highlight the importance of patience. On this page, we have collected 15 quotes from the greatest Islamic Prophet (sallAllāhu ʿalayhi wa Sallam) that are clear on the importance of patience. 1. Allāh the All-Knower says in the Quran:ﺷ”Ask and You Will Find and We Will Give to Those Who Seek, And We Will Grant All If They Seek” (9:39). 2.

Allāh the All-Knower says in the Quran:ﺷ” And We enjoin patience upon you, as We enjoin it upon the prophets before you. And We enjoin patience upon you as We enjoin it upon Our messengers before you” (9:26). 3. Allāh the All-Knower says in the Quran:ﺷ”O you who believe! Depart from evil, and let not the sin abide with you. And take hold of patience and pursue it, O believers, with diligence.

5 Quotes About Patience from the Prophet Muhammad

islamic quotes patience perseverancence perseverance

The Importance of Patience. “Patience is the fourth pillar of Islam (the first three are faith, a good name, and giving up evil desires).” – Aisha, 4/890 Patience is a great virtue. One of the greatest loves of Allah (SWT) is giving to others because, in His mercy, He multiplies the loves of the human heart so that we receive infinite love for His creation.

Hence, many love for one another is a result of great love for Allah. Allah’s love gives way to mercy, and Mercy gives way to patience, and patience gives way to charity, and charity gives way to fasting. For the believer, patience is a means of attaining Allah’s pleasure and completion. And there is nothing that comes before it in Paradise, and there is nothing that comes after it in Hell.

15 Inspiring Quotes From Prophet Muhammad on Patience

allah patience quotes images

Question: How to overcome the trouble of patience? Answer: The quickest way to rid oneself of stress, fear, and sorrow and learn to practice patience is to get a mirror. It was narrated by Anas bin Malik from Ahmad that the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: “You should offer the best of your best things to Allah if He should tell you: Be patient, I am trying to teach you patience.” [Muslim].

It was narrated by Ahmad from Anas that the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said: “You should give the best of your best things to Allah if He should tell you: Be patient, I am trying to teach you patience.” [Muslim]. The best way to learn to be patient is by getting a mirror. Patience is an important virtue which many people are lacking.

5 Quotes About Patience from the Prophet Muhammad

prophet muhammad patience quotes images download

The Greatest Wisdom of Muhammad The Importance of Patience: 15 Quotes From Prophet Muhammad on Patience Allhumdulillah! The Greatest Wisdom of Muhammad 3 Quotes From Prophet Muhammad Allhumdulillah! God Will Be With You If You Must Wait, So What! Patience is Virtue The Ultimate Measure of a Muslim:

15 Quotes From the Noblest Person on Earth, The Best Quotes on Worship, ‘If God wills, it is said, “The One who supplicates with Allah,” and the one who supplicates with himself, it is said, “He who supplicates with himself.” Alhamdulillah!

The Best Quotes From Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) on Patience

  1. The best thing is patience in Allah’s Cause.
  2. Learn to be patient as you work, and to work as you wait.
  3. We give patience so that Allah may give us knowledge and wisdom.
  4. Say, O people, give me patience! Give me patience! Give me patience! It is hard for a person to wait.
  5. Be patient with one another and do not quarrel.
  6. Be patient! We give patience so that Allah may give us knowledge and wisdom.
  7. Allah is patient and Merciful. He waited for you and believed. He raised you in the Land of promise, to a high degree that He is aware of all things. Come to Him with your patience, faith, and tears. Learn to have patience and faith in Allah and never fear the Day of Judgment 8.


As previously mentioned, patience is a very important trait for a human being. Even though this trait may not make you perfect, it is the most needed and crucial trait for a human being. It is very difficult for a person to have patience without control of their emotions. But, since our emotions make us feel like we are doing something wrong or someone else is wrong, patience becomes almost impossible to achieve.

Since patience cannot be developed in someone without control over their emotions, it will be hard for a person with severe emotional problems to improve their patience skills. Therefore, the best way to improve patience is to improve control over one’s emotions. On top of this, it is very important to train yourself to wait. There is no patience without that.

What Do Muslims Say About Hardship Islam Quotes

Obtaining solace in difficult times is easy. Regardless of the degree of hardships we face, we are encouraged to overcome hardship with patience, faith, and good friends. “Keep a calm mind, be patient, and endure what’s coming.” — Suhail Mughal, author and humanitarian “A little adversity is healthy for a man.

He goes through it only when he stands up to it.” — Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi “The strength of one’s faith is in the loneliness.” — Prince Khaled al Saud “The poor and the needy are those who have the most charity.” — Muḥammad, The Minor Key “If your problems are dark, do not fret over them. If they are light, do not worry over them.” — Imam Mūsā, Shāfiʿī Jurisprudence “Always be happy because you have been created by God.

The Five Ways of Dealing with Hardship in Islam

10 Thoughts on Hardship in Islam Who said it, Muhammad Al-Ghazali or Ivan Papanikola? Islam is the only religion where people willingly die in poverty to reach paradise! The New Yorker asked David Lerman: “What would you have done if you had been a person of medieval Islamic faith in early 15th-century Baghdad?”

His response: “Well, I think I would have made the hajj. That’s the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.” Ajmal Kasab (a terrorist responsible for the Mumbai massacre) is the only terrorist ever to die in a hail of bullets in a shootout because he couldn’t take the chance of being captured alive by the police. Kasab said: “If I was left alive, I would have killed the Pakistani soldier. I would have wanted to kill him because he did so much to me.

10 Thoughts On Hardship From The Quran

The 5 Ways Of Dealing With Hardship In Islam If you’re Muslim, you know that Ramadan means fasting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also focus on other aspects of Islam, too. And fasting is a bit easier if you’re able to stay connected with your Muslim community. But Ramadan can be one of the most difficult times of the year.

And it’s during this time that we can draw upon the words of the Qur’an, one of the greatest books in the world. So let’s review these 15 of the most powerful quotes on Islam’s concepts of hardship so that you can remember them when you need them most. 1. “Do not withhold charity even when it is difficult for you to give.” [2:191] 2. “And in the nighttime, if it is a moonless night, call to the Lord and listen to his word.” [3:158] 3.

10 of the Best Inspirational Quotes about Hardship

An Inspiring Quotes About Suffering “Woe unto those who call God a liar.” ~ Muslim Brotherhood Leader Said Ramadan “Those who have denied their faith, they are the cursed of the earth and water and sky” ~ Al‐Khattab “The way of God is a triumph in difficulty.” ~ Imam Nur Muhammad Rauf

“A loss in life is better than a loss of anything in this world.” ~ Qurayshī “The trade of all goods is to have a place to live.” ~ Imam al‐Hassan An Inspirational Quotes About Suffering The Chosen People Were Suffering From Deprivation of Everything They Believed In Abu Hurairah (R.A.) Narrated: Abu Hurairah (R.A.) said, “The People of the Book (Jews and Christians) who were driven out from their countries, came to Syria to dwell among the Muslims.


Muslims who suffer from calamities, hardships, and hardships daily, do so as a part of this religion. Allah’s statement in the Quran that He sent suffering (hardship) to the wrong-doers, and those who remained firmly to Allah and the religion (Truly), that is, believers, is an undeniable fact.

The best thing that people can do in such a circumstance is to gain the trust of Allah and keep His words and His Book close to their hearts. Islam is not a religion for the weak, but for those who can face hardship. Thus, the answer to this question is that Allah accepts these hardships as a prelude to greater levels of blessings, as it relates to the believer. If you would like to support this site by offering a handmade item or by buying one of my books, you may do so here.

What Does Patience Mean to You? Exploring the Muslim Concept of Patience

How to Practice Patience in Islam: 3 Ways to Deal With Tough Situations, The Benefits of Patience in Islam: Why Muslims Should Have Patience, The Importance of Patience in Islam: Why Waiting is Important for Muslim, Islam: The Importance of Patience, The Importance of Patience in Islam: Why It is Crucial To Our Islamic Practice, The Importance of Patience in Islam, The Value of Patience in Islam: 3 Ways to Boost Your Enthusiasm for the Deen

What is patience in Islam?

The fact is, patience is one of the core virtues of the Salafic world. It is one of the best ways to transform a person. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Those who are patient in adversity do good for the entire world and the world rewards them; the ones who are angry do evil for the entire world and the entire world suffers for their anger” (Muslim) And he said: “It is better to take something in addition to Allah than to gain nothing from Allah” (Muslim) As a Muslim, you should seek to develop patience with all you do and all the people you know.

Why Muslims should have patience

Patience is one of the attributes of the Quran in the chapters where God states the importance of patience, the importance of having patience, the importance of desiring to have patience, and the importance of having patience. Here we will learn about all the qualities of patience as stated in the Quran.

We will also discuss why Allah has commanded us to have patience and we will also discuss the importance of patience. Let’s get started! Why Muslims Should Have Patience The qualities of patience that Allah has commanded Muslims to have are listed below, Shahada: In the chapter titled “O you who believe!

The benefits of patience in Islam

  1. Patience in Islam: Why Muslims need to practice patience According to a Muslim theologian, scholar, and one of the most respected intellectuals in the Islamic world, Hazrat Jalal-ud-din Rumi, patience is what brings perfection to every character and every action. Patience is one of the most precious traits in Islam, both on the personal level and the universal level.

Patience is so valuable that Hazrat Rumi (may peace be upon him) made patience one of the two cardinal virtues, along with piety (see article here). Patience is a word that requires serious definition. Is it just about giving up and being easily depressed, bored, restless, or sad? Is it only about “letting things happen”, or waiting for things to happen “in their own time”?

The value of patience in Islam

Most of us can say that patience is important for practicing the faith, or at least we can probably understand what patience is. But the benefits of patience are so many that this article just could not squeeze them all into one, but I will try to cover the main ones.

  1. Patience in difficult situations The definition of patience is: “the state of being patient; a state of forbearing; forbearance; persistence; patient perseverance” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). “Patience is the ability to wait. It is also a state of mind. The level of patience an individual has does not mean they can’t be angry, for they may just not want to get angry.” (Google). It is a means to deal with problems, and in certain circumstances, it is very important to be patient.


Allah said, “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most blessed of you in the sight of Allah is the most patient one.”[1] The meaning of patience is something that every human being struggles with to some degree, to some extent.

And as the Quran says, “And those who remember Allah with patience, and those who show forbearance and patience, in the expectation of reward, and Allah’s remembrance; That they may be successful.”[2] For most of us, it means that we can endure challenges without getting angry or feeling frustrated or getting angry and feeling frustrated.


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